UPDATED x2: Maine House Votes Down Controversial Religious Discrimination Bill LD 1428, 89-52

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Rep. Andrew McLean (D-Gorham) addresses colleagues during LD 1428 debate.

Rep. Andrew McLean (D-Gorham) addresses colleagues during LD 1428 debate.

12:45pm UPDATE: House just voted 89-52 to accept the Judicial Committee “ONTP” (Ought Not to Pass) recommendation moments ago, 89-52.

This was the final vote on LD 1428; it is now dead.

Roll call vote shows 5 GOP members broke with their party to join Democrats: Reps. Beaulieu of Auburn, Campbell of Orrington, Libby of Waterboro, MacDonald of Old Orchard Beach and Maker of Calais. 2 House Democrats voted for the bill: Rep. Stan Short (D-Pittsfield) and Steve Stanley (D-Medway).

Over 2 dozen rose to speak on the measure in a lengthy floor debate. Some quotes:

    Rep. Matt Moonen (D-Portland): “Please vote to end the war on gay people in our state.”

    Rep. Justin Chenette (D-Saco): “Religious freedom is important, but this bill makes me feel like a second-class citizen… Name me an issue in Maine — I still haven’t heard one. There isn’t an issue. This is a bill searching for a problem, rather than solving one. This wastes taxpayer money… It’s fiscally responsible to oppose it.”

UPDATE #2 (1:45pm): Maine House Democrats issued a press release with more quotes from legislators:

    “This is not a bill about religious freedom; it will only create religious discrimination,” said Rep. Charles Priest of Brunswick, who chairs the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee. “Maine’s law and constitution has strong protections for religious freedom. This bill is not necessary.”

    “This fight will continue across the country. Many states still do not have a human rights law that covers sexual orientation. But in Maine our voters have settled this, ” said Rep. Matt Moonen of Portland, during the floor debate.

    “This bill moves Maine backwards on equality and women’s rights,” said Rep. Mattie Daughtry of Brunswick. “This is not religious freedom, it is legalized hate.”

National coverage here:

1. Breaking: Maine Rejects ‘Religious Freedom’ License To Discriminate Against Gays

2. Maine House Rejects ‘Right to Discriminate’ Bill

Reminder: The Senate voted down the bill 19-16 on Tuesday. The one Democrat who voted for the bill with the Republicans was Senator John Tuttle.

Link to House video here; session starts at 10 am. LD 1428, “An Act To Protect Religious Freedom” is listed as item 6-3 in the Divided Reports of the House Calendar.

Via press release this morning:

      Maine House to take up controversial religious discrimination bill
      Discrimination carve-out would undercut human rights, women’s rights

    Augusta — The Maine House today will take up a controversial bill that would undercut human rights protections and women’s rights by creating a loophole in the state’s strong non-discrimination laws.

    The religious discrimination bill, LD 1428, would carve out an exception for religious beliefs in the state’s non-discrimination laws, such as the Maine’s Human Rights Act.

    “Religion should never be used as a cloak to discriminate,” said Speaker of the House Mark Eves of North Berwick, whose father served as a pastor in the U.S. military. Eves attained his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

    The Maine Senate rejected the GOP-sponsored measure earlier this week in a largely party-line vote of 19-16.

    “Maine has led the country with our anti-discrimination laws,” said House Majority Leader Seth Berry of Bowdoinham. “This bill is a big step backwards. There should be no exceptions or loopholes when it comes to discrimination.”

    Maine is one of 32 states that does not allow for religious exceptions in non-discrimination laws. In the last 10 years, only six states have enacted similar bills.

    Nationally laws like LD 1428 have been used to infringe upon women’s access to health care. In Texas a municipal bus driver refused to drive a woman to a reproductive health clinic on his bus route. At the federal level, corporations are trying to use the religious exception or loophole to avoid providing employees with health care that covers reproductive health.

    “This measure would take Maine backwards on women’s rights and equality,”
    said Rep. Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan the Assistant Majority Leader. “The Maine legislature and courts have a track record of being careful and deliberate about protecting religious liberty while balancing other rights. This bill is not necessary. ”

    During the public hearing on the bill, one survivor of the genocide in Rwanda, spoke about his experiences coming to America to escape persecution and asked the committee to oppose the bill.

