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(UPDATED) Mike Heath at LePage Defense Press Conference: “Maine IS Being Sodomized by the Left”, Warns of “Violent Revolution”

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(7/20/13) One last update: My Dirigo Blue cross post made The Rachel Maddow Show’s blog “This Week in God”.

5PM UPDATE: Link to Paul Madore clip, who veered way off course and didn’t defend Governor LePage’s remarks hardly at all, but rather used the golden opportunity of media in the room to vent his views on the Catholic Church and those within who support marriage equality, “Traditional Catholics are being moved to the back of the bus”. He repeatedly equated homosexuality with pedophilia “The bulk of homosexuals practice pedophilia. There’s a higher percentage of homosexuals that practice pedophilia” and issued veiled threats towards gay priests and others, whose names he claimed he could reveal at any moment.

All in all, a very strange day in Augusta!

4pm UPDATE: Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, the target of Governor LePage’s original vile and crude remarks, has responded to today’s press conference:


    AUGUSTA – Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson of Allagash issued the following statement in response to Michael Heath’s, the former director of the Christian Civic League, and Paul Madore’s, the director of the Maine Grassroots Coalition defense and praise of Governor LePage’s vulgar remarks. Earlier this month, Governor LePage lobbed as series of insults at Senator Jackson, including a crude sexual reference.

    During the Heath-Madore press conference, they quoted biblical references in defense of their homophobic claims. They praised LePage for “speaking like a man” and equated homosexuality to pedophilia and saying “the vile tide of perversion which these forces unleashed is now at high-water mark, as sodomy and transgenderism have encroached on every institution in our state, in particular our public schools.”

    Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, condemns anti-gay and anti-Catholic Church statements made by Michael Heath and Paul Madore in Augusta Wednesday. (Photo credit BDN)

    Maine Senate Majority Leader Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, condemns anti-gay and anti-Catholic Church statements made by Michael Heath and Paul Madore in Augusta Wednesday. (Photo credit BDN)

    The press conference lasted for 45 minutes and drew a crowd of six supporters, including Heath’s one wife.

    “Today’s display was nothing more than hate and fear mongering in the name of God. There is nothing more disgusting than using religion to promote hate and violence. As a Democrat and a Catholic, I oppose this hatefulness and bigotry.

    The Governor’s comments are not defensible. They were vile—not fit for a school yard and certainly not fitting of our state’s chief executive. People across our state, people across the political spectrum, and from all walks of life, including the Christian Civic League, have spoken out against the Governor’s vulgarity. Today, we are seeing who the governor’s supporters and friends are—they are the fringe, they are the bigots who spread fear and hatred. This is not Maine and not who we are as Mainers.”


Maine Democratic party has also weighed in and is calling for the Governor to denounce Heath and Madore’s statements:

    “In a bizarre press conference, conservative activists Michael Heath and Paul Madore defended Governor LePage’s comments about Senator Troy Jackson in the Hall of Flags with disgusting and hateful comments of their own, comparing homosexuality to pedophilia. We call on Governor LePage to denounce these hateful comments said on his behalf.”

Not likely. The Governor’s press secretary told me before the event today that they were in no way affiliated with the two, as others are also reporting tonight. Via BDN:

    “This group has no affiliation with the Office of the Governor or the governor nor do they speak for the Office of the Governor,” said Bennett. “This group does not reflect the views of the governor.”


Interesting times at the State House today as Mike Heath, former head of the Christian Civic League and most recently, the Iowa State Chairman of the Ron Paul for President campaign and Paul’s Maine chairman, Lewiston native Paul Madore of the Maine Grassroots Coalition, held a 40 minute long press conference originally billed as a “Defending Maine’s Governor Press Advisory”:


    “Later today I’ll be holding a press conference in the State House with my good friend Paul Madore. Paul is a gutsy carpenter from Lewiston. He and his wife Susan very successfully homeschooled nine children. These wonderful young people have blessed Paul and Susan with 26 grandchildren.

    We will be praising Governor Paul LePage for a recent angry outburst. You can watch his comment in context here.

    Nearing the end of this legislative session the Governor was frustrated by the Left’s objections to his budget. With the cameras running his emotions sparked and the RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT MAN Paul LePage blasted through the veneer of Governor/politician. He said he was tired of being sodomized by the Left. And he named names.

    Thunderstorms leave in their wake purified air. That was the effect the youtube video had on me. When I was done watching it I thought, “This guy just spoke for me in so many ways.” The truth is like that. It purifies all it touches.

    The most refreshing aspect of this incident is the Governor using sodomy in it’s proper context. It is a negative. It is ugly. It is force. And it is violent.

    This act of sodomy, which is the black heart and soul of sexual orientation theory, used to be universally condemned. Now it provides the basis upon which the West grants special legal privileges and rights.”

About a half dozen supporters were in attendance, including Heath’s wife Paulie and mother-in-law, who worked for a time many years in the State House with the Liquor Commission.

On Heath’s website, he shared a clip of Governor LePage to provide context and added his own comment of “Governor LePage doesn’t want to be Sodomized by Liberals”, which is retrospect gave Maine press a fairly good idea that the comments by the two were not going to stick to strictly the political nature of LePage’s original analogy but rather take a turn towards their oft-mentioned views on homosexuality.

Boy howdy. Did it ever…

Here is the first clip recorded: Mike Heath’s “Sword of the Spirit” (hey, HIS title, not mine!) press statement.

His prepared remarks are below.

Page 1:

heath 1

Page 2:

heath pg 2

Q&A portion of the press conference.

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