Portland Elected Officials Throw Support Behind Ethan Strimling’s Mayoral Run

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More than half of Portland’s school board officials joined half of the city council this morning in throwing their support to mayoral candidate former State Senator Ethan Strimling. A press conference was held on the front steps of Portland City Hall with multiple statements read by those in attendance and on behalf of supportive members absent.

Via press release issued by former Portland Mayor and current city councilman Nick Mavodones on behalf of the group:

    Eleven Portland elected officials back Ethan Strimling for Mayor

    In an impressive display of support and a call for new leadership in Portland, eleven of seventeen Portland elected officials announcedtheir endorsement of Ethan Strimling for Mayor on the steps of City Hall. They are City Councilors Jill Duson, Kevin Donoghue, Ed Suslovic and Nick Mavodones, and Board of Education members Pious Ali, John Eder, Stephanie Hatzenbuehler, Marnie Morrione, Sarah Thompson, Holly Seeliger and Anna Trevorrow.

    Former Portland Mayor and current city council member Nick Mavodones speaks at press conference.

    Former Portland Mayor and current city council member Nick Mavodones speaks at press conference.

    Councilor Nicholas Mavodones kicked off the conference, describing his frustration with the current situation at City Hall. “Unfortunately, over the past few years I have seen first hand asa city councilor the impact of failed leadership under Mike Brennan. Our council is divided, ourschool board is divided, our community is divided. Many key city staff members have left. The frustration I’ve felt has been profound.”

    Mavodones cites a lack of collaboration and leadershipskills as the fundamental problem that has resulted in the cities difficulties in moving forward.He continued, “I believe we must support a candidate for mayor that has the proven leadership skills necessary to bring our community together and realize our collective goals.Ethan Strimling has displayed these leadership skills time and time again.”

    Councilor Mavodones then read a statement for City Councilor Ed Suslovic, who was unable to attend.

    Suslovic wrote, “I didn’t take this decision lightly. I’m friends with Michael Brennan. I’ve supported Michael and I’ve voted for him. But the last few years on the Portland City Councilhave been difficult and, frankly, not productive ones for our city. The time has come to make achange in our leadership. We need a leader who can bring people together. We need a leaderwho will listen to others. That leader is Ethan Strimling.”

    Former mayoral candidate and current Portland City Council member Jill Duson reads a statement supporting Ethan Strimling for mayor.

    Former mayoral candidate and current Portland City Council member Jill Duson reads a statement supporting Ethan Strimling for mayor.

    Mavodones was followed by Councilor Jill Duson, who also shared her frustrations with current leadership, “This past year, we have faced serious challenges to our continued vitality as a community and we can expect to face similar challenges going forward. To meet these challenges we need leadership that listens; leadership that respects; leadership that inspires the engagement of diverse stakeholders; leadership that values collaboration; and leadership that interrelates with integrity in Augusta and D.C.”

    She concluded her statement by saying, “I have urged Ethan to run for Mayor, and I urge Portland voters to choose Ethan to lead the city for the next four years.”

    Councilor Duson followed with remarks from fellow Councilor Kevin Donoghue, who was also not able to attened. “(Ethan) understands that our mayor needs to directly engage hiscolleagues in policy work that makes a difference, lead discussions on important issues likeaffordable housing and education, and renew our relations with Augusta. I am voting for Ethan Strimling for Mayor and the opportunity leadership can avail.”

    Marnie Morrione, Board of Education member then took the podium to speak about her perspective as an advocate for public education. “Ethan has been a tireless advocate for our students, particularly those who have fallen through the cracks and have not had the same opportunities as others. He cares about the future of kids and he’s devoted his life to makingtheir futures brighter, one by one. I hope you will join me in supporting Ethan Strimling for Mayor.”

    Strimling responded on Facebook: “I am deeply grateful and want to thank each and every one of the eleven elected officials for their support and for placing their trust in me. I am looking forward to going out with them into their communities throughout the city and having the opportunity to listen to their friends and neighbors about their vision for Portland.”



