Portland Elected Officials Throw Support Behind Ethan Strimling’s Mayoral Run

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More than half of Portland’s school board officials joined half of the city council this morning in throwing their support to mayoral candidate former State Senator Ethan Strimling. A press conference was held on the front steps of Portland City Hall with multiple statements read by those in attendance and on behalf of supportive members absent.

Via press release issued by former Portland Mayor and current city councilman Nick Mavodones on behalf of the group:

    Eleven Portland elected officials back Ethan Strimling for Mayor

    In an impressive display of support and a call for new leadership in Portland, eleven of seventeen Portland elected officials announcedtheir endorsement of Ethan Strimling for Mayor on the steps of City Hall. They are City Councilors Jill Duson, Kevin Donoghue, Ed Suslovic and Nick Mavodones, and Board of Education members Pious Ali, John Eder, Stephanie Hatzenbuehler, Marnie Morrione, Sarah Thompson, Holly Seeliger and Anna Trevorrow.

    Former Portland Mayor and current city council member Nick Mavodones speaks at press conference.

    Former Portland Mayor and current city council member Nick Mavodones speaks at press conference.

    Councilor Nicholas Mavodones kicked off the conference, describing his frustration with the current situation at City Hall. “Unfortunately, over the past few years I have seen first hand asa city councilor the impact of failed leadership under Mike Brennan. Our council is divided, ourschool board is divided, our community is divided. Many key city staff members have left. The frustration I’ve felt has been profound.”

    Mavodones cites a lack of collaboration and leadershipskills as the fundamental problem that has resulted in the cities difficulties in moving forward.He continued, “I believe we must support a candidate for mayor that has the proven leadership skills necessary to bring our community together and realize our collective goals.Ethan Strimling has displayed these leadership skills time and time again.”

    Councilor Mavodones then read a statement for City Councilor Ed Suslovic, who was unable to attend.

    Suslovic wrote, “I didn’t take this decision lightly. I’m friends with Michael Brennan. I’ve supported Michael and I’ve voted for him. But the last few years on the Portland City Councilhave been difficult and, frankly, not productive ones for our city. The time has come to make achange in our leadership. We need a leader who can bring people together. We need a leaderwho will listen to others. That leader is Ethan Strimling.”

    Former mayoral candidate and current Portland City Council member Jill Duson reads a statement supporting Ethan Strimling for mayor.

    Former mayoral candidate and current Portland City Council member Jill Duson reads a statement supporting Ethan Strimling for mayor.

    Mavodones was followed by Councilor Jill Duson, who also shared her frustrations with current leadership, “This past year, we have faced serious challenges to our continued vitality as a community and we can expect to face similar challenges going forward. To meet these challenges we need leadership that listens; leadership that respects; leadership that inspires the engagement of diverse stakeholders; leadership that values collaboration; and leadership that interrelates with integrity in Augusta and D.C.”

    She concluded her statement by saying, “I have urged Ethan to run for Mayor, and I urge Portland voters to choose Ethan to lead the city for the next four years.”

    Councilor Duson followed with remarks from fellow Councilor Kevin Donoghue, who was also not able to attened. “(Ethan) understands that our mayor needs to directly engage hiscolleagues in policy work that makes a difference, lead discussions on important issues likeaffordable housing and education, and renew our relations with Augusta. I am voting for Ethan Strimling for Mayor and the opportunity leadership can avail.”

    Marnie Morrione, Board of Education member then took the podium to speak about her perspective as an advocate for public education. “Ethan has been a tireless advocate for our students, particularly those who have fallen through the cracks and have not had the same opportunities as others. He cares about the future of kids and he’s devoted his life to makingtheir futures brighter, one by one. I hope you will join me in supporting Ethan Strimling for Mayor.”

    Strimling responded on Facebook: “I am deeply grateful and want to thank each and every one of the eleven elected officials for their support and for placing their trust in me. I am looking forward to going out with them into their communities throughout the city and having the opportunity to listen to their friends and neighbors about their vision for Portland.”



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