Tweets from Maine Govt Oversight Cmte CDC Shredding Hearing (Pt 2)

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Live tweets from within the Maine Government Oversight Committee’s probe into alleged document shredding by ME Center for Disease Control officials. (part 2)



Chris Rose ‏@chrisrosenews  29m

Whistleblower in Maine CDC document shredding case about to testify @WCSH6


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind sworn in #mepolitics


Paul Merrill ‏@PaulMerrillWMTW 

Alleged whistleblower Sharon Leahy-Lind now beginning testimony with lawyer @dillesquire#mepolitics


Rob Poindexter ‏@Robb1239 

The whistleblower in this case Sharon Leahy-Lind now testifying #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Cynthia Dill – brought documents relating to scoring HMPs. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: asked to brainstorm some criteria for HMPs end of March, early April. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: “in initial process there was no weighting that I was aware of” #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: 8 leads would get more more than other 19 HMPs. #mepolitics


Cris Edward Johnson ‏@cejesq 

Sharon Leahy-Lind describes dev of criteria that was 2 have been used to evaluate 27 agencies & identify original 8 selected #MEPolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: at June 6 meeting, handed copies of score sheets. Bangor was not lead. Said oh Bangor not lead.#mepolitics


Steve Mistler ‏@stevemistler 

UPDATE: CDC officials testify on grant doc destruction, manipulation case: 


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: Shawn (sp) will be disappointed #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: looks at score sheet including “support and promotion of developing infrastructure” criterion #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: gut reaction. I said how did Bangor public health get to be the lead? Pinette said “that’s political.”#mepolitics


Paul Merrill ‏@PaulMerrillWMTW 

Leahy-Lind says CDC Director Pinette told her results of funding decisions were changed for political reasons. #mepolitics


CDC Whisteblower: Sheila Pinette said HMP funding scoring decisions were political #mepolitics

(1) Leahy-Lind: Bangor was in 2nd place for funding. At final meeting Bangor jumped to the top. When Leahy-Lind asked Pinette… #mepolitics


(2) …how Bangor jumped to the top for funding Pinette told her “It’s political. Shawn (Yardley) has been a good friend.” #mepolitics


Whistleblower in document shredding case says CDC director said Bangor moving up to top ranking for funding was”political”@WCSH6


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: Zukas told her to make Finch destroy his documents and said she needed to destroy documents too. #mepolitics


Cris Edward Johnson ‏@cejesq 

Leahy-Lind describes the control of communications w/in CDC. Ordered to use Blackberry messaging to avoid a record. #MEPolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: told Sockabasin she was ordered by Zukas to shred documents #mepolitics


Steve Mistler ‏@stevemistler 

Leahy-Lind, whistleblower: I was told to use Blackberry instant messages to communicate with CDC staff. Untraceable. No FOAA #mepolitics


Rob Poindexter ‏@Robb1239 

Leahy-Lind says Zukas is the one ordering the docs destruction. What say you Christine Zukas? She’s up next so we’ll see. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: Finch said ordered to shred documents. Leahy-Lind said don’t. Illegal.#mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: it’s become clear to me there’s been a manipulations of data…with respect to outcome of leads.#mepolitics


LL: I talked to Pinette, CDC director, about destroying docs; Pinette said she’d talk to DHHS chief, Mayhew #mepolitics

ICYMI: @PaulMerrillWMTW is live-tweeting testimony from a gov’t oversight hearing on allegations the CDC forced workers to shred docs


Background on Blackberry pin messages. Some elected/appointed officials love ’em. Untraceable, no FOAA:  #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind: Zukas said info. was going to be FOAA’d. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind: I was told to shred all documentation related to the Healthy Maine Partnerships award. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind: “I was told to shred all documentation related to the HMPS. All of my files.” #mepolitics


Sharon Leahy-Lind testifies that she was instructed to shred “All (her) files” related to Healthy ME Partnership. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind: she and Finch told to rate answers to questions posed to partnership directors. Informal and casual scoring.#mepolitics


Sharon Leahy-Lind describes a division driven by impossible deadlines to make crucial decisions about ME Health. #MEPolitics


Leahy-Lind’s testimony has been most damning of the day. Implicates CDC Director Dr. Sheila Pinette in bid-rigging. #mepolitics