    The bill has met with strong opposition from a broad group of organizations, including ACLU of Maine, Coalition for Maine Women, Equality Maine, Family Planning Association of Maine, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, Maine AFL-CIO, Maine Choice Coalition, Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, Maine Education Association, Maine LGBT Coalition, Maine Medical Association, Maine People’s Alliance, Maine School Management Association, Maine State Employees Association, Maine Women’s Lobby, Religious Coalition Against Discrimination, Secular Coalition.


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*(UPDATED) Maine Takes Up LD 1428, “An Act To Protect Religious Freedom”

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Maine Senate Votes 19-16 Against LD 1428, “An Act to Protect Religious Freedom”

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On the same day that Kansas state senators rejected a similar bill that had won support in that state’s House, Maine’s Senate took up LD 1428, “An Act to Protect Religious Freedom” (earlier write up here).

A lengthy floor debate transpired with many senators on both sides standing to present their views. Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Linda Valentino (D-Cumberland) spoke first in strong opposition to the bill:

    “I see this bill as a step backwards. I see this bill as being filled with unintended consequences. I see this bill as being used as an end run around the Maine Human Rights Act. … It is trying to erode the existing women’s rights and gay rights that we have fought so hard to attain. I support and believe strongly in the First Amendment which provides for religious freedom, but I cannot support this bill because it is a step backwards. This bill would allow extremists to hide behind the words ‘religious freedom’ as a way to circumvent our anti-discrimination laws.”

Earlier, Valentino had issued the following statement as the committee voted 8-4 ONTP on the bill before sending it to the Senate:

    “I support and believe strongly in the First Amendment which provides for religious freedom. This bill would do nothing more than foster and legalize discrimination. We’ve come too far to take such a drastic step backward. One danger of this measure is the unintended consequences. Because your religion ‘says so’ does not mean you have carte blanche to break the law.”

1428 senateLD 1428 sponsor Sen. David Burns (R-Washington) disagreed with his colleague’s assessment.

    “This law basically says that the government should be held to a very high level of proof before it enacts a law. This is about government. this isn’t about private citizens against private citizens. It does not allow religious people to get away with anything they want to. It does not guarantee claimants a victory in government actions. It simply requires that the government has a strong justification.”

Senator Chris Johnson (D-Lincoln) agreed with Valentino.

    “I believe wholeheartedly in religious freedom as established in our U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of Maine. What I do not support is the overreach in this bill. My parents taught me long ago that my right to swing my arms ends when it meets up against another person’s right to not be assaulted. We all have to live this balance, free to personally hold and practice beliefs, but not free to impose our beliefs on others at the expense of their rights. Our laws exist to codify and implement balances between the many constitutionally expressed rights, as well as the interactions between people holding those rights.”

Ultimately the bill was voted “ONTP” (ought not to pass), 19-16. It now will go before the House for more votes.

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(UPDATED) Maine Takes Up LD 1428, “An Act to Protect Religious Freedom”

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UPDATE (1/24/14): The Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted against the measure, 9-4. Senator Linda Valentino (D-York), who serves as chair of the committee, later issued the following statement:

    “I support and believe strongly in the First Amendment which provides for religious freedom. This bill would do nothing more than foster and legalize discrimination. We’ve come too far to take such a drastic step backward. One danger of this measure is the unintended consequences. Because your religion ‘says so’ does not mean you have carte blanche to break the law.”

The bill will now go before the Senate for another vote.

(Originally posted 1/19/14)

LD 1428, “An Act to Protect Religious Freedom” was held over from earlier in the session and had a public hearing on January 16th before the legislature’s Judiciary Committee. Among those to speak in opposition to the bill, which opponents say will lead to legalized discrimination was Maine’s Attorney General, Janet T. Mills. Below is her testimony as presented to the committee.

An overview via EqualityMaine:

    Everyone’s religious beliefs should be respected, but no one should be above the law.

  • LD 1428 would allow anyone who claims that a law or regulation has burdened their religious freedom to sue for monetary damages, no matter how minor, incidental or indirect the alleged infringement is.
  • It creates a pre-emptive cause of action, allowing someone to sue if they merely expect their religious freedom to be burdened, without showing harm.
  • It makes no exceptions for civil rights, health care, criminal behavior or public safety.

