So Long, Dirigo Blue, and Thanks for all the Fish

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(With apologies and all due credit to the late Douglas Adams…)

This morning my friend Gerald Weinand made the sad announcement that after Labor Day, he will be serving as that site’s caretaker only- it is my understanding that Dirigo Blue will still exist, but that daily content will not be provided by him. I have known about this possibility (as well as the circumstances leading to this difficult decision) for quite awhile and have worked with him to investigate options, that unfortunately proved fruitless.

So. What next? Decision time for Andi.

Truth is, I love to write and gab online via new media, and get as much out of it as I give. My own style isn’t as formal or traditionally based journalism as Gerald’s has been; admittedly, my reporting skills nowhere as developed or honed. But, my stuff isn’t all that bad and part of the fun is learning the ropes.

(Photo: Me, Gerald and Bruce at 2012 Maine Dem convo)

Folks, especially members of the Legislature seem obliging, when asked to “explain the bill in language that a housewife turned journalist can understand and report”, to do exactly that. Members of various groups and state agencies have been very generous in explaining proposed bills- the impacts, history leading to the bill, the current situation within Augusta, etc. Then it falls to me to smoosh it altogether and present the story truthfully, accurately and in a timely manner, as well as in a way that provides hopefully information out to people that makes sense.

Maybe that is part of why people have responded so positively. My intentions are good (yeah, I know that one about intentions and paved roads…) and I try to be honest.

Again… so… decision…

I have decided that it makes no sense to stay in the room after the lights go out. When Gerald leaves around Labor Day, so will I- at that point, I will move to posting (for the time being) solely on Maine Progressives Warehouse. Other changes are coming down the road, but it is still to early to lay those out- suffice to say, I am excited about the possibilities and looking forward to the future.

Best of luck, Gerald– my friend, confidant, and online big brother… and thanks. It’s been a blast!

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