    1. Former State Senator Ethan Strimling Announces Campaign For Portland Mayor

    2. Portland Mayor Mike Brennan Kicks Off Re-Election Bid; Formally Submits Nominating Petitions

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Portland Mayor Mike Brennan Kicks Off Re-Election Bid; Formally Submits Nominating Petitions

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From the Brennan for Mayor campaign:

    Mayor Brennan Formally Submits Nominating Petitions

    PORTLAND Mayor Michael Brennan formally submitted over 350 signatures today to secure his place on the ballot in this November’s mayoral election. Brennan is the first candidate to officially submit his nomination petitions and serves as the city’s first popularly elected mayor in nearly nine decades.

    Portland Mayor Mike Brennan submits 350 signatures for re-election.

    Portland Mayor Mike Brennan submits 350 signatures for re-election.

    “Portland needs and deserves a mayor that truly cares about this city. That’s why I ran 4 years ago and that’s exactly why I’m seeking re-election. Collecting these signatures has been a great opportunity to talk directly to Portlanders about the issues that face our city,” said Brennan.

    As the city’s top elected official, Mayor Brennan has implemented several initiatives designed to encourage economic development and job creation as well as support and strengthen the city’s diverse neighborhoods. He represents the city’s interests in Augusta and Washington D.C. where he advocates for the city, its residents and businesses.

    brennan petition 2“We must continue to grow as a city and community if we want to have a future for our children and grandchildren. Our growth can be measured in low unemployment, business creation and commercial development. At the same time, our growth must be measured by increased compassion, commitment to diversity and finding common ground to resolve disagreements,” said Brennan. “I’m running for another term to ensure that Portland is a prosperous, inclusive community that maintains its place as Maine’s economic and cultural center.”

Before becoming Portland’s mayor, Brennan served many previous terms in the Maine State Legislature (House of Representatives from 1992 to 2000 and in the Senate from 2002 to 2006). He chaired the Education Committee, the Health and Human Services Committee and the Joint Select Committee on Health Care Reform, as well as served as Senate Majority Leader.

Brennan lives in Portland with his wife, Joan Martay. They have two grown children, Travis and Ryan.

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Former State Senator Ethan Strimling Announces Campaign for Portland Mayor

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His campaign press release:

    Ethan Strimling announces run for Mayor of Portland

    Today, Ethan Strimling stood with his wife, friends and supporters in front of Learning Works in the West End, where he’s worked for the past 18 years to announce his plans to run for mayor of Portland.

    Ethan Strimling announcing his candidacy as Mayor of Portland during a press conference.

    Ethan Strimling announcing his candidacy as Mayor of Portland during a press conference.

    In his remarks, Strimling noted that he has been spending time listening to what Portland residents from all walks of life are saying about their hopes for the city and their vision for its future.

    “People want to be able to say: ‘I’m raising my kids in Portland because we have the best schools in the state. I work in Portland because it is where I found a great job that pays a livable wage. And I live in Portland because it’s affordable, safe and has a great quality of life.

    Strimling closed his remarks by saying, “As Mayor, my job will be to bring all of us together to build a vision for our city that we can achieve. We know we are stronger together, because only when we are united can we achieve our greatest potential.”

Ethan Strimling, who served in the 122-4th Maine State Legislature, had previously lost the Portland mayoral race to incumbent Michael Brennan in 2011. That race had a field of 19 candidates seeking the office. More about him from his campaign:

Ethan Strimling speaking with WCSH colleague reporter Pat Callahan, prior to 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders' town hall in Portland.

Ethan Strimling speaking with WCSH colleague reporter Pat Callaghan, prior to 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ town hall in Portland.

    Ethan is the director of LearningWorks, a non-profit that provides learning opportunities for at-risk youth, the immigrant community, and low-income families in Portland, Maine and regionally. Ethan has led LearningWorks for almost two decades, spearheading its transformation from a small Portland neighborhood advocacy group to a life-changing multi-million dollar organization that provides the best learning opportunities in Maine to the communities it serves.

