(UPDATED) Final List of Maine State House 126th Legislature with Full Updated Recount Details

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More ballots arriving for recounts via Maine State Police transport.

While the majority of the 2012 election results were known quickly, almost a dozen legislative races were close enough to generate manual recounts. These recounts were a result of either being automatically generated due to the closeness of the initial tallies or per request of a candidate.

The manual examinations included recounting all ballots separately for each municipality within the district, searching for any potentially overlooked ballots accidentally tucked into stacks of absentee envelopes, ensuring that the overseas ballots from other areas of the state were either not accidentally included or that overseas ballots were not accidentally omitted and investigation of all rejected ballots.

The process was methodical, meticulous, slow and tedious, yet professionally and expertly handled by Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn and her staff over the course of the past 2 weeks at the Maine Public Safety Building in Augusta.

The entire proceedings, open to the public, included teams made of an official from the Secretary of State’s office working with both a registered Democratic and Republican volunteer. There were attorneys for both parties available throughout the recounts as well as other support staff tabulating the final tallies before the final certification, which included signatures from the candidates in addition to the political party’s attorneys and officials from the Secretary of State’s office.

Here is the full breakdown of the recounts:

Wednesday, November 14

HD 80’s Rep. Mel Newendyke (R-Litchfield) is congratulated by Democratic challenger Rachel Sukeforth

8:30 am HD 80- Sukeforth (D)/ incumbent Newendyke (R). Newendyke up 5.
(Incumbent GOP Rep. Mel Newendyke (Litchfield) was able to hold on to a 3 vote lead to win re-election)

1 pm HD 127- Aronson (D)/ incumbent Volk (R). Volk up 5.
(Rep. Amy Volk of Scarborough won her re-election bid with a 12 vote margin)

5:30 pm HD 94- incumbent Hayes (D)/ Turner (R). Hayes up 34.
(Rep. Terry Hayes, the Assistant Minority Leader of the 125th Legislature, added to her lead and clinched her win by a 58 vote advantage)

GOP Rep Bruce Bickford and Democratic challenger wait together for the results of the closest recount, HD 70.

Thursday, November 15

8:30 am HD 70- Werts (D)/ incumbent Bickford (R). Werts up 2.
(Auburn’s Wayne Werts’ lead doubled to 4, as he was proclaimed the winner over Rep. Bruce Bickford in the tightest of the recounts)

1 pm HD 144- Noon (D)/ Archambault (R). Noon up 19.
(William Noon added to his lead and won by 23 votes. This was an open seat, previously held by Republican Rep. Joan Nass of Acton)

5:30 pm HD 109- incumbent Graham (D)/ Austin (R). Graham up 42.
(Rep. Anne Graham won her recount with a final tally of 34 votes)

Friday, November 17

SD 17 Democratic challenger Colleen Quint observes the recounts for her race.

8:30 SD 17- Quint(D)/ incumbent Mason (R). Mason up 50.
(Incumbent GOP Rep. Garrett Mason lost ground in the recount process, but ultimately won by a 28 vote margin)

Monday, November 19

Deputy Secretary of State and recount lead official Julie Flynn congratulates Representative-elect Brian Jones of Freedom on his HD 45 win. Also pictured: Democratic lawyer Katherine Knox and House Democratic coordinated campaign staffer Brendan Mayhieu

8:30 am HD 45- Jones (D)/ incumbent Harmon (R). Jones up 33.
(GOP Rep. Ryan Harmon was upset by Democratic challenger Brian Jones of Freedom by a final margin of 31 votes)

1 pm HD 137- incumbent Casavant (D)/ Guay (R). Casavant up 15.
(Rep. Alan Casavant’s lead held and he won re-election by the 15 vote margin)

5:30 pm HD 54- Nadeau (D)/ incumbent Morrissette (R). Nadeau up 34.
(GOP Rep. Susan Morrissette of Winslow was upset by Democratic challenger Catherine Nadeau, whose lead after the recount was extended to a 52 vote victory)

Tuesday, November 20

Former State Senator and US Congressional District 1 GOP candidate Jon Courtney congratulates Senator Chris Johnson on his SD 20 re-election victory)

8:30 am SD 20 (Lincoln County)- incumbent Johnson (D)/ Fossel(R). Johnson up 164.
(Incumbent Senator Chris Johnson’s lead increased to a 171 margin)

(Sidenote: After his loss, former Rep. Les Fossel told Kennebec Journal reporter Sue Cover that he blamed his loss on ‘dirty politics’ and made this statement: “I’m going to figure out a way to punish people who do dirty campaigning.”


