ME Sen. Rodney Whittemore (R-Somerset) on LD 1487: Expansion a “Malignant Cancer of Dependency”

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UPDATE: Here is the video clip of Sen. Rodney Whittemore (R-Somerset) opposing LD 1487.

Senator Rodney Whittemore (R-Somerset) on LD 1487, “An Act To Implement Managed Care in the MaineCare Program”, gave a rather provocative floor speech yesterday, in which he compared the proposed bill sponsored by fellow GOP Senators Assistant Majority leader Roger Katz (R-Kennebec) and Tom Saviello (R-Franklin) to a “road of hopelessness” and a “malignant cancer of dependency”.

Here is an audio link to his testimony and transcription.


    I rise today in opposition to the motion and I promise to be brief.

    I’m sure everyone in this chamber wants assurance that those who need and want medical care receive it.

    The truth is, most of them do now.

    There are two major problems with expanding Medicaid.

    First, based on the experience of the last expansion in 2001, which created a debt of more than a half a billion dollars to our hospitals, common sense indicates that to do this again would be critically irresponsible. We must instead continue to work with the Department of Health and Human Services to find more efficient and less expensive ways in providing healthcare to those folks who need it most.

    Second, to expand Medicaid under the federal rules would inflict a malignant cancer of dependency on thousands of Mainers, who could otherwise provide for themselves through the exchange or private insurance. In too many cases, this dependency erodes self esteem, discourages responsibility and motivation, creates a feeling of entitlement, and is a road to hopelessness.

    We can all agree that there are those who need help with their medical care cost. Many of those folks are on a waiting list, and some are receiving care already. A continued effort to find affordable and more efficient ways to provide care such as prevention, managed care, walk-in clinics, home care and others, would be a wiser choice.

    We must not be tempted again to expand Medicaid, which will inevitably take us down that road of hopelessness and financial self destruction.

    Thank you, Mr. President.

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3 Responses to “ME Sen. Rodney Whittemore (R-Somerset) on LD 1487: Expansion a “Malignant Cancer of Dependency””

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Will a “malignant cancer of dependency” kill you like real cancer?

Does not treating high blood pressure lead to better health care results? To fewer days in cardiac care? To less expensive health care?

How successful has the Department of Health and Human Services been in finding “more efficient and less expensive ways in providing healthcare” these many years?

Senator, you propose changing nothing, yet you seem to be expecting different results.


For those who don’t follow the national ‘talking points’? This asshole (and I use that term intentionally) is simply parroting this week’s message – most prominently voiced by Paul Ryan, and originally published as part of a white supremacist manifesto by Charles Murray – who argued that minorities are genetically predisposed to lower IQ’s. This whole ‘welfare queen’ theme is nothing new.


Fourteen years ago Charles Murray said this – “Try to imagine a … presidential candidate saying in front of the cameras, ‘One reason that we still have poverty in the United States is that a lot of poor people are born lazy.’ You cannot imagine it because that kind of thing cannot be said.” – yet here we are today…and the last GOP Vice Presidential nominee said exactly that. “Unimaginable” is now “Mainstream”…/inte…/profiles/Charles-Murray


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