(1980 Blast from the Past) “Sanfordgate: Shameful Manipulation”

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Read for yourself.

A shame that this didn’t come up when Bradford Littlefield and John Tuttle, running for SD 3, were recently interviewed. But it is interesting to note that Sanford’s charter draft discussions “touched a nerve” earlier this year:

    … the most heated debate was among the commission members themselves, led by Margaret Trowbridge, who accused the commission of driving useless changes, breaking with tradition, and trying to take control of town government away from the public.

    “I’m telling the truth, dammit!” Trowbridge shouted over the protests of commission member and Town Councilor Brad Littlefield, who chaired the meeting in absence of chairman Robert Stackpole and vice chairman Jonathan Mapes. Commission member Gerry Gay was also absent.

Here is a look back into Bradford Littlefield’s 1980 activities, also involving Sanford’s charter.

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Weekly Democratic Radio Address by Sen. Phil Bartlett (Cumberland): We’ve Been Sold a False Bill of Goods

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Audio link here.

Here in Maine we are pretty straight forward people. We will tell you what we think; and we expect the same in return. We’re honest. Hard working. We believe in a fair day’s pay for an honest day’s work. And even though we’re often too proud to ask for help, we have a keen eye for spotting a neighbor in need—and we’ll be right there to lend a helping hand.

Good Morning. I’m State Senator Phil Bartlett of Gorham. I was born and raised a Mainer. And even though I went away to college, I came back to Maine because I can’t imagine living any where else. I love the Maine-way. Our no non-sense approach to life is unmatched any where else.

We’re practical. We want things to work. If it’s broken, we fix it.

We’re humble and honest. We admit our mistakes.

These qualities exist in our neighborhoods and on Main Streets; in our schools and on our playgrounds and even—at our town hall meetings. But lately they’ve been missing in Augusta.

Sadly the political culture in Maine over the last two years has shifted dramatically. As more time goes by and more examples pile up, we’re learning that we can’t necessarily trust what we’re hearing from Governor Paul LePage and Republican leaders. Aside from the gaffes and slips of tongue, there have been too many examples where the facts don’t back up their claims.

Here’s what I mean:

Governor LePage and his Republican allies promise jobs. Yet under their leadership, we now rank 45th in the nation in job creation. We’ve lost more than 1,500 jobs and currently there are 53,000 Mainers out of work.

Let’s be clear. There have been opportunities to get people back to work but Governor LePage and the Republican majority have looked the other way. By refusing to issue bonds—already approved by Maine voters, the Governor and Treasurer are holding jobs hostage. These are real opportunities that will provide good paying jobs to Maine people today.

Governor LePage and his Republican allies promise to grow an economy where “all citizens prosper.” Yet on LePage’s watch: our New England neighbors have passed us by. While their economies are growing, ours is the only state whose economy actually shrank. Every other state in the country is seeing their income grow—Maine ranks dead last.

Governor LePage says he wants to give Mainers more affordable health care and will “fight special interests.” Yet, Republicans spearheaded an insurance overhaul that is nothing more than a race to the bottom in health care. Mainers are now paying more for less. This plan has increased premiums for more than 50% of Maine people—hurting middle aged Mainers the most. And 90% of our small businesses are paying more too—especially those with businesses in rural parts of the state and with older workers.

What’s worse, this harmful law imposes a new $22 million dollar tax that is paid by all Maine insurance holders. And while we all pay more, insurance companies have seen an increase in their profits of $1.8 million dollars. This is special interest politics at its worst.

Who are Republicans really fighting for?

Governor LePage and the Republican majority promise tax incentives for the job creators. But, let’s look at the math:

If you’re a successful small business that nets $100,000 dollars in profit after paying all your expenses, you get $550 more dollars in your pocket. Republicans are telling you that is enough money to get you to create more jobs and invest in your business. Make no mistake, an extra $550 is a nice check, but it’s not going to allow a business to hire anybody and it will not lead to significant new investment in that business. Recently a small business owner told me he’d benefit a lot more by the state, building the roads and bridges we need, invest in workforce training programs, and funding public education to help manage our property taxes.

It seems the policies of Governor LePage and the Republican majority have made it harder to live and work in this state. They’ve sold us a false bill of goods. They’ve promised one thing but have delivered something else.

It’s time those in charge in Augusta, Governor LePage and his allies, are held accountable for what they are really doing.

Thank you for listening. This is State Senator Phil Bartlett of Gorham. Have a great weekend!

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Pat Flood of Winthrop Wins GOP Nod for SD 21 Race, 214-130, over CCL-endorsed Ryan Wheaton

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Announced moments ago by Sue Cover via Twitter:

From her earlier report:

Republicans who live in Senate District 21 will meet tonight at the Augusta Civic Center to choose a new candidate.

The caucus is set for 6 p.m. in the Kennebec/Penobscot Room at the civic center. Voter check-in begins at 5 p.m. The location has been changed from the Manchester Fire Station because the crowd is expected to be in the hundreds, said Mark Ellis, spokesman for the Kennebec County GOP Committee.

Rep. Patrick Flood, R-Winthrop is running against West Gardiner businessman Ryan Wheaton for the nomination. Flood, House chairman of the Appropriations Committee, jumped in the race after Sen. Earle McCormick, R-West Gardiner, announced he would not seek re-election.

On Sunday, House Speaker Robert Nutting, R-Oakland, issued a statement in support of Flood.

Wheaton joined the race shortly after Flood announced his intention to run. Wheaton said he wanted to offer district voters a more conservative choice. The Christian Civic League of Maine has encouraged supporters to go to the caucus to vote for Wheaton.

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Rep. Andre Cushing (R-Hampden; ALEC) Announcing State Senate Run

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Here are portions of yesterday’s press release:

December 13, 2011


Assistant Majority Leader to run for open District 33 State Senate seat

HAMPDEN- Representative Andre Cushing announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination to the Maine State Senate in District 33, to represent the 16 Penobscot County towns of; Carmel, Charleston, Corinth, Corrina, Dexter, Dixmont, Etna, Exeter, Garland, Glenburn, Hampden, Kenduskeag, Levant, Newburgh, Newport, and Plymouth.

Cushing is in his second term as state representative for District 39, which includes Dixmont, Hampden and Newburgh, and is the Assistant Majority Leader of the Maine House of Representatives. He is the House chair of the Joint Rules Committee and Committee on Elections. During his first term he was the ranking member of the Joint Committee on Labor.

Representative Cushing was chosen as House chair for The Blue Ribbon Task Force on Affordable Housing and for a study dealing with regulatory taking.

“As a parent, small business owner and native of this area,” he said, “I am proud to work for the people of Maine, and I know firsthand the challenges many face in this economy. I also know, given the opportunity, Mainers can and will persevere. If elected I will continue to work on issues that make our state more friendly to job creators and the people who live and work here.

As a state we must get our financial house in order and we must stop creating laws that punish those who contribute to a strong Maine economy,” he added. “We in Augusta must work to create an environment where people want to live, work and enjoy the way life should be. The strength of our state is in the many people who drive our economy, be they farmers, trades people or professionals. They all want the opportunities to provide for themselves and their families.”

Former House Minority Leader Josh Tardy of Newport, who will serve as Cushing’s campaign treasurer, offered his strong words of support. “I am thrilled that Andre is running for the State Senate.” Tardy said.

Cushing, who has over 25 years experience as a small business owner, currently is a Realtor and home builder. He is a native Mainer who attended Bangor-area schools and the University of Maine. He is an active member in both civic organizations and local government, who believes in giving back to the community in which he lives.

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