Wednesday Tidbits/ Open Thread

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Good morning.

Head of UN observer mission to Syria: ‘Deeply disturbed’ by discovery of 13 more executed bodies.

Senate Republicans are now echoing the House GOP’s shift towards favoring some “Obamacare”/ Affordable Healthcare act provisions, a sign that the party is uniting behind the strategy ahead of November’s presidential election. In a related note, Mitt Romney’s win in Texas last night gave him the GOP’s nomination.

It is now being reported that Mitt Romney’s “certificate of live birth” shows that while he was indeed born in the United States, his father and former presidential hopeful George was not:

One wonders when/if Donald Trump will demand to see Mitt’s long form birth certificate…

Governor LePage has now said that even if Maine voters do approve the bond packages in November, he won’t issue said bonds until “we get our spending problem fully under control.” Even with the voters’ authorization to borrow this money, my administration will not spend it until we’ve lowered our debt significantly. That could be several years,” he said in the statement.

David Farmer has this column out today: “The Treasurer, the Secretary of State and the AG Walk into an Election”.

Mike Tipping shared his recent experiences as part of Mainers United’s statewide Day of Action: “Volunteering for equal marriage has been a rewarding experience”.

An open thread.

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Friday Tidbits/ Open Thread

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Good morning.

A few local stories first:

Expect that the battle in the Legislature over the GOP’s budget plans to dominate the news when lawmakers reconvene next week.

Mike Tipping wrote about “dirty tricks” at last weekend’s Maine Republican Convention.

Women for Obama officially launched their Maine campaign yesterday, with events in Bangor and Portland.

Former Brewer mayor and legislator Dick Ruhlin has passed away.

Now some national stories:

Mitt Romney now claims not to remember the bullying incident that the Washington Post reported yesterday, but apologized anyways:

“Back in high school, I did some dumb things,” Romney said during a radio interview Thursday morning. “And if anyone was hurt by that or offended, obviously I apologize for that.”

Perhaps he will remember his bullying as Governor.

The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, headed by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) will be holding hearings on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) on June 12.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) took longtime gay rights opponent Tony Perkins to task hard on last night’s show:

An open thread.

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Thursday Tidbits/ Open Thread

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Good morning.

The National Organization for Marriage, in response to President Obama’s announcement yesterday of support for marriage equality, has now declared it to be the “defining issue” for the presidential election. It is worth noting that rightwing pundit Rush Limbaugh, himself on his fourth marriage, took Obama to task yesterday, saying the President is “leading the war on traditional marriage”.

Go figure.

Huffington Post noted how media covered this historic news, as well as shared this “declaration of war” image posted by Fox News:

Senate President Kevin Raye is suggesting a return to presidential primaries.

An interesting and detailed analysis of last weekend’s Maine Republican Convention can be found here.

TX Governor and former GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry spoke on Fox News yesterday in support of Governor LePage’s recent convention comments:

An open thread.

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Sunday Tidbits/ Open Thread

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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami disasters.

PPH reporting that the site of President Obama’s planned March 30th fundraising reception in Maine has been moved to a larger venue because of a high demand for tickets.

The KJ has this story of how Maine’s 70 year old pension system for state employees may be facing some major changes in the next few years.

The story of GOP head Charlie Webster’s surviving a confidence vote at yesterday’s Maine Republican Party state committee meeting took on a new direction and life of its own, with many weighing in on the Bangor Daily News story in a lengthy comment thread. It is well worth a read and illustrates deep fissures among the party, both from the standpoint of long registered Republicans and of those on state and county committees.

The “As Maine Goes” live blog itself written by Waldo County GOP member Matt MacDonald was at first allowed by AMG’s Scott Fish, but late last night removed by Naran Row-Spaulding. She claimed that MacDonald contacted AMG and requested its removal. Dirigo Blue has confirmed this to be the case.

An open thread.

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Wednesday Morning Reads: Open Thread

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A few political stories of note this morning:

State investigators conclude there was no wrongdoing by Maine Green Energy Alliance.


A state investigation into the financial practices of the now-defunct Maine Green Energy Alliance has revealed examples of poor accounting and oversight, but no instances of missing money or inappropriate spending, according to people familiar with the probe.The findings come three months after a legislative committee asked for an examination of how the alliance spent roughly $500,000 of a $1.1 million federal grant meant to expand home energy audits and weatherization through community organizing and education.

Rep. Jon Hinck (D-Portland), who is the lead Democrat on the state’s Energy, Utilities, and Technology Committee, issued the following statement:


“I applaud OPEGA for its evidenced based-investigation and believe there are important lessons in this report for managing future state contracts,” said Hinck, who had previewed some of the reports findings. “The report shows that Efficiency Maine moved appropriately to cancel the contract once it became aware of the performance issues. The report provides no substantiation for the unfounded accusations leveled by Republican Party Chair Charlie Webster and certain Republican lawmakers. At this point I would expect an apology for making those wild and unfounded claims.”

Governor Paul LePage calls for “cuts until it hurts” during a visit to the Maine Air National Guard’s 101st Air Refueling Wing in Bangor.


The state already faces a shortfall of $25 million identified in the $6.1 billion budget that passed in June, but the governor said it is clear to him that $25 million will not be enough.”We’ll see as we go along,” he said. “If you get to $25 [million] and there is still room and you get $50 [million] and there is still room and, if at $75 [million] it hurts, you stop.

“But if $100 [million] still seems easy, you go to $125 [million]. You go until it hurts.

“It’s just like a business,” LePage continued. “You get all the necessities done and you make sure the services are provided and you stop then.”

Despite the pending weapons charges against him, Rep. Fred Wintle (R-Garland) wants to return to the legislature. While Wintle’s attorney says his client is “better”, it will remain to be seen what comes from his September 13 court date, when the case next goes before the grand jury. There has been no released reaction yet from Speaker Nutting, who in May after Wintle’s arrest made a public statement and asked that the lawmaker be barred from the Statehouse as part of his bail conditions.

BDN is reporting that the new “Redneck Olympics” in Hebron are facing a lawsuit over its name. Organizer Harold Brooks, who got a phone call from the USOC legal offices on Monday,  states that he based the name upon “the Olympics in Greece” and therefore is exempt. But that explanation may not get him very far in court:


Under the U.S. Amateur Sports Act of 1978, the committee has exclusive rights to the name in the U.S.According to the Special Olympics website, the USOC gave special permission for the Special Olympics to use the word in 1971.

(Sidenote: Here is a link to a large list of festivals, fairs and events to check out this month in Maine. Personally, the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston has long been a family favorite.)

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