    Maine already has strong protections for religious freedom.

  • The Maine Constitution and the U.S. Constitution explicitly protect religious freedom.
  • The Maine Human Rights Act explicitly protects people from discrimination on the basis of religion.
  • There are 13 individual statues in Maine that protect religious freedom in everything from property tax, to militia service, to immunization and school absences for children.

    LD 1428 creates many problems and solves none.

  • Religious freedom is protected in Maine, and there is no evidence that Maine’s existing religious protections are not working.
  • Maine already has a law that says that doctors and nurses can’t be required to participate in the performance of an abortion, if they object. LD 1428 would, however, open the door to possible claims by health care professionals that they have the right to refuse to provide any medical service based on their religious beliefs, regardless of existing state laws or governing standards of care.
  • This proposal creates a gaping exemption to every Maine law, allowing people to use their religious beliefs as an excuse to break laws that apply to everyone else.
  • LD 1428 would circumvent the non-discrimination laws and their requirements that any individual or entity treat all persons fairly, regardless of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.
  • This bill could dramatically increase the number of lawsuits against state and local governments, and cause them to incur large legal costs.

    Laws like LD 1428 have fostered lawsuits and discrimination in other states.

  • In Texas, a public bus driver refused to drive a passenger to Planned Parenthood, citing his religious beliefs. (Graning v. Capital Area Transportation System)
  • In Florida, an employer who believed pregnancy outside of marriage is a sin fired an unmarried pregnant employee. (Hamilton v. Southland Christian School)
  • In Georgia, a student enrolled in a university counseling program claimed that she had the religiously based right to defy professional standards and condemn gay clients. (Keeton v. Anderson-Wiley)

ACLU of Maine shared statements of some of the opponents who spoke.

Rev. Sue Gabrielson:

    “LD 1428 would actually foster discrimination, by undermining our non-discrimination laws and the understanding that people treat others fairly, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. As people of faith, we honor the inherent worth and dignity of all people and reject any law that would allow discrimination against Mainers in the name of religious freedom.”

Apollo Karara:

    “Throughout the immigrant community here in Maine, there are many people who have fled violence and persecution based on religious or ethnic discrimination with the hope of a peaceful new beginning here in a country where “all men are created equal”. The blessing of America is that our freedoms are protected – including freedom of religion – but discrimination is not. As a Christian I am glad that I have the freedom to practice my religion. But I know firsthand how dangerous it can be to decide that your personal beliefs entitle you to break laws that protect us all. Once we start down the slippery slope of allowing someone to use their religious beliefs to pick and choose the laws that they need to follow, we start down a path that has caused violence and persecution in other nations around the world.”

Oamshri Amarasingham:

    “Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, protected by the constitutions of Maine and the United States, and we will always fight for the right of individuals to believe what they choose. But LD 1428 goes far beyond protecting religious freedom, so far that it would allow people to use their religion to ignore important laws that are meant to protect the common good of all Mainers. This bill is a solution in search of a problem, and in fact it creates far more problems than it solves. The legislature should reject it.”

The bill next comes up for a January 23 work session.

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(UPDATED) Mike Heath at LePage Defense Press Conference: “Maine IS Being Sodomized by the Left”, Warns of “Violent Revolution”

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(7/20/13) One last update: My Dirigo Blue cross post made The Rachel Maddow Show’s blog “This Week in God”.

5PM UPDATE: Link to Paul Madore clip, who veered way off course and didn’t defend Governor LePage’s remarks hardly at all, but rather used the golden opportunity of media in the room to vent his views on the Catholic Church and those within who support marriage equality, “Traditional Catholics are being moved to the back of the bus”. He repeatedly equated homosexuality with pedophilia “The bulk of homosexuals practice pedophilia. There’s a higher percentage of homosexuals that practice pedophilia” and issued veiled threats towards gay priests and others, whose names he claimed he could reveal at any moment.

All in all, a very strange day in Augusta!

4pm UPDATE: Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, the target of Governor LePage’s original vile and crude remarks, has responded to today’s press conference:


    AUGUSTA – Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson of Allagash issued the following statement in response to Michael Heath’s, the former director of the Christian Civic League, and Paul Madore’s, the director of the Maine Grassroots Coalition defense and praise of Governor LePage’s vulgar remarks. Earlier this month, Governor LePage lobbed as series of insults at Senator Jackson, including a crude sexual reference.