HD 29’s Representative-Elect Stan Short (D-Pittsfield) is congratulated by GOP staff attorney Bill Logan, as MDP vice chair and AG candidate Janet Mills looks on)

5:30 pm HD 29- Short (D)/ Englehart (R). Short up 15.
(This open seat formerly held by GOP Rep. Stacey Fitts of Pittsfield went to Stanley Short of Pittsfield, who won by 11 votes)

So here now is the full list of the 126th Legislature that will be sworn in on December 5th:


    SD1- Dawn Hill (D)- Incumbent

    SD2- Ronald Collins (R)- Incumbent

    SD3- John Tuttle (D)

    SD4- David Dutremble (D)

    SD5- Linda Valentino (D)

    SD6- James Boyle (D)

    SD7- Rebecca Millett (D)

    SD8- Justin Alfond (D)- Incumbent; Senate President

    SD9- Anne Haskell (D)

    SD10- Stan Gerzofsky (D)- Incumbent

    SD11- Dick Woodbury (I)- Incumbent

    SD12- Gary Plummer (R)

    SD13- James Hamper (R)

    SD14- John Patrick (D)- Incumbent

    SD15- John Cleveland (D)

    SD16- Margaret Craven (D)- Incumbent

    SD17- Garrett Mason (R)- Incumbent

    SD18- Thomas Saviello (R)- Incumbent

    SD19- Seth Goodall (D)- Incumbent; Majority Leader

    SD20- Christopher Johnson (D)- Incumbent

    SD21- Patrick Flood (R)

    SD22- Edward Mazurek (D)

    SD23- Michael Thibodeau (R)- Incumbent; Minority Leader

    SD24- Roger Katz (R)- Incumbent; Assistant Minority Leader

    SD25- Colleen Lachowicz (D)

    SD26- Rodney Whittemore (R)- Incumbent

    SD27- Douglas Thomas (R)- Incumbent

    SD28- Brian Langley (R)- Incumbent

    SD29- David Burns (R)

    SD30- Emily Cain (D)

    SD31- Edward Youngblood (R)

    SD32- Geoffrey Gratwick (D)

    SD33- Andre Cushing (R)

    SD34- Roger Sherman (R)- Incumbent

    SD35- Troy Jackson (D)- Incumbent; Assistant Majority Leader


    HD1- Allen Nadeau (R)

    HD2- Ken Theriault (D)- Incumbent

    HD3- Bernard Ayotte (R)- Incumbent

    HD4- Carol McElwee (R)

    HD5- Robert Saucier (D)

    HD6- Tyler Clark (R)- Incumbent

    HD7- Alex Willette (R)- Incumbent; Assistant Minority Leader

    HD8- Joyce Fitzpatrick (R)- Incumbent

    HD9- Ricky Long (R)- Incumbent

    HD10- Stephen Stanley (D)

    HD11- Beth Turner (R)- Incumbent

    HD12- Jeffery Gifford (R)- Incumbent

    HD13- Anita Haskell (R)

    HD14- James Dill (D)- Incumbent

    HD15- Adam Goode (D)- Incumbent

    HD16- John Schneck (D)

    HD17- Victoria Kornfield (D)

    HD18- Aaron Frey (D)

    HD19- Ryan Tipping-Spitz (D)

    HD20- David Johnson (R)- Incumbent

    HD21- Arthur Verow (D)

    HD22- Stacey Guerin (R)- Incumbent

    HD23- Roger Reed (R)

    HD24- Raymond Wallace (R)- Incumbent

    HD25- Ken Fredette (R)- Incumbent; Minority Leader

    HD26- Paul Davis Sr (R)- Incumbent

    HD27- Peter Johnson (R)- Incumbent

    HD28- Dean Cray (R)- Incumbent

    HD29- Stanley Short (D)

    HD30- Lawrence Lockman (R)- Incumbent

    HD31- Joyce Maker (R)- Incumbent

    HD32- Katherine Cassidy (D)

    HD33- Peter Doak (R)

    HD34- Richard Malaby (R)- Incumbent

    HD35- Brian Hubbell (D)

    HD36- Walter Kumiega (D)- Incumbent

    HD37- Ralph Chapman (D)- Incumbent

    HD38- Louis Luchini (D)- Incumbent

    HD39- Brian Duprey (D)

    HD40- Richard Campbell (R)

    HD41- James Gillway (R)- Incumbent

    HD42- Joseph Brooks (I)

    HD43- Erin Herbig (D)- Incumbent

    HD44- Jethro Pease (R)

    HD45- Brian Jones (D)

    HD46- Joan Welsh (D)- Incumbent

    HD47- Elizabeth Dickerson (D)

    HD48- Charles Kruger (D)- Incumbent

    HD49- Jeffrey Evangelos (I)

    HD50- Ellen Winchenbach (R)

    HD51- Mick Devin (D)

    HD52- Deborah Sanderson (R)- Incumbent

    HD53- Timothy Marks (D)

    HD54- Catherine Nadeau (D)

    HD55- David Cotta (R)- Incumbent

    HD56- Corey Wilson (R)

    HD57- Matthew Pouliot (R)

    HD58- Lori Fowle (D)

    HD59- Gay Grant (D)

    HD60- Andrew Mason (D)