Maine Committee Keeps CDC Shred Testimony Public 


Leahy-Lind: not consulted on adding criteria and tie breaker criteria. “That caused me great concern.” #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind: scoring of answers from district liaisons at odds with hers and Finch’s impressions. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind says attempt to destroy documents was in anticipation of FOAA request. #mepolitics


Sharon Leahy-Lind testifies possible FOAA request was mentioned in conv. instructing her to destroy documents. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind says Zukas told her specifically to “shred” #mepolitics

Leahy-Lind: when learned that MHP budget cut, told can’t close any of the partnerships.#mepolitics

@cwilliams55 @ltice also key is they never used population served as a criteria for the HMP awards. #mepolitics


Wondering if CDC employees had to take time off to be here today to testify. #mepolitics

Leahy-Lind: Zukas instruction: the first time it was “shred.” The next time it was “destroy.” Re:documents. #mepolitics

Katz wants to know how they communicated at CDC if they were not using email. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind says she was told to use Blackberry IM and not email because IM could not be FOAAed –#mepolitics


Cris Edward Johnson ‏@cejesq 

The arbitrary control of communications within the CDC is becoming a central issue. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: told not to use email in dealing with HMPs. Can be FOAA’d. #mepolitics


Paul Merrill ‏@PaulMerrillWMTW 

Leahy-Lind: I wish I had packed my bags and left they day they told me to avoid email and communicate by BlackBerry message. #mepolitics


Scott Thistle ‏@thisdog 

Several high-profile state employees carry two mobile phones — one is usually a Blackberry -now we know why. #mepolitcs


A. Elias ‏@ProducerElias 

Looks like it may be time for state employees to get iPhones instead of Blackberries.



Updated story with info from @PaulMerrillWMTW on CDC shredding probe testimony.  #mepolitics


Scott Thistle ‏@thisdog 

We’ve asked the AGs office if text messages between state employees about state business are subject to state’s FOAA. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: District liaisons very upset when data shared from survey monkey survey. Put on CDC website. #mepolitics


Scott Thistle ‏@thisdog 

At an earlier meeting Craven called it a “monkey survey” #mepolitics @cwilliams55 #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Leahy-Lind: Zukas said survey results would be kept confidential #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Sockabasin takes seat


Steve Mistler ‏@stevemistler 

Sockabasin, recently added in civil case, now taking oath. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Sockabasin: director of office of health equity. Katz recuses himself.#mepolitics


Scott Thistle ‏@thisdog 


“Any record, regardless of the form in which it is maintained by an agency or official, can be a public record.” #mepolitics . . .


Andrea Parkinson ‏@andiparkinson2 

@thisdog From AG’s office, I take it?


Scott Thistle ‏@thisdog 

@andiparkinson2 yes from FOAA Ombudsman Brenda Kielty in AG’s office. Thanks to her for quick answer. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Sockabasin: Leahy-Lind was “very nervous that (Bangor) would not be getting that lead contract. #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Sockabasin : “our intention was that every HMPS would be covered” even though there would be lead agencies.#mepolitics


Chris Rose ‏@chrisrosenews 

Whistleblower in document shredding case says two other Maine CDC employees were told to destroy files.@WCSH6


Chris Rose ‏@chrisrosenews 

One of those employees confirmed this morning he was one of the employees told to purge his files @WCSH6


“…or contains information relating to the transaction of public or governmental business… #mepolitics

@thisdog Text data records are useless as a matter of public access unless actively saved. #MEPolitics

@cejesq thus the point of using that as a primary means of communication. It’s under the radar. but clearly being exploited. #mepolitics


AG ombudsman: Texts subject to FOAA || Problem: Blackberry pins untraceable.


@thisdog@cejesq . It’s under the radar. but clearly being exploited. // Bingo – and there are emails w/in CDC that reinforce that.


