Tweets From Maine Govt Oversight Cmte CDC Shredding Hearing (Pt 3)

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Live tweets from within the Maine Government Oversight Committee’s probe into alleged document shredding by ME Center for Disease Control officials. (part 3)





Cris Edward Johnson ‏@cejesq 

Dr. Pinette concludes her testimony by claiming ignorance about “version control. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Zukas, deputy director at CDC takes seat #mepolitics


Scott Thistle ‏@thisdog 

Will Zukas be the only one to take the 5th. #mepolitics Or will her attorney do all the talking?


Steve Mistler ‏@stevemistler 

Zuckas, mentioned frequently here as the one who gave the destruction order, testifying now. #mepolitics


Christine Zukas who has been painted as the ring leader of this fiasco now being sworn in to testify. Interested to hear this. #mepolitics

Next up: CDC Deputy Director Christine Zukas. She’s the one accused of ordering the document shredding. #mepolitics


Zukas: at CDC since 2006. #mepolitics


So whoever advised blackberry texts were beyond reach of FOAA was correct. #mepolitics and that’s bad.


Christine Zukas, CDC Dep. Director, w/ counsel, now, appearing before Committee investigating ME CDC document shredding. #mepolitics


Tweets from Maine Govt Oversight Cmte CDC Shredding Hearing (Pt 2) #mepolitics #GOC #CDCshred #versioncontrol 


RT @bowdoin81@cejesq And now we know no docs were actually destroyed despite improper order. #mepolitics// Actually, just the opposite.


Apparently Arthur Anderson and Enron were just early pioneers in version control. #mepolitics


Zukas: “my role was providing feedback” to Finch and Leahy-Lind who came up with proposed criteria. #mepolitics


Zuckas: I was not intimately involved scoring changes, says she couldn’t even understand it. Trust staff. #mepolitics

Zukas: I was not intimately involved (in scoring.) #mepolitics


Christine Dukas testifies she trusted the staff and denies any understand of the changed formula. #MEPolitics


Christine Dukas throws the staff under the bus: admits document destruction “to keep the process clear.” #MEPolitics

Zuckas said she never had document retention training until 4.13, the year after this became controversy. #mepolitics


Zukas says she ordered document destruction to avoid confusion with previous drafts. #mepolitics

Zukas: the final document described how the winners and losers were determined #mepolitics


Zukas says she was never trained about whether to keep working documents until the year after this all happened. #mepolitics


The Katz’ football analogy, “Change in the Rules of the Game,” is becoming the metaphor for DHHS document shredding hearings. #MEPolitics


Pinette: there was concern about Bangor not being the lead #mepolitics

Zuckas: Direction given to make Bangor the winner. Says she doesn’t remember who said it. #mepolitics

Zukas: there was discussion about methodology, must have been flawed. Agreed to change methodology. #mepolitics


Zukas: in phone call said not keeping working documents. Asked her to destroy them. #mepolitics


Zuckas: I asked Leahy-Lind to destroy documents that had Bangor in the grant scoring lead. #mepolitics


Zukas: did not say it was in response to FOAA request #mepolitics


Zukas falls on her sword and admits ordering document destruction. #mepolitics


Zukas: the only other time discussing shredding was in my office. Leahy-Lind and Finch there. #mepolitics


Zuckas: Destruction order not a response to SJ FOAA, no way of knowing. Never followed up to make sure LL complied with request #mepolitics


Maine CDC Program Director Zukas says she asked workers to destroy documents as a way to control documents previous to final versions@WCSH6


The shame of all of this is that Chris Zukas is taking the rap for the organized manipulation of the protocols and the process. #MEPolitics.