    Ethan is a Senior Political Analyst for WCSH/WLBZ TV and The Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram where he co-authors the weekly opinion column, Agree to Disagree. From 2002 – 2008, Ethan served in the Maine State Senate as Chair of the Labor Committee, Criminal Justice Committee, and the Homeland Security Task Force, while also serving on Taxation for six years. Prior to, he ran a national Political Action Committee focused on electing young leaders and provided policy analysis to Maine US Congressman Tom Andrews.

    Ethan lives in Portland with his wife, Mary.

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Maine Democratic Party Chooses Troy Jackson as DNC Committeeman

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The Maine Democratic State Committee met on 1/25/15 in Augusta (PHOTOS HERE) and among the agenda items for the meeting was selection of a replacement for Phil Bartlett as DNC Committee member. Bartlett resigned his post in December to serve as chairman of the Maine Democratic Party.

Joe Hanslip of Sanford nominated former state Senator Hon. Troy Jackson of Allagash to serve; the seat is a 2 year term ending in 2016.

Here is Jackson’s speech as prepared:

    Brothers & Sisters:

    Our Party is at a crossroads. At this juncture we must accept the need for a seachange in the way we ask the Democratic Party to be seen and the way we see it ourselves. In two of the last three election cycles we have lost to rigid conservatism that easily swept aside our candidates and values not only here in Maine but nationwide. Even when we reelected President Obama and took back our state legislature in 2012, our victory was nowhere as swift or complete as the GOP victories have been. Most sadly, our victory did not herald a progressive era comparable to the recent victories those of the right seem to have ushered in.

    I hear people asking: how can this be? How can it be that when given a choice between centrism and bipartisanship offered by Democrats the electorate continues to choose rugged, no holds barred, unabashed conservatism that is dragging this country farther and farther into economic inequality, environmental disarray, and social duress.
    It is because Republicans have spent decades never backing down from their beliefs. They have echoed for a generation now policies that were once considered heinous but have now been crafted into the mainstream. They have deceived our country and our state into thinking unions destroy jobs, the downtrodden are poor by choice, and that if you’re a regular person, you’ve no business being a Democrat.

    It’s time for us to take the same tack, nail our colors to the mast, and never surrender. It’s time for us to never cede the ground that our country and our state and our people count on us to hold for them whether they realize it or not. If Republicans are going to win by nominating candidates that bear standard for the right to a degree that borders on corporate fascism, then let’s rally around the beliefs imparted on us by the Bull Moose progressives of the early 20th century, FDR, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. I know each and every one of you in this room believes in those things – don’t ever let anyone ever tell you to hide that to be more electable. Be yourselves – that is what is electable.

    I am running for DNC because it’s time people start steering our Party away from bland centrism and toward populist progressivism. If our Party is not an alternative to conservatism but rather a mild flavor of it than what are we doing here? I do not need to be in politics just to be in politics – I need to be in politics so I can see the realization of the world I’ve dreamt of. We achieve nothing electing Democrats if they do not then achieve the embodiment of our values.

    I have seen the dark side of our Party and I have questioned my place here. I have spoken to socialists, to independents, to those who identify with the Justice Party and the Green Party. These are all people who wanted to be a part of our coalition. They no longer are because they truly do not feel the Democratic Party is the vehicle that means to promote progressivism. When Republicans are running the US Senate, Congress, and having become the dominant party in Maine politics by sticking to their guns but our left flank is deserting us, that is a wake up call.

    I have thought long and hard on this. This Party is the best vehicle for achieving the world we want and everyone here desires that. This Party can be a mighty engine and when we allow it to roar it will ignite the future in a way we’ve never known. So stand up, stand for what you, for what we believe!

    Stand with me if I join the striking Fairpoint workers protesting the dismantling of our country by corporatism!

    Stand with me if I join the USM students protesting the hindering of our country by austerity!

    Stand with me when I tell our donor that while we appreciate their money and support that doesn’t mean they get to handpick and preordain our candidates!

    Stand with me and together we will stand for something that is greater than any candidate or any election cycle.

