ANALYSIS- LePage Investigations, Etc.

PAGE RENAMED AND FOCUS EXPANDED (July 2015). For the sake of quicker retrieval of content, the following compilation of information has been posted in chronological order by date and will be updated as necessary. ~AP


***Audio/Video of Maine Governor Paul LePage


  • 3/14/11- Good Will Hinckley’s Future Discussed (WABI)
  • 4/11/11- Good Will-Hinckley school on cusp of major change (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/3/11- Good Will-Hinckley director considers charter school status (Central Maine/ Morning Sentinel)
  • 7/11/11- Back to school | Good Will-Hinckley undertakes a painful rebirth to become Maine’s only agricultural academy (Maine Biz)
  • 1/23/12- Alfond Foundation Announces Gift to MCCS (Scribd)
  • 1/24/12- Alfond foundation donates $10.85M for KVCC, Good-Will Hinckley (Central Maine/ Morning Sentinel)
  • 1/29/12- Gov. LePage, Ed. Leaders Announce Major Acquisition for Maine’s Community College System (YouTube)***
  • 11/23/12- MDOE Bowen Memo to LePage (Scribd)
  • 8/2/13- Commissioner Bowen to help honor inaugural grads of Maine’s first charter school (Maine Dept Of Education)
  • 1/14/14- ME Gov Paul LePage: “I was a Democrat… until I learned how to count.” (YouTube)***
  • 2/27/14- Federal review: LePage put fair hearings at risk (Portland Press Herald)
  • 9/3/14- Good Will-Hinckley’s president takes job at UMaine Augusta (Maine Biz)
  • 1/14/15- Facing pressure from LePage, Maine community colleges president resigns (Bangor Daily News)
  • 2/18/15- LePage meddled in Maine Human Rights Commission case, memo says (Portland Press Herald)
  • 3/5/15- Republican leaders’ response to LePage reveals rift on tax initiative (Portland Press Herald)
  • 4/21/15- GOP leaders support LePage effort to kill income tax by 2020 (Bangor Daily News)
  • 5/14/15- Leaked Republican tax plan falls short of LePage’s goal (Bangor Daily News)
  • 5/29/15- Maine Governor Paul LePage Blaine House Press Conference(YouTube)***
  • 6/2/15- Political group’s calls try to pressure Republicans who support budget deal (Morning Sentinel)
  • 6/8/15- LePage withdraws 21 board and committee nominees; here’s the list (Bangor Daily News)
  • 6/8/15- LePage letter to Good Will-Hinckley Board (Scribd)
  • 6/9/15- Good Will-Hinckley Board of Directors Unanimously Selects Mark Eves as Next President(Scribd)
  • 6/9/15- Good Will-Hinckley Board of Directors Unanimously Selects Mark Eves as Next President (Speaker Eves’ office)
  • 6/9/15- House speaker lands job at Good Will-Hinckley but will finish legislative term (Bangor Daily News)
  • 6/9/15- House GOP coin “Gang of 68” phrase signifying unity within their caucus (Facebook: House GOP)
  • 6/17/15- Weekly Message of Governor LePage: The Budget That Could Have Been, But is Not (Governor LePage’s office***)
  • 6/17/15- Photos of @Governor_LePage ‘s Piggy Xmas Tree at Maine State House. Ya can’t make this stuff up (Twitter: @andiparkinson2)
  • 6/17/15- Maine Governor Paul LePage and his pig Xmas tree #mepolitics (Twitter: @andiparkinson2)
  • 6/17/15- Governor Baxter does not approve of LePage’s latest stunt (Instagram)
  • 6/17/15- Pig Attack, courtesy of Rep Karl Ward (R-Dedham)(Vine)
  • 6/18/15- Speaker Eves discussing House plans to take up Gov LePage 64 line item vetoes tonight; Senate will do same tomorrow (Instagram)
  • 6/18/15- LePage vetoes 64 lines worth $60M, vows to veto all bills (Portland Press Herald)
  • 6/18/15- Gov. LePage Line Item LD 1019 (‘FY 2016-17 Biennial Budget) Veto Letter to 127th Maine Legislature (Governor LePage’s office)
  • 6/18/15- Gov. Paul LePage Handwritten Line Item Vetoes (Scribd)
  • 6/18/15- LePage Transportation Bill LD 1080 Line Item Veto Letter to 127th Maine Legislature (Governor LePage’s office)
  • 6/18/15- Maine House Takes Up LePage FY ’16/17 Budget Line Item Vetos(Storify)
  • 6/18/15- Maine House overrides @Governor_LePage’s 64 line-item budget vetoes (AP News)