    HD61- Bruce MacDonald (D)- Incumbent

    HD62- Jennifer DeChant (D)

    HD63- Charles Priest (D)- Incumbent

    HD64- Jeremy Saxton (D)

    HD65- Peter Kent (D)- Incumbent

    HD66- Matthea Daughtry (D)

    HD67- Seth Berry (D)- Incumbent; Majority Leader

    HD68- Michael Beaulieu (R)- Incumbent

    HD69- Brian D. Bolduc (D)- Incumbent

    HD70- Wayne Werts (D)

    HD71- Mike Lajoie (D)- Incumbent

    HD72- Michael Carey (D)- Incumbent

    HD73- Nathan Libby (D)

    HD74- Margaret Rotundo (D)- Incumbent

    HD75- Stephen Wood (R)- Incumbent

    HD76- Henry Beck (D)- Incumbent

    HD77- Thomas Longstaff (D)- Incumbent

    HD78- Robert Nutting (R)- Incumbent

    HD79- Sharon Treat (D)- Incumbent

    HD80- Melvin Newendyke (R)- Incumbent

    HD81- Gary Knight (R)- Incumbent

    HD82- Craig Hickman (D)

    HD83- Dennis Keschl (R)- Incumbent

    HD84- Karen Kusiak (D)

    HD85- Jeffrey McCabe (D)- Incumbent; Assistant Majority Leader

    HD86- Ann Dorney (D)

    HD87- Paul Gilbert (D)- Incumbent

    HD88- Larry Dunphy (R)- Incumbent

    HD89- Lance Harvell (R)- Incumbent

    HD90- Russell Black (R)- Incumbent

    HD91- Jarrod Crockett (R)- Incumbent

    HD92- Matthew J. Peterson (D)- Incumbent

    HD93- Sheryl Briggs (D)- Incumbent

    HD94- Terry Hayes (D) – Incumbent

    HD95- Tom Winsor (R)- Incumbent

    HD96- Jeffrey Timberlake (R)- Incumbent

    HD97- Helen Rankin (D)- Incumbent

    HD98- Lisa Villa (D)

    HD99- Jonathan Kinney (R)

    HD100- Roger Jackson (R)

    HD101- Christine Powers (D)

    HD102- Michael Shaw (D)- Incumbent

    HD103- Michael McClellan (R)- Incumbent

    HD104- Dale Crafts (R)- Incumbent

    HD105- Elsie Espling (R)- Incumbent

    HD106- Sara Gideon (D)

    HD107- Janice Cooper (D)

    HD108- Stephen Moriarty (D)

    HD109- Anne Graham (D)- Incumbent

    HD110- Thomas Tyler (R)

    HD111- Jane Pringle (D)

    HD112- Mary Nelson (D)- Incumbent

    HD113- Mark Dion (D- Incumbent)

    HD114- Peter Stuckey (D)- Incumbent

    HD115- Erik Jorgensen (D)

    HD116- Denise Harlow (D)- Incumbent

    HD117- Richard Farnsworth (D)

    HD118- Matthew Moonen (D)

    HD119- Benjamin Chipman (I)- Incumbent

    HD120- Diane Russell (D)- Incumbent

    HD121- Kimberly Monaghan-Derrig (D)- Incumbent

    HD122- Terry Morrison (D)- Incumbent

    HD123- Scott Hamann (D)

    HD124- Bryan Kaenrath (D)- Incumbent

    HD125- Ann Peoples (D)- Incumbent

    HD126- Andrew Gattine (D)

    HD127- Amy Volk (R)- Incumbent

    HD128- Heather Sirocki (R)- Incumbent

    HD129- Andrew McLean (D)

    HD130- Linda Sanborn (D)- Incumbent

    HD131- Donald Marean (R)

    HD132- Sharri MacDonald (R)

    HD133- Barry Hobbins (D)

    HD134- Justin Chenette (D)

    HD135- Paulette Beaudoin (D)- Incumbent

    HD136- Megan Rochelo (D)- Incumbent

    HD137- Alan Casavant (D)- Incumbent

    HD138- James Campbell (I)

    HD139- Aaron Libby (R)- Incumbent

    HD140- Wayne Parry (R)- Incumbent

    HD141- Paul Bennett (R)- Incumbent

    HD142- Andrea Boland (D) – Incumbent

    HD143- Anne-Marie Mastraccio (D)

    HD144- William Noon (D)

    HD145- Joshua Plante (D)

    HD146- Mark Eves (D)- Incumbent; Speaker of the House

    HD147- Kathleen Chase (R)- Incumbent

    HD148- Roberta Beavers (D)- Incumbent

    HD149- Paul McGowan (D)

    HD150- Windol Weaver (R)- Incumbent

    HD151- Deane Rykerson (D)

    Tribal Representatives

    Wayne Mitchell (Penobscot Nation)
    Madonna Soctomah (Passamaquoddy Tribe)

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