Weekly Democratic Address by Sen. Seth Goodall (Sagadahoc): It’s time to find common ground to move Maine forward

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Election Day is now behind us and Mainers spoke loudly and clearly for balance in Augusta, balance that is focused on a vision that grants every Mainer the opportunity to succeed, balance that grows our economy and the middle class. Balance that is focused on putting people back to work, not divisive rhetoric or distractions that turn back the clock.

It is time for action, by both parties and the Governor, to work together toward common ground to move Maine forward. It’s not about who is right or wrong, or who wins or loses, it’s about what is best for Maine.

Good Morning. This is State Senator Seth Goodall of Richmond.

During the campaign, Democrats knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors across the state. We spoke to Democrats, Independents and Republicans. We listened to what you had say. We heard your concerns. We understand our challenges. And we feel and share your frustration.

What we heard at your door cannot be forgotten. It must motivate us to work harder to strengthen our state.

We heard you say you want a vision for a better way—a stronger way. A plan that gives every person a shot.

We heard you say you want to be able go to work, pay your bills, and enjoy your family—and know that we, as lawmakers, are doing our job—working together to move Maine forward, getting results.

There’s no doubt about it, we are facing serious challenges. We still have more than 50,000 Mainers out of work–and families continue their struggle to make ends meet, pay their bills, afford their groceries and heat their homes. There are the daily pressures of how to pay for things such as day care and gassing up the car just to get to work, and then, many are forced to make hard choices about paying their bills while often not being able to set aside money for their retirement and their kid’s education.

Lawmakers need to get to work immediately to find solutions that will rebuild and grow our economy.

In January when the new Legislature convenes, Democrats will be moving forward with practical solutions–seeking common ground—that is based on what we heard from you at your door.

Our priority is to help rebuild our economy so that people can get back to work, businesses can grow and every Mainer has the opportunity to succeed.

Our agenda will not pick winners or losers, but instead address concerns of those all across Maine – from our cities to the smallest towns. Our initiatives will be focused on restoring opportunity and economic security so that Mainers can work their way into the middle class–not get pushed out.

Maine can once again, be and portray, a place where folks want to live, work, and do business. A place with good schools, strong communities, and vibrant downtowns. A place where our workers get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Where our unemployed workers can get the training they need and businesses demand, to get back to work. A place where businesses invest and entrepreneurship flourishes.

Maine must be a place where our students are challenged and our teachers supported. A place where all of our families can afford to see a doctor and our children are healthy and safe. And a place where our businesses thrive and our natural resources are protected.

We are committed to working on the best ideas for Maine—regardless of which party comes up with them. We hope the Governor is willing to join us and work together on addressing Maine’s challenges.

This is State Senator Seth Goodall of Richmond. And this Veteran’s Day weekend, please thank our veterans and their families for their commitment, sacrifice and service to our state and our nation. They will and always have been there to protect our freedoms and democracy. Thank you for listening.

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