    During the Heath-Madore press conference, they quoted biblical references in defense of their homophobic claims. They praised LePage for “speaking like a man” and equated homosexuality to pedophilia and saying “the vile tide of perversion which these forces unleashed is now at high-water mark, as sodomy and transgenderism have encroached on every institution in our state, in particular our public schools.”

    Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, condemns anti-gay and anti-Catholic Church statements made by Michael Heath and Paul Madore in Augusta Wednesday. (Photo credit BDN)

    Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, condemns anti-gay and anti-Catholic Church statements made by Michael Heath and Paul Madore in Augusta Wednesday. (Photo credit BDN)

    The press conference lasted for 45 minutes and drew a crowd of six supporters, including Heath’s one wife.

    “Today’s display was nothing more than hate and fear mongering in the name of God. There is nothing more disgusting than using religion to promote hate and violence. As a Democrat and a Catholic, I oppose this hatefulness and bigotry.

    The Governor’s comments are not defensible. They were vile—not fit for a school yard and certainly not fitting of our state’s chief executive. People across our state, people across the political spectrum, and from all walks of life, including the Christian Civic League, have spoken out against the Governor’s vulgarity. Today, we are seeing who the governor’s supporters and friends are—they are the fringe, they are the bigots who spread fear and hatred. This is not Maine and not who we are as Mainers.”


Maine Democratic party has also weighed in and is calling for the Governor to denounce Heath and Madore’s statements:

    “In a bizarre press conference, conservative activists Michael Heath and Paul Madore defended Governor LePage’s comments about Senator Troy Jackson in the Hall of Flags with disgusting and hateful comments of their own, comparing homosexuality to pedophilia. We call on Governor LePage to denounce these hateful comments said on his behalf.”

Not likely. The Governor’s press secretary told me before the event today that they were in no way affiliated with the two, as others are also reporting tonight. Via BDN:

    “This group has no affiliation with the Office of the Governor or the governor nor do they speak for the Office of the Governor,” said Bennett. “This group does not reflect the views of the governor.”


Interesting times at the State House today as Mike Heath, former head of the Christian Civic League and most recently, the Iowa State Chairman of the Ron Paul for President campaign and Paul’s Maine chairman, Lewiston native Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition, held a 40 minute long press conference originally billed as a “Defending Maine’s Governor Press Advisory”:


    “Later today I’ll be holding a press conference in the State House with my good friend Paul Madore. Paul is a gutsy carpenter from Lewiston. He and his wife Susan very successfully homeschooled nine children. These wonderful young people have blessed Paul and Susan with 26 grandchildren.

    We will be praising Governor Paul LePage for a recent angry outburst. You can watch his comment in context here.

    Nearing the end of this legislative session the Governor was frustrated by the Left’s objections to his budget. With the cameras running his emotions sparked and the RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT MAN Paul LePage blasted through the veneer of Governor/politician. He said he was tired of being sodomized by the Left. And he named names.

    Thunderstorms leave in their wake purified air. That was the effect the youtube video had on me. When I was done watching it I thought, “This guy just spoke for me in so many ways.” The truth is like that. It purifies all it touches.

    The most refreshing aspect of this incident is the Governor using sodomy in it’s proper context. It is a negative. It is ugly. It is force. And it is violent.

    This act of sodomy, which is the black heart and soul of sexual orientation theory, used to be universally condemned. Now it provides the basis upon which the West grants special legal privileges and rights.”

About a half dozen supporters were in attendance, including Heath’s wife Paulie and mother-in-law, who worked for a time many years in the State House with the Liquor Commission.

On Heath’s website, he shared a clip of Governor LePage to provide context and added his own comment of “Governor LePage doesn’t want to be Sodomized by Liberals”, which is retrospect gave Maine press a fairly good idea that the comments by the two were not going to stick to strictly the political nature of LePage’s original analogy but rather take a turn towards their oft-mentioned views on homosexuality.

Boy howdy. Did it ever…

Here is the first clip recorded: Mike Heath’s “Sword of the Spirit” (hey, HIS title, not mine!) press statement.

His prepared remarks are below.