  • 6/19/15- Budget Battle-Weary Maine Lawmakers Still Face Hundreds of Measures (MPBN)
  • 6/24/15- Charter school that hired House speaker as president faces state aid cut, loss of grant (Bangor Daily News)
  • 6/24/15- Good Will-Hinckley Board Chair Jack Moore Issue Statement(Document Cloud)
  • 6/24/15- Charter school breaks contract with Eves after LePage threat (Bangor Daily News)
  • 6/24/15- Board firing of Eves came from LePage pressure, lawyer says (WMTW)
  • 6/24/15- House Speaker Mark Eves, Legal Counsel David Webbert on LePage, Good Will-Hinckley School (Speaker Eves’ office)
  • 6/24/15- State Senator Tom Saviello (R-Wilton): “Deeply sadden, disappointed and disturbed by the Governor’s actions”(Facebook: Maine Progressives)
  • 6/24/15- This isn’t the first time LePage used taxpayer money to blackmail schools about employees. (Twitter: @deanbarker)
  • 6/24/15- Eves says @Governor_LePage threatened to close Good Will Hinckley simply out of revenge (Twitter: @TVTeddy)
  • 6/24/15- GOP @SenRogerKatz calls LePage’s actions “personal, angry and vindictive.” #mepolitics (Twitter: @aedurkin)
  • 6/24/15- @RepEves’ statement on his firing. #mepolitics (Twitter: @riocarmine)
  • 6/25/15- PPH state house reporter Steve Mistler interview of Speaker of the House Mark Eves (VIDEO)
  • 6/25/15- Eves: Charter school told him LePage threatened to cut funding unless he was fired (Portland Press Herald)
  • 6/25/15- Maine attorney general ‘very troubled’ by alleged LePage threat to pull school’s funding (Portland Press Herald)
  • 6/25/15- Governor Stands by His Decision to Oppose Selection of Speaker Eves to Run Charter School (Governor LePage’s office)
  • 6/25/15- Statement from Senate President Michael Thibodeau (R-Waldo) Regarding Speaker Mark Eves Firing from Good Will-Hinckley (Facebook: Andy O’Brien)
  • 6/26/15- Eves’ attorney David Webbert had previously called for Fed review LePage overreach MDOL/ unemploy hearing process (Twitter: @andiparkinson2)
  • 6/25/15- LePage ordered an approved $100K payment to charter school stopped when Eves named head of school (Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting)
  • 6/25/15- Governor LePage’s Political Retribution an Unconscionable Abuse of Power (Maine Democratic Party)
  • 6/25/15- How to hold LePage accountable (Bangor Daily News)
  • 6/26/15- Attorney for House Speaker Eves expects to file suit against LePage within weeks (Bangor Daily News)
  • 6/26/15- Governor remains silent as lawmakers mull impeachment (WMTW)
  • 6/26/15- Maine GOP Statement on Good Will-Hinckley Controversy(Maine Republican Party)
  • 6/27/15- ME Gov. Paul LePage and ME House Speaker Mark Eves embroiled in charter school controversy and impeachment push (Ballotpedia)
  • 6/28/15- State Senator Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin) expresses views of LePage/ Good Will-Hinckley (Facebook)
  • 6/29/15- LePage Admits To Threatening Good Will-Hinckley Re: Eves Hiring, Denies Actions Were “Blackmail”(AUDIO)***
  • 6/29/15- LD 1019 (‘FY 2016-17 Biennial Budget) Veto Letter of Governor LePage (Governor LePage’s office)
  • 6/29/15- GOP Maine senator seeks investigation into LePage’s actions (WMTW)
  • 6/29/15- Reps Evangelos, Chipman and Warren have now filed an OPEGA investigation request on Governor LePage(Instagram)
  • 6/29/15- McCabe on request for Government Oversight Committee probe (Maine House Democrats)
  • 6/29/15- Combative Maine Governor Becomes a Party of One (New York Times)
  • 6/29/15- Insider Survey: LePage lost budget battle, holds blame for budget chaos (As Maine Goes)
  • 6/29/15- Gov. LePage breaks his silence, lawmakers call for investigation into LePage-Eves scandal (WGME)
  • 6/30/15- Maine Conservative Coalition Support for Governor Paul LePage Budget Veto Rally(YouTube)***
  • 6/30/15- Maine Citizen Rally Demanding Investigation of Governor Paul LePage(YouTube)
  • 6/30/15- LePage Legal Counsel Letter to OPEGA (Governor LePage’s office)
