BREAKING: Deal In Works To Seat Some Ron Paul Delegates; No Word Yet on Maine’s 21

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UPDATE, 4:15 pm– Nothing official regarding Maine yet, but rumor has it that Maine has rejected the RNC’s offer. Waiting for confirmation.

Here is a link to ongoing conversation threads, for those who want to follow along in real time.

CNN sharing the story as of an hour ago:

The RNC has agreed to seat 17 Ron Paul delegates from Louisiana, which has been a major point of contention between the Paul campaign and the Romney campaign. In addition, the RNC will also seat additional Paul delegates from Massachusetts, ending the controversy in that state.

There are still ongoing discussions over disputed delegates from Maine, which is being negotiated by Paul advisors, RNC officials and senior Romney staff.

Earlier today, Maine GOP national delegate Matt McDonald posted some thoughts on the situation:

As many of you know the Maine Delegation to the Republican National Convention is sitting in limbo right now… The question that has to be asked is “Why”?

Why are twenty one Delegates, that is one percent of one percent of the total number of Delegate, being treated in such a fashion? Why are twenty one Delegates being treated as if they are some type of threat to the Republican National Convention?

The answer isn’t that Maine Republicans do not support them.They have the full support of Governor Paul LePage (the Governor has threatened to boycott the RNC if the Delegates are not seated), Chairman Charlie Webster, dozens of GOP State Legislators and thousands of Maine Republicans.

The answer isn’t that the Maine Republican Convention back in May was run incorrectly. The parliamentarian, the specialist in Robert’s Rules of Order, did not object to how the Convention was run by the Ron Paul supporting chairman.

The answer isn’t even that the candidate that the Delegates are supporting has a chance of winning.

I am not sure what the answer is, but one thing is for sure: the Maine Delegates deserve much better than limbo.

This story will be updated as needed.

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