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Troy Jackson: I’m running for DNC

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Yesterday former Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson announced on Facebook that he is running for the Democratic National Committee opening, created when Phil Bartlett resigned as to take the mantle as Maine Democratic Party Chair:

Troy Jackson speaking at 3rd Annual Rally for Unity on January 8th in Hall of Flags.

Troy Jackson speaking at 3rd Annual Rally for Unity on January 8th in Hall of Flags.

    “This morning I wrote the members of the Maine Democratic State Committee to announce my candidacy for the Democratic National Committee and ask for their support. It is time to go boldly forward and shape our party into one that wins the hearts and minds of working families and the middle class. It is time for the Democratic Party to find electoral prominence by embracing its ideological soul, not running away from it. I will merge the opportunity to serve on the DNC with my activist roots and ask others to do so. We must make our party one that ceases to decry Conservatism without clearly explaining why a future of Progressivism can be a better alternative. Please, join with me – together we can create a party that charges forward for the sake of our values and for the sake of Maine.”

Below is the letter Jackson sent to the party’s state committee members, who will be convening later this month, and photos taken during the last state committee meeting of 2014, where Jackson nominated and spoke eloquently in strong support of Bartlett.


    The most incredible experience I’ve had has been the opportunity to travel to and spend time in places all over Maine where I met most of you and other like-minded activists. I saw firsthand just how many of you, or how many of us, rather, believe in a progressive vision of our state.

    Maine can be a place of living wages in a creative economy that works in tandem with our traditional economy. Maine can be a place where its citizens aren’t consumed by the cost of healthcare, let alone access to it. Maine can be a place where working families are fairly taxed and corporations finally pay their share. Maine can lead the nation in the “New Food” movement, in renewable energies, and in rural revitalization. We all want these things and we see a path to them. So let’s do it.

    The trouble seems to be that instead of great leaders like Mike Michaud and Shenna Bellows, we have conservative radicals like Paul LePage and Bruce Poliquin in charge right now. How did we Democrats fall from grace as Maine’s natural ruling party? How did people who once voted for George Mitchell and Mike Michaud begin voting for Tea Partiers?

    Troy Jackson nominates Phil Bartlett for Maine Democratic Party Chair.

    Troy Jackson nominates Phil Bartlett for Maine Democratic Party Chair.

    I believe it’s because those Tea Partiers stood for something and they never doubted it. Their policies may be wrong, but they stuck to them. When we questioned how much we should expect as Leftists, they demanded all they could as defenders of the Right. When we laughed, “How could middle class people vote against their own interests?” Republicans were convincing them that they truly ought to. When we told them a future of bipartisan compromise was coming with Democrats, Republicans told them a future without progressive tax policy, without unions, dictated by the Heritage Foundation was what they should vote for.

    And they did. They sided with the Republicans. We cannot expect middle class voters to stand with us if we don’t stand strong ourselves; if it’s not even clear what we stand for. We need to shape our Party into one as bold, as daring, and as endearing to the forgotten middle class as the Republicans are shaping theirs.

    For these reasons, I want to announce I am seeking election to the Democratic National Committee. I want to have a direct hand in steering us to electoral prominence not because we sold our ideological soul, but because we embraced it. I ask for your support because if we don’t use politics as a means of exercising our beliefs it is irrelevant.

    Jackson and Bartlett shake hands at December MDP state committee meeting in Augusta.

    Jackson and Bartlett shake hands at MDP state committee meeting in Augusta.

    As one of Maine’s DNC members, I will not only be an unyielding voice for progressive populism among that body in Washington, D.C. I will also continue to serve here at home by merging this position with my activist roots. As one of the Maine Democratic Party’s ambassadors to the public I will not be afraid to stand for middle class working people and call out those who would hold them back.

    Let us go forward with a new, bold Democratic Party that no longer just says conservative politics are wrong, but truly seeks to convince people progressivism is right. I am from a rural populist tradition and I refuse to cede any corner of our state because of a failure to show locals we do relate to them. We will build our party, we will build our coalition, and we will open a ladder of opportunity to all. Like a Bull Moose that charges forward because of what it knows its nature to be, so will we.