  • 6/30/15- Radio Address of Governor LePage: Business As Usual is Not Acceptable (Governor LePage’s office***)
  • 6/30/15- Letter to the editor (Former Rep. Robert Daigle, R-Arundel): Lawmakers should stand up to LePage (Portland Press Herald)
  • 6/30/15- Maine Conservative Coalition Support for Governor Paul LePage Budget Veto Rally (YouTube***)
  • 7/1/15- Maine Gov’t Oversight Committee Votes 12-0 to Investigate Governor Paul LePage(YouTube)
  • 7/1/15- Sen. Tom Saviello Speaks on GOC 12-0 LePage Investigation Decision(YouTube)
  • 7/1/15- Rep. Jeff Evangelos Speaks on GOC 12-0 LePage Investigation Decision(YouTube)
  • 7/1/15- Sen. Stan Gerzofsky Speaks on GOC 12-0 LePage Investigation Decision(YouTube)
  • 7/1/15- House Minority Leader Rep. Ken Fredette to GOC Chairs Letter(Scribd)
  • 7/1/15- Rep. Diane Russell (D-Portland) Letter to GOC Members(Scribd)
  • 7/1/15- Government Oversight Committee launches investigation (Maine House Democrats)
  • 7/1/15- MDP Calls on Maine Legislature to Begin Immediate Investigation of Gov. Paul LePage (Maine Democratic Party)
  • 7/1/15- House Democrats call on LePage to cooperate with any investigation (Maine House Democrats)
  • 7/1/15- Chipman calls on Government Oversight panel to launch probe (Maine House Democrats)
  • 7/1/15- LePage Stumps for Scandal-Ridden Christie as Calls for Impeachment Grow (Maine Democratic Party)
  • 7/1/15- LePage Letter Re: Review of All New Hires, Justification Forms(Scribd)
  • 7/1/15- MDOE Budget Breakdown to answer questions (Maine Dept of Education)
  • 7/1/15- Impeachment of Governor LePage considered by Maine legislators (MSNBC; The Rachel Maddow Show)
  • 7/2/15- Clarification of DOE’s press release on budget and Good Will-Hinckley (Maine House Democrats)
  • 7/4/15- Weekly Radio Address By House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe (D-Skowhegan): LePage Must Cooperate With Investigation
  • 7/5/15- Contrasting images of House Speaker: caring therapist or just a politician? (Portland Press Herald)
  • 7/7/15- LePage Cites First Amendment as Defense Against ‘Blackmail’ Allegations: Attorneys Weigh In (MPBN)
  • 7/7/15- Lawyers question LePage’s First Amendment defense (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/7/15- Weekly Message of Governor Paul LePage: Fighting for a government free of fraud and abuse (4:34 min)
  • 7/8/15- Augusta insiders incredulous or elated by LePage’s veto delay (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/8/15- Maine Governor Paul LePage on Pocket Veto Snafu, Legislature “Adjournment” (YouTube***)
  • 7/8/15- Revisor’s office letter to legislative leadership, re: 65 new chaptered laws (Scribd)
  • 7/10/15- LePage legal counsel letter to Legislative Council executive director (Scribd)
  • 7/10/15- Pennoyer response to LePage legal team (Scribd)
  • 7/10/15- Maine Attorney General Janet T Mills response to request re: adjournment and vetoes by Senators Tom Saviello (R-Franklin), Minority Leader Dawn Hill (D-York) (Scribd)
  • 7/10/15- Dem Weekly Message By Senator Dawn Hill (D-York): LePage Has Become The Monkey Wrench In Government That He Purports To Despise
  • 7/12/15- (UPDATED) The Curious Tale Of Governor LePage And The 19- Scratch That- 70 “Pocket Vetoes” LAWS
  • 7/14/15- (UPDATED) June 24 AUDIO: House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport) Agreed To Extend Legislative Session To July 16
  • 7/16/15- 127th Maine Legislature adjourns sine die. (YouTube)
  • 7/17/15- OPEGA Director Beth Ashcroft Meets W/ Maine Legislature’s Gov’t Oversight Committee (YouTube)
  • 7/17/15- Maine Legislature Gov’t Oversight Committee Meeting, 7/17/15 (YouTube)
  • 7/17/15- Governor LePage Sends “Solemn Occasion” request to Maine Supreme Judicial Court, regarding 65 vetoes (Scribd)
  • 7/19/15- America’s Craziest Governor Goes Off the Rails (Politico)
