Live Tweets from Maine Government Oversight Committee CDC Shredding Hearing (Pt 1)

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Live tweets from within the Maine Government Oversight Committee’s probe into alleged document shredding by ME Center for Disease Control officials. (part 1)



The GOC live feed has started. Questioning CDC officials is on the agenda  #mepolitics


Want to know about CDC questioning? @cwilliams55 will be tweeting from the GOC meeting.


Government Oversight Committee starting. Subpoenaed CDC employees are here flanked by lawyers. #mepolitics


Bill Nemitz: #Maine CDC officials’ request for secrecy mocks good #government … via @pressherald #mepolitics


Government Oversight Committee awaiting testimony on CDC doc shredding case. #mepolitics


Committee deciding whether to take testimony in executive session. If so all testimony would be confidential. #mepolitics


GOC talking about going behind closed doors . . . to talk about CDC document shred? #irony #mepolitics


Gov. Oversight meeting debating whether to go into executive session to hear testimony from CDC officials. #mepolitics


Sen Craven: This problem arose out of a lack of transparency which is why she opposes going into executive session. #mepolitics

Debating about whether to take testimony on CDC shredding probe in a private executive session. #mepolitics

Beth Ashcroft outlines process and statutes around exec. session at GOC. #mepolitics


Sen. Burns says committee should be trusted to take testimony behind closed doors; don’t want to be used as forum for civil litigation…


Burns arguing for going into executive session cuz were all elected officials that should be trusted by public or disband #GOC #mepolitics

Sen Burns favors going into executive session: “To suggest this process is not transparent is absurd.” #mepolitics

Burns arguing for executive session now. “I don’t want to be used as a forum to settle someone’s litigation.” #mepolitics


Sen. Katz: It would be “beyond ironic” if we were to do our work in secret. #mepolitics


Katz says open session goes core of why the committee exists. Ironic if committee responsible for sunshine goes into the dark. #mepolitics


Craven and Katz prefer open session; Burns opposed. #mepolitics


Katz says he has confidence they will get truthful answers. #mepolitics


If the Democrats stick together with Katz they have the votes to keep it open. #mepolitics

@SenRogerKatz “I think it would be wrong for committee responsible for sunshine in government should do so in the dark” #mepolitics


I wonder if the media present will get to weigh in on the executive session debate? #mepolitics


Johnson speaks for open session. Davis sees as deposition, should be private. #mepolitics


Davis says testimony is like a deposition and it should be handled in private #mepolitics


Cotta brings up the issue of timing with ongoing litigation. #mepolitics


Cotta: either exec. session or wait until after lawsuit complete. #mepolitics


Cain says this is a “new space” for Government Oversight. and at a “precedent-setting moment.” #mepolitics


Accountability is at the heart of Cain’s personal opinion that the work be done in open session. #mepolitics

Sen. Cain in Gov. Oversight Cmt: Making the case for transparency, oversight and accountability in CDC hearing now #mepolitics


Cain: keep discussion in public. Kruger agrees with Cain. Makes motion to keep open session. #mepolitics

Tie vote means GOC testimony from CDC officials will be in exec session. Looking now like votes are there for public session #mepolitics

Motion is to take the testimony in public session by Kruger. #mepolitics

It is possible to go in on a case-by-case basis — but they will need a clear motion on why and must take that vote in public. #mepolitics


“Depositions are almost always handled in private.” Davis says. #mepolitics

@thisdog Aren’t depositions turned over to attorneys on the other side?