    In Solidarity,

    Troy Jackson

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Thousands Gather For POTUS/ Mike Michaud For Governor Portland Rally (Video, Pix)

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DSC_0061President Barack Obama came to the Portland Expo to campaign with Democratic nominee for governor U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud on Oct. 30 to kick-off the Maine Democratic Party’s get out the vote efforts just days before Election Day.

He was joined by Senator George J. Mitchell.

Other speakers included Rep. Chellie Pingree, US Senate candidate Shenna Bellows, Maine Democratic Party chair Ben Grant and Portland Mayor Michael Brennan.

Here are videos of the entire rally in order of speakers.

Link here to photo album.

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Governor LePage, er, “Lewiston Mayor Bob MacDonald” on “Elusive Central American Children” Goes Off On Both Dems & The Rails

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Image via 2/7/11 Portland Phoenix article "LePage's secret puppeteers" by Colin Woodard.

Image via 2/7/11 Portland Phoenix article “LePage’s secret puppeteers” by Colin Woodard.

Occasionally it is always nice to read some of the smaller and more locally focused publications around the state, such as the Auburn based Twin City Times, to see what folks are supposedly saying.

“Twin City Times” just happens to be edited and published by Maine Governor Paul LePage’s communications director Peter Steele. Make note of that fact, because it’s kinda important.

One can get a real feel for the sentiments locally of what is happening in Augusta by checking these papers out, especially if that region’s elected officials take to their keyboards and submit opinion pieces of note for their constituents’ consideration.

Governor Paul LePage sits at Governor James G. Blaine's Congressional desk (10/12/13).

Governor Paul LePage sits at Governor James G. Blaine’s Congressional desk (10/12/13).

But when the governor’s own head press guy is editing, then publishing the articles himself, there is the nagging feeling that possibly Paul LePage said it himself.

This rings especially true in light of recent revelations that according to Mike Tipping’s “As Maine Went”, LePage in January 2010 created the pseudonym “ForThePeople” as to be able to post anonymously and write a series of posts to sway voters and help himself in that year’s Republican primary.

So there is a very VERY strong perception here that “Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald” is in reality a really badly hidden sockpuppet version of Maine Governor Paul LePage. While it makes sense, it is also a rather strange twist, considering in the past it was LePage who was reported to be the “puppet”.

Want some proof?

We present to you a reminder in the form of “Exhibit A”: “Is LePage’s “Outrage” A Politicized Continuation Of Ongoing General Assistance/ Immigrant Battle?”

And now “Exhibit B”: Quite something now, isn’t it?

bob macdonald

The GOP in Maine must be just thrilled that Paul LePage, who has a history of meeting with dangerous fringe elements within his own party, er, “holds regular meetings with ALL of his constituents (wink wink), has somehow managed not to even be in the same room as THIS guy.

Oh wait.


So let’s wipe the copious spittle off “MacDonald’s” lil screed and work our way down through all of this.

Oh where, oh where to begin? Oh where, oh where to begin?

  • Those “elusive Central American children” are NOT at the Blaine House, nor does Paul LePage know where they are.

(He knows. He looked.)

  • President Obama may headline a Shenna Bellows for Senate fundraiser in Bar Harbor, which is currently overrun by filthy rich drunken Chinese tourists!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be “gussying up” golf courses for Obama!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be learning English at those golf courses!

Governor Paul LePage at 3/24/14 press conference rolling out 4 EBT/ TANF reform bills. Also seen: Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald and House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport)

Governor Paul LePage at 3/24/14 press conference rolling out 4 EBT/ TANF reform bills. Also seen: Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald and House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport)

(We all know how Paul LePage feels about President Obama.)

  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be hiding in tents on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud’s Northern Maine property!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be hiding in an abandoned house in Millinocket!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be housed in a federal facility!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be in Macdonald’s own city of Lewiston!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be at the VA’s Community Based Outpatient Clinic on Challenger Drive!

(Okay, going after gubernatorial opponent Mike Michaud- this we could have seen coming a mile away.)

But sheesh- do we know where the little tykes AREN’T?