  • 7/20/15- Potential Law Court decision on veto dispute could take six weeks (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/20/15- Rep. Jeff Evangelos, Sen. Chris Johnson Speak Publicly On Gov. LePage Investigation (YouTube)
  • 7/20/15- Governor faces tough questions: is he ‘playing with a full deck’? (MSNBC)
  • 7/20/15- Policy Wonk: Bond holdup is LePage’s latest blunder (The Forecaster)
  • 7/20/15- Maine Supreme Chief Justice Leigh Saufley sets July 31 for LePage/ Legislature 65 veto decision (Scribd)
  • 7/21/15- Speaker Eves and President Thibodeau announce plans to file a brief regarding the botched LePage veotes
  • 7/21/15- LePage court challenge keeps Democrats and Republicans united (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/21/15- Schedule set for Gov. LePage Vs. the Legislature (WCSH)
  • 7/21/15- Maine Legislative Leaders Secure Legal Counsel for Disputed Bills Case (Maine Senate Republicans)
  • 7/22/15- LePage’s top administrators receiving pay raises ranging from 7% to 23% (Portland Press Herald)
  • 7/22/15- House Majority Leader Rep. Jeff McCabe (D-Skowhegan) statement on LePage administration raises
  • 7/23/15- Sen. Chris Johnson (D-Lincoln) on WZON’s The Pulse Morning Show discusses the OPEGA investigation of Gov. LePage (WZON)
  • 7/23/15- Adjournment infighting continues as Eves denies Fredette’s supreme court request (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/23/15- The U.S. Governor Who Forgot How to Veto a Bill (The Atlantic)
  • 7/23/15- LTE by Sen. Roger Katz (R-Kennebec): Governor’s lawyer’s attack on Revisor’s Office unfair (Morning Sentinel)
  • 7/23/15- LePage Administration Raises Come Under Fire from Democrats (MPBN)
  • 7/23/15- Video: LePage adminstration commissionrs getting pay raises (WMTW)
  • 7/24/15- Acadian Congress board members allege Gov. LePage forced President’s resignation (Bangor Daily News)
  • 7/24/15- New Report: Gov. LePage Blackmailed World Acadian Congress to Force Resignation of his Political Foe (Maine Democratic Party)
  • 7/24/15- Mike Shepard shares image of Constitutional Coalition brief in support of Governor LePage (Twitter)
  • 7/24/15- Groups Back Legislative Leadership in LePage Veto Dispute (MPBN)
  • 7/24/15- Link to documents filed with Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Governor LePage’s request for opinion of the Justices.
  • 7/27/15- Governor LePage’s “Notes From The Edge”: A Compilation (multiple updates)
  • 7/28/15- Reps. Danny Martin & Bob Saucier file a request with GOC on new allegations of interference by Gov. LePage with the 2014 World Acadian Congress (Scribd). Press release link here.
  • 7/29/15- ‘Secretive’ budget talks? LePage had senior staff involved, records show (Portland Press Herald)
  • 7/30/15- Governor LePage went on-air to discuss Speaker Eves/ Good Will-Hinckley, “secret” budget negotiations, etc- and offers to resign in enough people ask him to do so. (WGAN audio podcast)
  • 7/30/15-Maine Speaker Eves files civil suit against Governor LePage (Sun Journal)
  • 7/30/15-Eves: ‘Rage, partisan malice’ prompted LePage ‘blackmail’ (BDN)
  • 7/30/15- “Mark W. Eves Vs Paul R. LePage” Federal Civil Lawsuit Filed In U.S. District Court (Scribd; YouTube)
  • 7/30/15- I Stand With Mark Eves Facebook page created.
  • 8/6/15- (UPDATED) Maine Supreme Judicial Court Rules Against Governor LePage, Upholds 71 Laws
  • 8/11/15- Commentary: Time to stand up to LePage’s illegal bullying and blackmail, Mark Eves says (PPH)
  • 8/12/15- Speaker Eves’ Legal Team File ‘Notice Of Claim’ Against Governor LePage With Attorney General’s Office
  • 8/12/15- New court claim asserts that LePage broke state law in dispute with Eves (PPH)
  • 8/14/15- Eves: ‘Overwhelming support’ for suit against Gov. LePage (Seacoast Online)
  • 8/17/15- LePage’s handwritten notes show failings in Maine’s record retention law (PPH)
  • 8/18/15- FB group “Investigate + Impeach Gov. LePage” starts new action of writing to the Governor’s office, demanding that he resign.