Zukas too admits they rigged the scoring to get the results they wanted. #mepolitics


Zukas: it was never expressed as an expectation (to track process of coming up with criteria and scoring) #mepolitics


Zukas: “I either put it in the shredder or out it in my recycle bin” earlier version of lead selection #mepolitics


“I either put it in the shredder or I put it in my recycle bin.” Zukas says of original scoresheet. #mepolitics


Zuckas: I put old scoring document in shredder, or the recycle bin, I can’t remember, after meeting w/DHHS chief, Pinette et al #mepolitics


Zukas: Involved in criteria but not scoring #mepolitics


Zukas: Pinette involved in changing methodology, #mepolitics


Zukas suggests changes in criteria were “data based” and pins methodology on Director Pinette #MEPolitics


Zukas: Pinette involved in changing scoring criteria, gave order to change it. #mepolitics


Zukas: In hindsight process docs of changing scoring methodology should not have been destroyed #mepolitics


Zukas: methodology, not criteria had changed. In hindsight, think changes should have been made public. #mepolitics


Zukas: I never throw anything away (now) #mepolitics


Zukas denies ever was physical with Leahy-Lind or anyone else. #mepolitics


.@Stevie_Rob Wait: You’re saying the shredding of public documents is an inescapable problem? #mepolitics

Oh OK. RT @mikeshepherdME .@Stevie_Rob Wait: You’re saying the shredding of public documents is an inescapable problem? #mepolitics


@mikeshepherdME @Stevie_Rob Sure. No government, no government corruption! #mepolitics


Wish I could ask: Is it true that CDC admins were emailed that they may not send emails to staff w/out review by a superior? #MEPolitics


I’ve burned through 1.5 phone batteries and almost all of my laptop battery. #mepolitics


Zukas says she did not believe she was doing anything wrong when she asked workers to destroy documents. #mepolitics

Zukas: “i did not feel I was doing anything improper.” (In directing shredding) #mepolitics


Zukas: “I believe it was Dr. Pinette” who said scoring methodology should be changed after Bangor didn’t get lead #mepolitics


Zukas says she never ordered doc destruction before but also says she’d never been part of bid process that was changed halfway through.

Zukas steps down #mepolitics


Finch and Leahy-Lind both want to be heard #mepolitics

Testimony has concluded. Now those who testified have the chance to refute or clarify anything they’ve heard. #mepolitics


Finch: makes it sound like it was a trainwreck of a process #mepolitics


Finch: I understand that i bare some responsibility. Despite testimony program is worthy of public funds. #mepolitics


Finch: It would be a tragedy for the results of this committee to negatively affect the Healthy Maine Partnerships program. #mepolitics


Finch: “it would be a tragedy” if the result of this would negatively impact the HMPs statewide. #mepoltiics


Important. MT @thisdog In short: Maine doesn’t retain messages sent on state-issued blackberries = secret msg system. #mepolitics

Finch: “It would be a tragedy” if committee’s proceedings were to affect the good works done by Healthy Maine. #mepolitics


On DHHS Shredding 1) We had to keep documents?, and 2) If data doesn’t give the results we expect, we change the methodology. #MEPolitics


Pinette: praises staff at CDC. Should be trusted to help people lead healthy lives. #mepolitics


@PaulMerrillWMTW It’s what those outlets in the wall are for! :^)

@DirigoBlue Left the cords in the car! Thought we’d be taking a lunch break!


Dr. Shelia Pinette concludes with a PSA complementing the CDC staff. #MEPolitics


MORE BREAKING: Gov. LePage’s managers did an end run around the grant scoring process for millions in Maine DHHS… 


Oh no. Now we’re asking a room of lawyers and lawmakers if they have anything else to say. #mepolitics #imondeadline

@PaulMerrillWMTW Get the popcorn ready, we still have the legislative grandstanding to look forward to.


Ashcroft: committee must vote on release of testimony #mepolitics


The public broadcast of the Committee hearings on DHHS document shredding was a high point in transparency in ME governance. #MEPolitics


RT @allforjury@mikeshepherdME blackberry must have some record though. #mepolitics @thisdog// Nope. Data use is available .. not message.


Poor @SenRogerKatz holding his head, as others discuss “who’s on first”… #mepolitics #GOC


Craven: “this was a massive change … We were shocked.” #mepolitics


RT @allforjury@cejesq I know they are tracked by date and time …. #mepolitics. Is this an invitation to bid? 😉


Burns: suggest we not take any action today#mepolitics


Cain: we need to increase transparency #mepolitics


Shame that former 14 yr CDC Head Dr Dora Mills wasn’t invited to come in, discuss existing procedures under her leadership #mepolitics


Adjourned #mepolitics

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