  • Those “elusive Central American children” ARE MOST DEFINITELY NOT in Cape Elizabeth.

As the polls keep showing, NOBODY is in Cape Elizabeth and in fact, things are especially quiet there, as mogul Eliot Cutler’s numbers are doing a downhill mogul run of their own.

Back to those “elusive Central American children”. Where were we?

Oh yes… the next stop on the “Macdonald-LePage” crazy train is a short, but to “Macdonald” and “Macdonald” alone, logical run from Cape Elizabeth to Portland.

  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be at Senate President Justin Alfond’s cosmopolitan house in Portland, stealing the silver spoons!

(Hmm, Maine is a big place, though. Better widen the scope.)

  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be hiding with Paul Bunyan!

(Getting warmer- wait for it…)

  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be hiding with the “Paul Bunyan of Northern Maine”, Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson!
  • Those “elusive Central American children” could be in Allagash, an “uncharted land [that] would make a perfect clandestine place to set up a refugee/ asylum-seeker camp.”

(DING DING DING! We have a winnah!)

How do you figure THIS one, Governor LePage, er, “Mayor Macdonald”? Inquiring minds have got to know what the voices inside your head are saying. Could you elaborate a bit?

(Yes, yes they are.)

And we all know how you feel about folks from the County, Governor.

More specifically, we know of the long standing feud you, er, “Governor LePage” have had with Senator Jackson.

Oh, sorry- not “Governor LePage”, but “Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald”.

Man, this IS confusing.

Do please continue, sir.

  • Those “elusive Central American children” now “thousands of Spanish-speaking illegals”, will be “indoctrinated into the tenets of Progressive Democratic philosophies”.

crazy(Oh heck, time to close down shop, kids; we’ve been found out!! Everyone head for Canada!)

But wait, there is more about “Camp Commandant Jackson” and his nefarious plans.

    “Once camp commandant Jackson is satisfied that these new Democrats possess the qualities needed to be good progressives, they will be released into all Maine counties to bilingually spread the gospel of the common man, a.k.a. progressive political propaganda.”

Okay, enough already. Seriously, just stop.

The article goes on to look at suspects Emily Cain and Mark Eves, but you get the gist. Although to have whoever authored this article talk about psychological needs is remarkable.

And just wait until “Lewiston Mayor Bob MacDonald” catches wind of – cue the ominous music-



king fox

Waiting for the “LePage/Macdonald/whoever” press release with a joint statement that Stephen King’s Bangor home is the hiding spot for those “elusive Central American children” in three… two… one…

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Mike Michaud for Governor Releases First Maine Television Ad: “Millworker”

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Description of the ad:

    “Mike Michaud grew up in a big working-class family in a small town and worked at the Great Northern Paper Company for 29 years. He understands the issues Maine families are growing through and he is ready to bring Democrats, Republicans and independents to bring real change to Augusta and give Mainers a governor they can be proud of.”

Via press release:

    Michaud Highlights Maine Roots; Bipartisan Leadership in First TV Ad

    Democratic gubernatorial candidate U.S. Representative Mike Michaud speaks with MPBN and PPH reporters before the MDP Muskie Lobster Bake in Freeport.

    Democratic gubernatorial candidate U.S. Representative Mike Michaud speaks with MPBN and PPH reporters before the MDP Muskie Lobster Bake in Freeport.

    – U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, the Democratic nominee for governor, released the campaign’s first TV ad today. The ad, titled “Millworker,” highlights Michaud’s working-class Maine roots and commitment to bringing Democrats, Republicans and independents together to get things done.

    The 30-second, unscripted biographical ad will begin airing in the Portland, Bangor and Presque Isle media markets on Tuesday, August 5. The positive ad focuses on Michaud’s upbringing and the values of compromise and hard work he learned while growing up in a large Franco-American family and working at the Great Northern Paper Company for 29 years, including during his tenure in the Maine State Legislature.