Rep. Kruger calls for sunlight in oversight cmt despite LePage admin request to block public review of CDC doc shredding case #mepolitics


“We have a lot of attorneys in the room today.” No kidding. #mepolitics

Attorney for DHHS trying to address committee before vote on executive session; Cain, co-chair, wants the vote first #mepolitics


Cain says she doesn’t want a “free-for-all” from the audience. #mepolitics


Government Oversight Committee votes to conduct CDC document shredding probe in public. #mepolitics

Government Oversight Committee votes 7-3 not to go behind closed doors for testimony in document shredding case@WCSH6


GOC votes to take testimony in public 7-3 the vote #mepolitics

GOC votes 7-3 to keep testimony in public #mepolitics


Vote: 7-3 to remain in public session. #mepolitics


Bipartisan oversight cmt votes 7-3 in favor of public session to discuss LePage’s CDC document shredding scandal #mepolitics


Question now: How many of CDC witnesses take 5th, to avoid self-incrimination. That’s what Paul Violette did in 2011 #mepolitics


If you’re allergic to lawyers the GOC meeting this morning is a hazardous environment to be in. #mepolitics


@Robb1239 any space at all up there?

@thisdog There’s room behind us if you get tired of standing


BREAKING: The Maine Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee just denied a request by Gov. LePage’s managers… 


Cain: order of testimony – Wigand, Finch, Leahy-Lind, Sockabasin, Pinette, Zukas. #mepolitics


Watching Government Oversight on my phone at Logan Airport, just because. #timetogetalife

@aedurkin *waves*


Cain: no questioning of witnesses by other witnesses or their attorneys will be allowed.#mepolitics


Legislative panel mulls allowing secret testimony in shredding scandal 


All those testifying today can have their lawyer with them. Most will likely take the 5th. #mepolitics


Lawyer objecting to broadcasting or televising these proceedings. #mepolitics


Attorney asks that public hearing not be broadcast. #mepolitics


Deb Wigand, first up. Her Attorney requests to turn off live cameras, MPBN. Dep. AG says that won’t comply with FOAA #mepolitics


Attorney for the state says they will allow the broadcast to continue. #mepolitics


Weigand attorney trying to prevent us from recording testimony. AG’s office slams the door on that. Win #2 for the media. #mepolitics


TV cameras can stay. #mepolitics #thankyou


LePage’s CDC lawyers continue to try to block public testimony with legal maneuvers; Oversight cmt says no #mepolitics


They are swearing in witnesses now. #mepolitics


I apologize for the rogue “e” it’s Wigand


Sen. Cain upholds transparency in CDC hearing #mepolitics


Katz starts questions. First on decision to use RFP. #mepolitics


Wigand with attorney. Direction division of population health. Katz asks her about use of RFPs for lead agency. #mepolitics


Wigand is answering first question, so this won’t be a complete stonewalling. #mepolitics


@PaulMerrillWMTW: First up: CDC Director of Division of Population Health Deb Wigand. She’s joined by her lawyer. #mepolitics


Sen. Katz opens the questioning of Wigand who’s been at the CDC since 1999 #mepolitics


Wigand, dir. of public health, not a defendant in civil suit, BTW. Three of the 5 CDC people here are. #mepolitics


Wigand: Finch told her he was asked to destroy grant docs. He wasn’t comfortable w/it. She defends reason not 2 make it an issue #mepolitics


Christopher Williams ‏@cwilliams55 

Wigand said she told Finch to do what he felt comfortable doing.#mepolitics


Retweeted by Sun Journal

@cwilliams55 Will Katz ask if she was intimidated by Craven’s demands for explanations why her organization wasn’t lead agency? #mepolitics


Background on CDC shred, grant manipulation here: 

Maine legislators vote to keep testimony public today in CDC probe. 


Wigand: funding cut for healthy Maine partnerships.#mepolitics


The view from the cheap seats. #mepolitics


Katz line of questions why not even cut instead of reduction in HMPs. #mepolitics


Katz asks about scoring criteria for Healthy Maine partnership. Which ones will be designated leads. #mepolitics


Question now on the scoring criteria that was created to judge HMPs. Notes first round were not weighted? #mepolitics


Katz ?s aimed @ reason for funding change amid cuts to health program. Key issue b/c report found evidence of grant manipulation #mepolitics


GOC hears details on CDC document shred case. #mepolitics


Wigand: recalls no discussion about criteria, including weighting. #mepolitics


GOC meeting on CDC doc shred case #mepolitics


Wigand denies destroying or asking anyone to destroy documents #mepolitics


Wigand testifies that CDC workers were asked to destroy documents. #mepolitics

Wigand says she was not asked to shred documents but did hear that somebody was asked to destroy documents. #mepolitics