Page 1:

heath 1

Page 2:

heath pg 2

Q&A portion of the press conference.

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(Listen for the Dog Whistle!) Christian Civic League’s Carroll Conley Asks: “Are Maine Public Schools Safe For Christian Students?”

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Oh please. Yet again, we are seeing the fear-mongering coming out in full force, as the Christian Civic League plays their self-drawn “victim card” again in a pathetic, passive-aggressive email to their list.

It was just last year that they themselves successfully managed to stall Rep. Terry Morrison’s LD 1237, “An Act To Prohibit Bullying in Schools”, which was signed into law back in May and went into effect a few weeks ago. And if they ever bothered to look at it, they would see that within the language of the law is a provision providing protection for ALL Maine students, reradless of religion, right on the first page.


Anyways, here is the email questionnaire (see image):

Question: “Has you child ever been criticized at a Maine public school for expressing or defending Christian values regarding marriage and sexuality? If so, how?”

Strange timing, as it is just being learned that the Bangor Baptist Church is looking to expand to build a 8000 ft “youth center”. That the Christian Civic League, long a supporter of home schooling, also supports taxpayers paying for charter schools and vouchers cannot be overlooked. Not too hard to imagine that if they were have their way, Bangor taxpayers would be paying for what is now private tuition to Bangor Christian Schools.

What Conley is really questioning is not the “safety” of Maine’s schoolkids, regardless of religious beliefs, but indirectly Maine’s anti-discrimination laws pertaining to the protection of lgbtq students and more importantly, the current referendum Question One, pertaining to marriage equality in Maine.

This is an attack on Mainers United for Marriage and all fair-minded Mainers, who want to see all of our neighbors and own families valued and protected equally.

Let’s be very clear here. While the email is supposedly asking about discrimination against Christian children enrolled in Maine’s public schools, it’s a dog whistle, same as we have seen time and time again with other anti-lgbt groups across the country.

Simply put, the Christian Civic League doesn’t give a damn about protecting marriage (despite their claims to the contrary)- they want to be able to continue the status quo in this state and indeed across the country of keeping lgbt families as second-class citizens.

Not once has their work included addressing MARRIAGE. Were that the case, they would be looking into why there is such a high divorce rate in the state and working with public agencies to help strengthen families at risk. Their false argument of “protecting marriage” is a red herring- it’s not that they want to protect the institution, but rather they want to limit access to it.

Simple as that.

Their own leader, Bob Emrich, is divorced– yet that fact has not been enough to either disqualify him from leading the “Protect Maine Marriage” efforts. But it did force them to find a married couple from away to act as campaign spokespeople.

Bob failed to mention how divorce affects families in his recent Bangor Daily News screed– other than to inexplicably state:

“Were it not for the interests of children, society (read, government) would have no interest in marriage at all.”

To me, that reads as Emrich is admitting that gay couples and straight couples should have the same legal standing in our country- so long as the gay couple are not parents.

This is odd:

“The debate is not whether same-sex couples should be able to live as they wish or love whom they choose. But marriage is about far more than what adults want for themselves. It’s about what children need.

Marriage provides in large part a mechanism to provide for the next generation. It is society’s bond with children. It says to children that we as a community have recognized a structure, the institution of marriage, that is uniquely focused on connecting children to the people responsible for bringing them into the world — their parents. Indeed, marriage is our only institution that is focused on children in this way.”

So! I have a few questions:

  • Does this mean that couples without children should not legally be considered married?
  • What happens when straight parents divorce; should both parents immediately lose all parental rights with the children placed into foster care?
  • Should children conceived out-of-wedlock also go to foster care; should we criminalize their very conception?
  • Should a widowed parent lose custody of his or her children?

    He also failed in his attacks upon Maine’s lgbt families to mention atheist families.

    Let’s look at that a bit.

    Time and again, we have heard that “marriage is a religious institution”, but nothing could be father from the truth. Have they once decried the marriages of atheists such as myself or tried to put forth a notion that my marriage should not be considered legal? No, of course not- I am a heterosexual woman and as such, not on their list of targets. The legality and validity of my marriage has never once been questioned, either by individuals or by groups claiming to “protect marriage”.

