Louis Sigel Announces Senate District 14 Run

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Gardiner resident Louis Sigel has thrown his hat into the open SD 14 race. A reminder: The seat is currently held by Senator Pat Flood (R-Winthrop), who recently said he does not plan not to run for re-election; former State Senator Earle McCormack (R-West Gardiner) has decided to run for his old seat again. Former Hallowell Mayor David Bustin made his intentions to run for the Democratic slot known recently as well, setting up a primary race.

The candidate took to Facebook last week to make his announcement:

louis sigel

    I am running for the Maine State Senate District 14–Gardiner, West Gardiner, Chelsea, Randolph, Pittston, Farmingdale, Hallowell, Manchester, Winthrop, Readfield and Monmouth.

    I am running to assure future budgets always include full 5% revenue sharing and full 55% state aid to local education–it is definitely not ‘welfare for towns and cities’, but it is clearly spelled out in Maine law and yet it is ignored and cheated on!

    I want Medicaid expansion to provide health insurance for the 70,000 left out and with no options simply because their incomes are too law for the health insurance marketplaces–and that includes 3,000 veterans.

    As far as veterans are concerned, I want veterans’ pensions treated the same as Social Security and thus exempt from the state income tax; and I want the state Bureau of Veteran Services to adopt a commitment to coordinate federal, state, and local services, both public and private to end veteran homelessness in Maine.

    I want to fulfill and extend the Affordable Care Act in Maine with a Maine health insurance mandate, Maine-run health insurance marketplaces for individuals and for small businesses [preferably set up by the proven winners–Deloitte Consulting], adopting a Maryland-style hospital rate-setting board [so all Maine hospitals charge all patients the same for the same procedure]’ and abolishing the Certificate of Need procedure for investment in the healthcare sector.

    I want to extend and expand campaign finance reform in Maine to include referendum and People’s Veto campaigns and require corporations to poll their stockholders each and every time they want to make campaign contributions in Maine political campaigns.

    I want to promote tax reform based on Democratic principles of focusing on fairness, transparency and the ability to pay.

    I will actively oppose any efforts that restrict women’s reproductive rights, suppress or discourage voting, or weaken necessary environmental protections.

    So anyone interested in donating to my seed money to launch my campaign is very much appreciated–I can raise up to $1500 from any individuals who are US citizens with a $100 limit on contributions. My intention, of course is to run as a Clean Elections publicly-financed candidate!

He elaborated further:

    Why am I running? I am running because I have been active on the Democratic Platform Committee and want to see that the platform becomes policy through legislation–especially a compact between the state and the towns and cities.

    I would welcome any support for my candidacy for Maine State Senate District 14:
    Make it Legal with Sigel!

    I am attempting to run as a Clean Elections candidate, so at this point contributions up to $100 from any US citizen are welcome toward the ‘seed money’ total of $1500 maximum

    So any contributions to: Sigel for Senate 2014 are greatly appreciated.

    As I said previously ‘Make it Legal with Sigel’ means following the law by
    1) Full 5% revenue sharing
    2) Full 55% state aid to local education
    3) State assuming its responsibility for teacher pensions and not pushing any part on to local education budgets
    4) Medicaid expansion
    5) Reinvigoration and extension of the Maine Clean Elections system–restoring gubernatorial coverage and providing for additional funding
    and more
    and yes, of course, I fully support a sensible, Maine-based approach to marijuana and recognize that the current prohibition is a failure!

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Former Hallowell Mayor David Bustin To Run For State Senate District 14

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Via press release:


HALLOWELL, Maine – Former Hallowell Mayor David Bustin announced Monday that he will seek the Democratic nomination for State Senate District 14 (formerly 21), which includes the communities of Gardiner, Winthrop, Readfield, Manchester, Monmouth, Randolph, West Gardiner, Farmingdale, Pittston, Chelsea, and Hallowell.

Bustin B&W Headshot Original Size“My priorities include serving as a voice for working people and senior citizens under financial pressure from rising prices and stagnant incomes, standing up for our children who deserve a quality education to meet their futures, ensuring affordable health care for all, and representing the leaders of our cities and towns who struggle to govern with limited resources,” Bustin said.

Rick Dosedlo of Winthrop had the following to say about Bustin stepping up to serve, “I am excited that David is making this commitment. He is just the type of reasonable leader our region needs.”

Bustin served eight years in the Maine House of Representatives and was State Commissioner of Personnel under Governor Joseph Brennan. Now a member of the State Panel of Mediators, Bustin works on disputes in municipalities, school districts and within the agriculture industry.

“My experience as a mediator has taught me that agreements are reached by identifying common ground and shared goals. Compromise cannot be reached by shouting and name calling. Maine people expect hard work and leadership in dealing with the needs of our state,” Bustin said.

Bustin currently serves as a trustee of the Greater Augusta Utility District. His private sector experience includes serving as the Director of Labor Relations for Central Maine Power Company and he owned and operated the Kennebec Wharf in Hallowell for seven years before selling the business in 2009.

Bustin is running as a clean election candidate.

For more information visit:
www.BustinForSenate.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BustinForSenate.

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