Maine People’s Alliance: Stand Up for a Fair Share

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MPA executive director Jesse Graham sent out the following video clip late last week, announcing the official kick-off of the organization’s “Fair Share” campaign. Some of the accompanying email blast:

    “If everyone, including the wealthiest, pays their fair share in taxes and everyone gets a fair shot at opportunity, we can all have a stronger, better state.

    Jobs, health care, education and the economy are all connected, and by tackling them together we can make life better for everyone.

    We need to elect the right legislators here in Maine that will stop Governor LePage’s extreme agenda and put us on the path to a Fair Share economy and then we need to continue our campaign to hold them accountable and achieve our vision for the state.”

Here is the clip and information from their website about the initiative.

    “It’s time to promote a better, more fair vision for our communities and our state and to work to see it actually achieved. It’s time for a Fair Share Economy. Watch our kick-off video and learn more about what a Fair Share Economy would mean for Maine!”

Via Maine People’s Alliance:

    1. In 2009, the top 1% in Maine earned almost as much as the bottom 50% combined.

    2. The top 10% earned nearly as much as everyone else combined.

    3. Low income Mainers paid an overall state and local effective tax rate 70% higher than what the richest 1% pay.

    4. The LePage tax cuts will give the top 1% nearly $3,000 in tax breaks. In contrast, most Mainers will get less than $100 back.

    5. Wal-Mart gets over $1 million a year in tax breaks. Maine gives away more in tax breaks each year than we spend in actual programs.

Our Plan to Pass Through the State Legislature or Referendum:

    1. Universal education from pre-K through college. Education is a human right. From the time a child is 3 years old until they enroll in the University of Maine or Community College system, their education should be free.

    2. $1 billion to eliminate unemployment. Meaningful work is a human right. The Job Creation Fund will create jobs in key sectors of the economy, such as infrastructure, health care, clean energy, and education. We’ll also raise the minimum wage to $10/hr to get closer to a living wage.

    3. Publicly Financed Health Care. Health care is a human right. In a “single payer” system with no health insurance companies, everyone gets the care they need by contributing what they can afford through taxes.

    4. We’ll pay for it by making our tax system fair. Lower taxes for the bottom 70%. The top 10% will pay 5% more than low-income Mainers pay now.

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