    “Mainers deserve to have a governor who shares their values and understands their concerns, and we couldn’t think of a better way to demonsrate Mike will be that governor than to have him introduce himself in his own words,” said Michaud for Maine Campaign Manager Matt McTighe. “Mainers are frustrated and tired of the anger and divisiveness of the last three and a half years, which is why we are focused on running a positive campaign highlighting Mike’s vision, experience and proven track record of bringing people together to move Maine forward in a positive direction.”

Here is a clip of Michaud speaking before more than 350 supporters at yesterday’s annual Maine Democratic Party Muskie Lobster Bake, an annual summertime tradition held at Wolf Neck’s Farm in Freeport. (PHOTO ALBUM HERE)

Some of the stats of the field operation and support thus far, provided by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud, who told how “Maine voters are energized and ready for change in Augusta”:

    “More than 16,000 doors”
    “More than 300,000 phone calls”
    “More than 15,000 calls made in one night recently”
    “More than 1000 doors in a day”
    “15,000 unique donations of $50 or less”
    “Over $2 million raised”
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Diane Russell, John Patrick Speak in Support of Troy Jackson for Congress at 2014 ME Dem Convention

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(Both speeches below are shared as released.)

Rep. Diane Russell of Portland Introduces Senator John Patrick, Speaks in Support of Troy Jackson for Congress

      Diane Russell Convention Speech

    Hello Democrats! My name is Diane Russell and I am here to speak in support of a voice for those who’ve not had one, in support of a champion for those who need one, and in support of my friend, Troy Jackson. You may be wondering: what do Troy Jackson, a logger from Allagash, and I, a progressive representing Munjoy Hill have in common? More than you might think:

    In 1968, Troy was born to a young couple in Allagash. It was extraordinarily unlikely the generational poverty his family had known would be anything but a challenge for their son. Instead, Troy has turned those trials into an opportunity to stand up for people like us and lead him here, poised to be our voice in Washington.

    Troy grew up under the specter of the landowners who held the lives of northern Maine’s logging families in their hands. At twelve years old he watched them dehumanize his father and dozens of other loggers and truckers by threatening to replace them all with Canadians if they didn’t work for the low wages they insisted upon. Troy hid behind his father as two of the striking woodcutter’s dared challenge them. To their protests the landowners replied, “Grass will grow in the roads of Allagash before we’ll pay another cent.” The memory of the wrongness of using working people as chess pieces to make more profits was powerful and would never leave Troy.

    Years later as a young woodsman with his own family, Troy found himself trapped in the same abusive system his entire community had suffered for decades. He believed if he worked as hard as he possibly could and did his very best for his family he could keep the bills paid and build a better life for his kids. But as millions of Americans, thousands of Mainers, and very few members of Congress know, a person’s “best” has not been enough to make it in this country for a long time now.

    DSC_0027This is Troy’s story, but it’s also ours. This is the story of everyone who has ever wanted to “make it” in America but were paralyzed by the reality of corporate greed, of politicians’ distance from working people, and by the greatest problem of our age: income inequality.

    My Dad is a truck driver from Bryant Pond. For years, I’ve watched him get up at 2:00 am, fill his thermos with coffee, and head off to work. His entire life has been spent working as hard as he possibly could for my brother and I. When I hear Troy Jackson speak, I hear my Dad.

    When I hear Troy Jackson speak I don’t just hear the pain of struggling to take care of his family, I hear the voice of a struggling middle class that feels abandoned and ignored. When Troy Jackson speaks I don’t just hear the fears of a man who is concerned for his children’s future, I hear the fears of millions of Americans who every single day wonder if the best days of the middle class are behind us. When Troy Jackson speaks I hear the story of America and the story of Maine and I am here today because it’s time our working class had a voice again. I support Troy Jackson because we deserve – we demand – a voice in the process and a place at the table.

    And now please welcome the Senator from Oxford County, my friend and fellow rabble rouser, John Patrick.

Sen. John Patrick of Rumford speaking in support of Troy Jackson for Congress

      John Patrick Convention Speech

    Hello brothers and sisters! My name is John Patrick, and I’m a maintenance worker at the mill in Rumford, a proud member of the United Steelworkers Local 900, and a proud Labor Democrat. – {pause} – I’ve worked at the mill my entire adult life, just like my father and my brothers and sisters.