Sockabasin: “I would not agree that is true (air of secrecy.)…I never received that directive” to not use email.#mepolitics


“I do not instant message on my blackberry — I never communicated that way.” Sockabasin says. #mepolitics #CDC #docshred


Interesting to see the eye rolls, head shaking, and sideways glances happening during this hearing. #mepolitics


Sockabasin denies directives concerning limiting email correspondence w/in CDC. Remember this point. #MEPolitics


From @stevemistler: Maine CDC officials confirm document destruction order in public testimony. #mepolitics 


Sockabasin refuting what Leahy-Lind said about using BlackBerry Messenger to hide conversations. #mepolitics


Sockabasin testifying before oversight committee #mepolitics


“I was never told to discard or shred anything throughout this process,” Sockabasin tells the GOC. #mepolitics


Sockabasin says she was never told to destroy docs or give the order #mepolitics


Sockabasin: “I was never told to discard or shred documents during this process.” #mepolitics


Sockabasin: never told not to use email to avoid FOAA #mepolitics

Sockabasin: “absolutely not” ever told not to use email in order to avoid FOAA.#mepolitics

It certainly seems like someone in this hearing is lying under oath. Testimonies totally contradicting each other. #mepolitics


Sockabasin says intention of destroying documents was around “version control” and not to hide anything. #mepolitics

Sockabasin: Leahy-Lind said she had been told to shred documents #mepolitics


Sockabasin: concern was around version control. #mepolitics


A new US CDC study published in the journal “Pediatrics” shows that childhood immunization saves lives and money. 


Sockabasin channeling inner @Governor_LePage w/ “end of story” #mepolitics #CDCshred #GOC


They were tasked with distributing millions of dollars to HMPs but apparently nobody was “in charge” seriously? #mepolitics

Sockabasin of the CDC now testifying giving a completely different version of events. Her version much less sinister. #mepolitics


Wow…Spin Alert: CDC document shredding order was simply “version control” #mepolitics

Sockabasin: “I did not see a problem with that.” destroying versions. #mepolitics


Sockabasin just said she’s fine with GOC seeing any of her text messages. #mepolitics

Sockabasin accuses Leahy-Lind of lying saying a meeting LL referred to re: blackberry IM not subject to FOAA “never happened.” #mepolitics


Sockabasin testifies meeting described by Sharon Leahy-Lind “never happened.” #MEPolitics


Sockabasin said document destruction was ‘version control’ #mepolitics


Sockabasin steps down


Pinette takes seat. #mepolitics


Next up: CDC Director Dr. Sheila Pinette. #mepolitics


Pinette: director of CDC


Pinette is a Mayhew/LePage appointee, just FYI. For anybody keeping track. #mepolitics


CDC Director Sheila Pinette now testifying in document shredding investigation. #MEPolitics

Dr. Sheila Pinette has been sworn in and is now testifying #mepolitics


Pinette: Mayhew told her to come up with a way to deal with funding cuts. #mepolitics

Pinette about to begin testifying. #mepolitics


Pinette: RFPs take six months or longer and wasn’t time to do that. #mepolitics


Leahy-Lind (in black and white jacket on left) listens to Pinette testify. #mepolitics


HMPs meant to combat public health issues: smoking, diabetes, obesity. Funded with big tobacco class action suit funds #mepolitics


Pinette: $7.5 m to $4.7 m funding decrease for Healthy Maine. #mepolitics


Dr. Sheila Pinette (CDC Director) decides to recite her script rather than answering simple questions. #MEPolitics


Pinette: if gave all 27 HMPs equal amount would all get about $60,000. #mepolitics


Maine’s most Irish towns  getting far more clicks on website than CDC shredding testimony  #web


RT @allforjury@cejesq has she gone all lois learner yet? #mepolitics// Her lawyer must be dying.


So much shade. RT @PaulMerrillWMTW Pinette about to begin testifying. #mepolitics


Pinette: called on staff to develop criteria to come up with eight lead agencies. #mepolitics


He’s really h8ing on @PaulMerrillWMTW in that one. MT @Paul_Koenig So much shade. #mepolitics


Pinette: Zukas asked her to see results. Thing stood out to me was healthy Androscoggin so low.#mepolitics


@cwilliams55 us too. #mepolitics that’s why we were originally looking into this.