  • 8/19/15- LePage says he’ll resign, if enough people ask him to (BDN)
  • 8/20/15- The Rachel Maddow Show airs segment: Maine governor offers to resign if enough people ask. Asking commences. (MSBNC)
  • 8/21/15- Rachel Maddow mocks Gov. LePage’s offer to resign (Maine Beacon)
  • 9/7/15- OPEGA report on LePage/ Good Will- Hinckley (27 page PDF)
  • 9/8/15- OPEGA Presents Maine Governor Paul LePage/ Good Will-Hinckley Report to GOC Cmte (VIDEO)
  • 9/8/15- OPEGA Presents Gov. LePage/ Good Will-Hinckley Report to GOC (PHOTOS)
  • 9/8/15- Report: LePage, DOE Interfered in Eves’ Employment (MPBN)
  • 9/8/15- Investigation: LePage threatened Good Will-Hinckley funding (BDN)
  • 9/9/15- Key questions unanswered about LePage, Good Will-Hinckley (BDN)
  • 9/13/15- Good Will-Hinckley fight deepens dysfunction at Maine State House (BDN)
  • 9/21/15- LePage won’t name board members, vows to bypass Legislature through citizen initiatives (BDN)
  • 9/22/15- Alfond says LePage must do his job, stop playing games (press release)
  • 10/5/15- Kruger on LePage administration’s refusal to cooperate with probe (press release)
  • 10/5/15- Sen. Diamond: LePage officials’ refusal to appear before GOC ‘unacceptable’ (press release)
  • 10/6/15- Governor Requests Recusal of Senator Roger Katz (press release)
  • 10/6/15- LePage says Sen. Katz should recuse himself in Good Will-Hinckley investigation (PPH)
  • 10/6/15- LePage: Good Will-Hinckley probe is merely a ‘witch hunt’ by GOP senator (BDN)
  • 10/7/15- LePage investigation order was withheld in violation of Maine law (BDN)
  • 10/15/15- Kruger on Government Oversight Committee public hearing (press release)
  • 10/15/15- Maine Gov’t Oversight Cmte (GOC), Gov. LePage/ Good Will Hinckley Public Hearing (ALL VIDEOS)
  • 10/15/15- GOC Info Brief Of LePage, Good Will-Hinckley $$ (PHOTOS)
  • 10/15/15- Good Will-Hinckley leader confirms funding threat forced Eves out (BDN)
  • 10/15/15- Panel seeks to force staff to testify about Eves’ firing (BDN)
  • 10/16/15- Maine’s GOP governor faces intensifying scandal (MSNBC)
  • 10/22/15- Eye on Augusta: Oversight Committee Subpoenas LePage Staff (Free Press Online)
  • 10/22/15- Letter to GOP Leadership re Senator Katz 10 22 15 (PDF via BDN)
  • 10/25/15- LePage attempts to turn Maine Republican party against fellow legislator (PPH)
  • 10/26/15- In letters, LePage takes Katz fight to GOP, backs wind project (BDN)
  • 11/4/15- Ruprecht letter to GOC (via PPH)
  • 11/10/15- Legislative watchdogs cast wide net for LePage investigation (BDN)
  • 11/11/15- Showdown in Eves case arrives Thursday as governor’s aides testify (PPH)
  • 11/23/15- Governor LePage Staff Testify Before Maine Gov’t Oversight Committee (VIDEOS)
  • 11/23/15- Maine Voices: LePage’s alleged action against Eves should be in prosecutor’s hands (PPH)
  • 11/30/15- Opinion: We must be vigilant to prevent the abuse of government power (BDN)
  • 12/3/15- Maine Gov’t Oversight Cmte Meeting, 12/3/15
  • 12/4/15- GOC Co-Chairs Katz, Kruger Detail Support For OPEGA’s Report On LePage/ Good Will-Hinckley
  • 12/10/15- Eye on Augusta: Probe Finds LePage Forced Eves Firing, Now the Next Step (Free Press)
  • 12/10/15- Formal request of Reps to AG Mills, re: Governor LePage & Good Will-Hinckley
  • 12/30/15- A healthy balance of power (Boothbay Register)
  • 1/4/16- Rep. Chenette submits bill to establish accountability for elected officials
  • 1/4/16- House Order LR2091 (House impeachment order) made public.
  • 1/4/16- LePage plans to claim immunity from Eves lawsuit (PPH)
  • 1/4/16- Unlikely LePage impeachment bid could hit House floor Wednesday (BDN)
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