Reince Priebus and Rush Limbaugh Explain Monday’s RNC 2012 Cancellation: “Safety First” Vs. Blaming Obama

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First, RNC Chair Priebus on Sunday’s Face The Nation:

“You know, we’ve got to put the safety of the delegates and guests first… you know, some of the background here is that we know the tropical storm or hurricane is far off the coast of Tampa, so it’s not a terribly hazardous situation, except, um, we couldn’t be asured that the buses coming across the bridges from Clearwater and St Pete would be safe with driving wind and rain. The second piece was the Secret Service took out all of the tenting outside of the forum. So what that meant was fewer entrances and our guests and delegates would be waiting outside in driving rain. The last thing is, obviously you can’t be assured what would happen on Monday, if you had a full arena and then couldn’t get people out of here. So, I mean, it’s an obvious choice… safety first.”

But that explanation varies greatly from Limbaugh's thoughts, as heard on his broadcast yesterday! Let's hear what the true head of the GOP had to say about Monday’s delay:

“…So this whole thing has been politicized, as the Democrats politicize everything, and that’s why we are talking about it. Now, I want to remind you: All last week… And, no, at no time here am I alleging a conspiracy. At no time. With none of this am I alleging conspiracy. All last week what was the target? Tampa. What was going on in Tampa this week?

The Republican National Convention. A pretty important one, too. Introducing the nominee, Mitt Romney. It’s only after the convention that Romney can actually start spending all of this money that he’s raised, so this convention is very important. It’s a chance to introduce Romney to a lot of people who don’t know him yet. And I noticed that the hurricane center’s track is — and I’m not alleging conspiracies here. The hurricane center is the regime; the hurricane center is the Commerce Department.

It’s the government.

It’s Obama.

And I’m noticing that that track stayed zeroed in on Tampa day after day after day. And the Republicans react to it accordingly over the weekend, canceling the first day of the convention. What could be better for the Democrats than the Republicans to cancel a day of this?

….Again, I’m alleging no conspiracy. I don’t want anybody thinking I’m going somewhere with this. I’m just telling you what happened.

I’m sharing with you my thought process, ’cause I know full well that if you give these people the slightest chance and they’re gonna turn this into Katrina and they’re gonna scare the hell out of New Orleans and they’re gonna revive, “Bush doesn’t care about people” and revive all of it. They’re gonna politicize everything ’cause they do it. And now they had the model runs allowing them to do it.

Now they had these model runs allowing them to start scaring the hell out of people in New Orleans and make political connections to Bush.

It was all there.”

A reminder: The RNC 2012 reconvenes at 2pm today.

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