Constitutional Coalition Return to Augusta to Announce New “Government Watch Group”

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(9pm UPDATE: Here now is WMTW’s story.)

The only governor in attendance is Percival Proctor Baxter, who doesn't seem terribly impressed.

The only governor in attendance is Percival Proctor Baxter, who doesn’t seem terribly impressed.

Maine’s self-proclaimed “Constitutional Coalition” held a rather long, um, “loosely formatted” and sparsely attended rally and press conference this morning in the State House’s Hall of Flags to announce the formation of a brand spanking new permanent non-profit corporation, “We The People of Maine, Inc.” with the catchy slogan “Scrutinize government behavior at every level!”

Per Wayne Leach, the group invited Governor Paul LePage, original founder then former Maine Refounders member Amy Hale, Maine Refounder turned LePage transition team “extremist” member Pete Harring, members of the Maine Republican Party and currently serving legislators to attend and show their support.

None did. LePage’s scheduler Micki Mullen told Leach that “the Governor is busy”, yet a press release sent out at the same time as the 9:30 press conference by his office stated that “The Governor has cleared his schedule for Thursday so he can keep informed of any areas that have been hard hit (by last night’s flooding) and provide the necessary response.”

On the plus side, First Lady Ann LePage did come out of her husband’s office afterwards and greet the men cheerfully before exiting the Hall of Flags, stopping to share a laugh and talk briefly about her recent skydive in Aroostook County.

Photos here of this morning’s press conference.

Coverage here via Bangor Daily News, WMTW, MPBN, WCSH, WGME, Portland Press Herald… hey, where did everybody go??

No matter! The trio were heading down to Portland by noon for a chat with Portland Community Television C-TN5 that will no doubt blow folks’ socks off.


This latest effort by “TAKE AMERICA BACK OF MAINE” (originally “TAKE MAINE BACK”) spokesman Phil Merletti, Maine Republic and “liberty movement” (VIDEO) Wayne Leach and Aroostook Watchmen radio host Jack McCarthy is not to be confused with the similarly named “We The People Maine”, whose goals are to amend the Maine Constitution, and most absolutely certainly not with “Maine People’s Alliance”, which employs the Coalition’s arch nemesis, Mike Tipping (BOO!! HISS!!), author of the book “As Maine Went: Governor Paul LePage and the Tea Party Takeover”.

We repeat: “BOO!! HISS!!”

Aroostook Watchmen radio host Jack McCarthy speaks to Maine media at press conference. Also shown are fellow Constitutional Coalition members Phil Merletti and Wayne Leach

Aroostook Watchmen radio host Jack McCarthy speaks to Maine media at press conference. Also shown are fellow Constitutional Coalition members Phil Merletti and Wayne Leach

From their original media advisory:

    Wayne Leach, Phillip Merletti, and Jack McCarthy, members of the Constitution Coalition of Maine, announce the formation of We The People of Maine, Inc., a permanent non-political, non-profit organization, formed of, by and for the People of Maine, whose sole purpose will be to scrutinize government behavior at every level, and hold elected officials accountable to the Rule of Law, from the State and Federal Constitutions and statutes down to local Charters and Codes.

    The Constitution Coalition has determined that the overwhelming majority of our elected and appointed officers are unaware of the principles, prohibitions, restrictions and mandates of our Constitutions; the Rule of Law is being replaced by the Rule of Whim and Man; our Constitutions are hanging by a thread; and, the People are the only sure reliance for the preservation of their liberty.

    Citizens of Maine join the citizens of Connecticut and New York who have established We The People of Connecticut, Inc. and We The People of New York, Inc. People everywhere are realizing that, by the authority of our Constitutions, the People structure and regulate their government, and that the task of defending the Constitutions is the People’s alone.


    The We the People of Maine corporation is established to assist the Free People of this State to institute a culture and environment where all elected officials will be expected to exercise and embrace a sufficient reverence and enduring respect for the People and their Charters of Freedom, with the knowledge that a critical mass of People – well educated about their Rights and the means to secure them – are watching what they are doing in their official capacities, and are able to hold them peacefully, but directly accountable, without undue reliance on the electoral process, and regardless of their political party.

WELL! That was all certainly illuminating, wasn’t it?

Roll the first clip- where Leach reads a four page “STATEMENT TO MEDIA” PRINTED IN ALL CAPS.

Don’t believe me about the ALL CAPS? See for yourself.

View this document on Scribd

Pro-tip: When you have to tell the press that you most definitely are notsovereign citizens” nor “domestic terrorists”, let alone explain past reports of discussions with one’s governor regarding punishments for treason, and then proceed to rant a bit, it kinda takes away from one’s credibility on the matter. Threatening to sue an author for reporting sourced materials probably isn’t such a great idea, either.

BONUS: Look for where McCarthy repeats his now infamous line about “taking a sip out of the ‘negroes only’ drinking fountain.”

Phil Merletti finished up the press conference by telling media to read their copies of the Maine Constitution handed out by Merletti before today’s program began, offered to answer any questions about it in his capacity as a researcher and then took questions from Bangor Daily News reporter Mario Moretto. During that time, the three men took turns answering and expanded upon earlier reports of referencing 1776 and 1865 in speaking previously with Governor LePage.

Here is the rest of the press kit handed out:

View this document on Scribd

Will update with “statements of support” from Governor LePage, Maine Republican Party and others if received.


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