    My family’s validity and standing in American society has never been questioned. My children have never faced concerns as to how we are viewed; whether or not others think we are not a “real” family. I benefit from the financial privilege as a married heterosexual woman and have done so for 20 years next month.

    We will never see the legality of atheists’ marriages and childless marriages, nor will there will ever be cries from the anti-lgbt factions in America to take children from single parents. They might WANT to criminalize children being born out of wedlock, but the reality is that we will never see that, either.

    Don’t be fooled. Don’t listen to the dog whistle.

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  • HRC Announces $250K Pledge to Mainers United for Marriage Campaign

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    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced over the weekend that they are donating $1 million to organizations in four states, including Maine, that have same-sex marriage measures on the November ballot. The money will be divided equally among same-sex marriage advocacy groups in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

    “This is a tipping-point year in the fight for marriage equality that requires significant investment,”
    Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said Sunday in a prepared statement. “We are committed to making sure this is the year that our opponents can no longer claim Americans will not support marriage equality at the ballot box. Bans on marriage for same-sex couples have sent the devastating message to young people that they cannot grow up to live their dreams and be full and equal citizens. This is the year we will change that.”

    Bob Emrich, leader of the Protect Marriage Maine campaign, which opposes same-sex marriage, said that it’s “starting to look more and more like they will be flooding the state with money aimed at changing the definition of marriage.”

    Emrich said he expects more out-of-state money to be invested by same-sex marriage proponents.

    “It’s not because they care about the people in Maine,” he said. “It’s because they care about their movement. They desperately need a victory.”

    Strange slam from Emrich, considering that his Christian Civic League’s support of Chick-Fil-A… which has no stores in Maine.

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    Confessions of Ex-Metrosexual Mike Heath: “I Never Should Have Blow Dried My Hair”

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    “A Pharisee will wear fine clothes and seek the honor of men…” Hmm.

    Hat tip to Peter LaBarbera for the photo of his “manly man” friend, current co-NoSpecialRights PACman Mike Heath.

    Heath has been especially vocal as of late, among other topics of discussion being complaints about the steps he took as head of the Christian Civic League in what he dubs CCL’s “shameful history” to appease years ago to the Focus of the Family out-of-staters:

    “It is instructive to understand what is going on here. It is simple really. It is a womanish attempt to gain the respect of another”.

    Um. Wow. Does he think this degrading tone will help sway Maine women voters to listen to his views on ANY topic, let alone marriage equality?

    Just a small slip, I’m sure- certainly not anything more serious than that.

    Well, maybe not:

    “The old League was patriarchal. The new League — the one I led — is womanish. That’s why I had to do the blow dried hair and suit look.”

    But apparently Heath is no Edith Piaf- the voices in his head are not singing “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” but rather screeching ‘Talking Heads’- “My God… what have I done??”

    I never should have put on the suit and blow dried my hair. I never should have tried to use my image, and the image of those around me, to win the battle. I always should have trusted God more than I did.”

    But clearly he views women as equal to men, right? Right?

    Well, not so much:

    “The truth about the vote this November is that it isn’t a battle between nice people who happen to disagree.

    I’m sick of it.

    The “pro family” movement is using it to raise millions of dollars. I’m sick of that also.

    I want to end the debate. I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again. I want to see innocence and virtue put back in sex. I want men to protect women, and women to love men.

    I hate this issue. I hate everything about it. There is nothing good that comes from talking about it.

    And that is why I want to see men rise up all over Maine and discover the virtue, courage and goodness that God put in their hearts. Women must be loved by men enough to be protected from the sordid essence of what is being sought here.”

    So, what exactly IS Mike Heath fighting against here? Marriage equality or women’s rights?

    It should be an interesting year.

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    CCL, NOM combine efforts opposing same sex marriage referendum

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    Via PPH:

    The Christian Civic League of Maine and the National Organization for Marriage say they’ve combined forces to defeat the same-sex marriage referendum proposal on next November’s ballot.

    The chairman of Protect Marriage Maine, Rev. Bob Emrich, says it will organize groups of different faiths as well as people with no faith traditions at all in opposition to the ballot initiative. Christian Civic League Executive Director Carroll Conley says his group was not a major player in the 2009 campaign, but he believes it can play a major role in the campaign this year.

    Paperwork creating Protect Marriage Maine was filed Friday.

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