Pinette contradicts LL testimony saying she did not say anything about Shawn Yardley and denies knowing his position in Bangor #mepolitics

Pinette: “I don’t recall ever saying that” Bangor needs to be lead. #mepolitics


Pinette just called it a “monkey survey” too … it’s actually a “survey monkey” #mepolitics


@thisdog Channeling her inner Margaret Craven? 😉


CDC Director Pinette denies prior testimony on her commenting negatively on Bangor in selection process. #mepolitics


Pinette says she tried to remain “professional” and “neutral” through the process. One thing is clear: Someone’s lying here. #mepolitics

Katz hammers on the weighting of the scores, after-the-fact, again … #mepolitics

Craven met with Pinette on this, so it will be interesting to see if she has questions. #mepolitics

CDC Director Pinette denies prior testimony on her commenting negatively on Bangor in selection process. #mepolitics


Pinette: I never was oriented or trained about archive management. #mepolitics

Katz pressing Pinette, who claims she played no role in changing scoring to make Bangor lead grant winner. #mepolitics

I often have 4, 5, 6 or more versions of a drawing Management of them key I place old versions in separate folder from current #mepolitics


Even the director of the CDC was never trained in public document retention or how to manage public records/assets – wow. #mepolitics


Pinette said Zukas told her she had requested documents be destroyed in the interest of “version control.” #mepolitics


Pinette says Zukas told her about the document shred order. #mepolitics


Pinette: June 3 Zukas came to me and said she ordered documents destroyed #mepolitics


Subjective evaluation: Dr. Pinette is scrambling for credibility at ME DHHS hearing on document shredding. #mepolitics

Pinette confirms that Zukas told her about doc destruction b/c pending FOAA. #mepolitics


“We weren’t even certain if what we were doing was appropriate.” Pinette says. #mepolitics

Maine CDC director says worker under her asked for documents to be destroyed to control versions of documents @WCSH6


Pinette: we didn’t even know if what we were doing was appropriate (scoring process #mepolitics


@SenRogerKatz grilled Pinette on changing the scoring process to change the results. #mepolitics


Pinette: someone at DAFS said they could go with 9 leads for HMP. #mepolitics


Waiting for “I’m not contradicting my previous statement; I am exercising ‘version control’, Senator” #mepolitics #GOC #CDCshred


Pinette: I delegated responsibility for coming up with process to Zukas. #mepolitics


Pinette: we were going in uncharted areas. #mepolitics


Subjective opinion: Dr. Pinette’s attorney is doing no service to his client as she flounders in DHHS hearing. #MEPolitics


So far I don’t see why any of this needed to be in executive session. #mepolitics #docshred #CDC HMP coverup.


Dr. Pinette testifies that she and her team were pressured into making a decision by time constraints. #MEPolitics


Pinette: I only found out about that afterward (shredding documents other than final version) #mepolitics


Dr. Pinette reiterates that she’d had no training on document retention. #mepolitics


CDC didn’t want to show all the records b/c then the new and “subjective” criteria and weighting would have been apparent. #mepolitics


It should be noted that a claim of lack of knowledge of legal requirements of one’s position is not an excuse for illegality. #MEPolitics

In other words, when you look at the changing scorecards you can see how the game was rigged #mepolitics #versioncontrol


DHHS spokesperson tells me CDC workers are being paid for the day they’re spending in the document-shredding hearing. #mepolitics


now everybody deny blackberrys used for covert messaging. say it with me. #mepolitics


Pinette: “no” to Cain question: did CDC specifically select Bangor to be the lead? #mepolitics


So from the AG — Blackberry messages on state blackberrys are “transient” #mepolitics


Pinette says she never instructed anyone to destroy documents. #mepolitics


Pinette: told by Zukas order to destroy records. Then Leahy-Lind. Pinette never told to destroy documents. #mepolitics

“Text messages on a State-issued Blackberry are “transient” and are not stored on the Blackberry server …” cont. #mepolitics


“…nor are they captured on the OIT server backup tapes. Text messages pass through the carrier service, U.S. Cellular.” #mepolitics


Pinette: my understanding was that the order was given but none were destroyed. #mepolitics


Maine CDC Director says it is her understanding the order was given to destroy documents but none were @WCSH6


CDC Director Pinette testifies that to he knowledge No documents were destroyed. #MEPolitics


Pinette: Chris said we shouldn’t have these floating around. It’s not the final version. #mepolitics


In short: Maine does not retain text messages sent on state-issued blackberry phones = secret msg system.



Pinette: I just thought she would file it away, I guess. #mepolitics


RT @thisdog: “Text messages on a State-issued Blackberry are “transient” and are not stored on the Blackberry server …” cont. #mepolitics

@stevemistler It’s like snapchat for government officials. #mepolitics


Pinette steps down #mepolitics

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