(UPDATED) Maine Conservation Voters Release 2010-12 Report Card on Governor LePage…

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(6pm update: Link to video of press conference)

… and the results aren’t very good.

MCV, who has been issuing report cards on Maine’s sitting Governor since 2006, held a press conference at the State House this morning to release their report to the public where speakers expressed their disappointment with LePage’s legislation and lack of understanding about how a large number of Maine businesses and industries require solid environmentally protective policy in Augusta.

“Maine people have long understood a simple truth: our environment, our health, and our economic opportunities all go hand-in-hand. It is unwise and unnecessary to choose one over the others,” stated Leslie Harroun, Board President of Maine Conservation Voters. “A review of the Governor’s record indicates that rather than moving Maine forward, many of the Governor’s actions do not reflect Maine values and instead put our air, water, land, and wildlife at risk.”

“Instead of building on the Maine brand, the Governor advanced policies that took a short-term approach to economic development and didn’t create value for our children and grandchildren,” said Kevin Slater, a Maine Guide from Newry. “As a result, core environmental protections have been weakened. The Governor needs to get back on track by investing in timberland, farmland, and coastal land, and working to improve the health of Maine’s rivers and waters.”

“While we appreciate some positive outcomes from the LePage administration, most represent the ongoing responsibilities of government agencies,” stated Barrie Brusila, a forester from Warren. “They are simply not enough to offset the many policies the Governor advanced that take Maine in the wrong direction. The Governor acted to weaken state agencies and, by failing to issue voter-approved bonds, he missed opportunities to lower energy costs and help municipalities improve water quality, promote economic development in environmentally sustainable ways, and support the good health and good jobs that Maine’s clean water and greener technologies can provide.”

“All in all, the Governor’s first two years have been bad news for Maine children and families. It’s time for him to get back on track,”
said Laura Brady, a mother of two from Hallowell. “The Governor needs to make children’s products safer by naming new Priority Chemicals under the Kid-Safe Products Act. He also can help build our local economies and put healthy local food in school cafeterias by supporting the Farm and Fish to School Program. If one of my kids ever comes home with a D on her report card, I will have her work very hard to get back on track. I expect nothing less from Governor LePage.”

“Governor LePage’s approach to conserving Maine’s natural resources is out of step with Maine’s history of enacting environmental protections that support our economy, our communities, and our health,” said Harroun. “We encourage the Governor to shift to a more productive policy agenda. We believe the five initiatives we have recommended will create sustainable jobs, attract new employers and entrepreneurs, keep Maine people healthy, lower costs for families and businesses, and keep young people living and working in the state.”

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