Wigand: “I have not been asked to destroy any documents.” Also denies asking anyone else to destroy documents. #mepolitics


Wigand says she talked to Finch, who said he was asked to destroy documents and wasn’t comfortable about that. #mepolitics


CDC worker testifies she was aware people in the agency were asked to destroy documents@WCSH6


Maine CDC worker didn’t think destroying document request was for concealment but to cut down on multiple versions of documents@WCSH6


Wigand said she told Finch to do what he felt comfortable doing.#mepolitics


Katz: did you become aware thT Bangor had been second place, then became in first place.#mepolitics

Wigand didn’t recall #mepolitics


Sharon Leahy-Lind with attorney Cynthia Dill

Wigand stays on the record and candidly answers. #mepolitics


Wigand: Finch told her he was asked to destroy grant docs. He wasn’t comfortable w/it. She defends reason not 2 make it an issue #mepolitics


Wigand: I was involved in reviewing ideas around criteria, but not ratings.#mepolitics


Cain picks up where Katz left off on why criteria changed. #mepolitics


Wigand: “I saw that as a version control issue.” Attempt at concealment “never occurred to me.” #mepolitics


Wigand on hearing her subordinate saying he was asked to destroy documents: didn’t think this was an effort at concealment. #mepolitics


Wigand says “shred” was a media term but doc destruction was more an issue of “version control” #mepolitics


In #mepolitics today, a win for transparency in the Maine CDC document-shredding case.  via @stevemistler


Why was Finch uncomfortable destroying documents? If it was simply “version control”? #mepolitics


Wigand: defunding was a new thing. #mepolitics


Wigand: I was not involved in scoring HMPs. #mepolitics


Wigand: I don’t remember a discussion about destroying things or keeping things.#mepolitics


Wigand indicating there’s confusion about when to keep working documents. #mepolitics


Wigand says it’s still not clear to her who’s in charge of records retention at the CDC. Wow. #mepolitics


Cain goes back to why Finch was uncomfortable with destruction order. #mepolitics


Wigand: Christine Zukas, defendant in whistleblower suit, asked my subordinate to destroy grant docs #mepolitics


Wigand says it was Zukas who gave the order to destroy documents. #mepolitics


Wigand: “I know it was Christine Zukas” who asked Finch to destroy the documents.#mepolitics


Wigand steps down#mepolitics


Wigand done for now. She answered every question. She is not part of the civil suit. #mepolitics

Finch takes seat before GOC


Finch, senior program manager for community based programs#mepolitics

Finch now up before GOC on CDC doc shred case. #mepolitics


Up next: CDC Senior Program Manager for Community-based Programming Andrew Finch. #mepolitics


Andrew Finch of CDC who reported being asked to shred documents now testifying #mepolitics


Finch: told Wigand he’d been told to purge files of all development criteria for HMPs.#mepolitics


Finch: Christine Zukas told him to purge documents. #mepolitics

Finch: Christine Zukas asked him to purge files. #mepolitics


Finch says CDC Deputy Director Christine Zukas asked him to destroy documents. Told superior he wasn’t comfortable with that. #mepolitics


Maine CDC worker says Christine Zukas told another employee to destroy documents @WCSH6

Maine CDC worker Andy Finch says Christine Zukas asked him to purge his files @wcsh6

Finch: was member of working group that created criteria for HMPs. #mepolitics


Maine CDC worker Andy Finch says Chistine Zukas told him to purge his files @WCSH6

Finch: development of criteria was a process, criteria were considered and discarded along the way.#mepolitics


Cain: consider how HMPs would fare under new criteria? Finch: Absolutely not. #mepolitics


Rob Poindexter ‏@Robb1239  was more of an instruction or a request?” Finch: “Bit of both.” #mepolitics

Finch, not a defendant in civil suit, up now. Was part of scoring criteria drafting, also says he was asked to destroy docs #mepolitics


BREAKING: CDC official testifies he was ordered to destroy documents  #mepolitics


