Nemitz Declares Today ‘Adrienne Bennett Appreciation Day’

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(We at Dirigo Blue, who are in constant communications with the Governor’s office, could not agree more. Ms. Bennett, like her predecessor Dan Demeritt, is a hard working professional and maintains a polite, pleasant demeanor in all communiques. I admire her ability to do well with what must be a challenging job on good days- and a damned near impossible one on others. ~Andi)

In this morning’s PPH, Bill Nemitz looked at the latest outrageous lies tall tales made-up bullsh*t anecdotes from Governor LePage and the difficult tasks such statements present for his staff, specifically his current communications director, Adrienne Bennett:

Bennett’s latest travails stem from LePage’s claim on July 25 that Maine students are “looked down upon” by colleges and universities throughout the United States. And that the College of William & Mary in Virginia will not look at an application from Maine without first requiring “a placement exam to see if you qualify.”

(Photo: Gov. LePage describes the large stack of additional placement exams facing Maine students before admittance into William & Mary.)

Lest we digress, our focus today is not on the Big Guy. It’s on the poor woman we pay to stand between us and LePage and, like a loyal soldier in a losing battle, stand her ground even while the general beats a hasty retreat.

In an email Tuesday, Bennett politely declined comment on just how tough a summer this has been. She didn’t need to — her attempts to contain the damage from LePage’s latest gaffes demonstrate the futility of speaking for a guy who sees facts as a luxury that his administration simply can’t afford.

Late last week, after officials at William & Mary stated not once but twice that they treat Maine students just like everyone else, Bennett bravely stepped up and told Kennebec Journal reporter Susan McMillan that “someone at the school” told LePage about the nonexistent exam way back in 2005 … or maybe it was 2006.

Then, on Monday, Bennett told the Bangor Daily News that the “looked down upon” quote came not from any single experience or empirical evidence after all. Rather, it sprang from Guv’s own “life experience.”

“He’s a businessman. It’s from his life experience of talking to people,” Bennett told the newspaper. “While it’s anecdotal, he believes it.”

(Photo: Gov. LePage describes the fish he almost caught at Grand Lake Stream this past weekend.)

Note that Bennett no longer claimed it was true — because it isn’t. All she could do was draw a line between reality and LePage Land and infer, with the poker face that’s now familiar to all of Maine, that her boss prefers the latter.

I cannot imagine a more challenging job in the entire state than hers.

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