    I had served in the legislature for two years before Troy Dale Jackson got there. Like many people, my first estimation of Troy Jackson was that he was a quiet, unpolished young man who spoke with a thick accent. Boy, wasn’t I wrong. Well, not about the accent.

    It didn’t take me long to understand who Troy Jackson really is. – {pause} – He is far and away the strongest voice, the fiercest advocate, and the most determined fighter for working people that I have ever seen.

    Time and time again, I’ve seen Troy stand up to the Republicans, the big companies, and even Wall Street corporate Democrats who need to be reminded that we are supposed to represent the people of Maine who don’t have lobbyists to do their bidding.

    I was never more proud than in 2011 when Troy Jackson lead a small group of Democrats in the Senate to try to block Paul LePage’s 400 million dollar tax cut for the wealthy, a tax cut that was balanced on the backs of working people and the middle class. Troy understood that standing up for working people is important, and unfortunately, too many Democrats then and now need to be reminded of that.

    Brothers and sisters – {pause} – this election offers us a clear choice: we can send someone to congress who makes the middle class one of their talking points, or we can send Troy Jackson to Washington and have a representative that will make the middle class a focal point. – {pause} – In the 430-some congressional districts all over this country there are hundreds of candidates telling people that they’re going to personally go to Washington and bring everyone together and somehow magically make bipartisanship happen.

    Folks, let’s be honest: – {pause} – the people who tell us those things do it because it polls well and it helps them win elections. Every two years we hear about it and yet Congress is more polarized than ever. – {pause} – So I’m going to tell it like it is: whoever we elect to Congress from this district isn’t going to go to DC and bring Democrats and Republicans together. They aren’t going to get Democratic and Republican leadership to hold hands and pass some super-budget that saves the world. But here’s what they can do, – {pause} – and this is why we need Troy Jackson.

    DSC_0032Our next member of Congress can take on the tea party in their radical assault on social security and medicare – just like Troy did when he stood up to LePage to fight for pensions. Our next member of Congress can push fellow Democrats to speak out against the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and remind Americans what supply-side economics really is – {pause} – a bunch of nonsense. And our next member of Congress can fight like the dickens to make sure our next health care reform results in a universal, single-payer system – {pause} – Ask Troy Jackson about healthcare – {pause} – he’s on pacemaker #3 that he wouldn’t afford without state sponsored healthcare. Troy is giving up that healthcare to run for this seat so he can fight to give that healthcare to all of us.

    Ladies and gentleman, Troy Jackson is the only politician I’ve ever truly believed in. This is the person we need on the floor of Congress – {pause} – giving them hell every single day. – {pause} – This is the person we need to choose as our nominee on June 10th. Fellow Democrats – ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next congressperson from Maine, my friend, and a friend of every working man and woman, Troy Dale Jackson.

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2014 Maine Democratic Party Convention Videos: Day 2, 5/31/14 (Saturday)

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(With this next batch, I will be setting videos with released prepared speeches individually as well. Please note that a request was made to the Cain campaign and as of this morning, there has been no response yet- if the text of her speech is forwarded, hers also will be set as a stand-alone post.)

1. Secretary of State Matt Dunlap Addresses 2014 ME Dem Convention

2. Attorney General Janet Mills Addresses 2014 Maine Democratic Convention

3. Androscoggin Chair Tom Reynolds Introduces Shenna Bellows for Senate at Convention

4. U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate Shenna Bellows Addresses Convention

5. Rep. Peggy Rotundo of Lewiston Introduces Emily Cain for Congress

6. Emily Cain for Congress Addresses Convention

7.Troy Jackson: Core Values” at 2014 Maine Democratic Convention

8. Rep. Diane Russell of Portland speaking in support of Troy Jackson for Congress

9. Sen. John Patrick of Rumford speaking in support of Troy Jackson for Congress

10. Troy Jackson for Congress Addresses 2014 Maine Democratic Convention

11. Mike Michaud for Governor at 2014 Maine Democratic Party Convention

12. Mike Michaud for Governor addresses convention

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