Finch: Sharon, Deb and myself came up with initial criteria for scoring 27 HMPs. #mepolitics


CDC worker Andy Finch says instruction to destroy documents was so that previous versions wouldn’t be confused with final documents


Finch: “I have no such sheet in my possession” that had Bangor in second place. #mepolitics


Finch: discussion that it would be ironic if Bangor was not a lead HMPS.#mepolitics


Finch: weighting was changed to scoring. #mepolitics


Finch: CDC group changed weighting of criteria for outcome of funding decisions to show clearer leaders. #mepolitics

Finch: group made decision to change weightings in criteria to achieve greater difference in scores, but not outcome.#mepolitics


@stevemistler is livetweeting from the CDC document shredding GOC meeting. Follow him to get regular updates. #mepolitics


Maine lawmakers vote to keep testimony public in CDC probe: The Government Oversight Committee is taking… 


Just how the scoring for HMPs was manipulated to reach results becomes more clear. #mepolitics


Finch: don’t know why scoring info. not released at time winners announced. #mepolitics


Finch: Zukas told him to destroy documents after she had met with CDC Director Pinnette. #mepolitics

Finch says he had never been asked to destroy, purge, shred etc documents in his 18 years as a state employee #mepolitics


Finch says in 18 years in state gov’t he had never before ordered to destroy documents. #mepolitics

Finch: Never in 18 years asked to destroy docs until 2012. Says Zukas requested it after meeting CDC dir. Pinette #mepolitics


Finch: “I have never been instructed to do that (destroy documents) in my 18 years as an employee”#mepolitics


Employees testify CDC docs were ordered to be destroyed. Has anyone asked @lepage2014 about his knowledge of scandal? #mepress #mepolitics


Finch: “I burned (documents asked to be destroyed)to a disc and removed from my computer.” Gave to OPEGA.#mepolitics


Finch didn’t destroy docs. He burned them to a disc and later turned them over to watchdog agency #mepolitics


Bigger picture here is that it sounds like CDC folks don’t know what public information to keep, who is in charge of it, etc. #mepolitics


Finch says he’s had no training on public document retention. Did not know whon#foaa point was at CDC.#mepolitics


Rep Harvell said he wanted to embrace his “inner-Jack McCoy” here. Looking forward 2 it. He’s legendarily feared in House floor debates.

@Robb1239 Yet he dressed like he was going to a holiday party?  has livestream: CDC officials testify there were orders to “purge” documents. #mepolitics


Maine lawmakers vote to keep testimony public in CDC probe: The Government Oversight Committee is taking… 


The way the CDC scored this “competition” seems eerily similar to the figure skating judges in Sochi


Maine lawmakers vote to keep testimony public in CDC probe . 


Finch: In central district three of coalitions tied. Was suggested we use kit data that was … used ti break tie.#mepolitics


Let’s remember that we’re talking about steering $4.7 million in taxpayer dollars. #mepolitics


From @sunjournal : Maine CDC officials say they were told to destroy documents  #mepolitics


@SenRogerKatz: How is this different from changing what field goals are worth after a game? Finch: I don’t know that it is. #mepolitics


Finch: “it appears that way.” In answer to Katz ? about Bangor moving into 1st after scores were weighted.#mepolitics


Katz compares grant scoring change to making football field goals 4 points after game is settled. Finch doesn’t disagree #mepolitics

Change to making football field goals 4 points after game is settled. Finch doesn’t disagree

Katz: How is what you did different from changing the rules in football after the game? Finch: It isn’t. #mepolitics


Finch: re: destruction request”I had been given this directive and I had not followed through with it.” #mepolitics


Finch: re: destruction request”I had been given this directive and I had not followed through with it.” #mepolitics


Finch: “the director was not involved in the (criteria)development group.” #mepolitics


GREAT football analogy by Katz compares CDC scoring 2 changing rules after a game is over awarding 4 points for FG changing the outcome


Finch: “I presented the different weighting scenarios to Christine Zukas.” #mepolitics


GOC breaks #mepolitics















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