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New Romney Ohio Ad, “Dream”, Uses Footage from Wrong State

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See the ad for yourself.

Via Daily Kos:

“Let’s ignore for a moment that Mitt Romney’s solution to what ailed General Motors was to just let the whole damn thing fail, thus making this choice of topics a rather curious choice at best for Mitt’s increasingly self-satirizing campaign. His ad blaming Barack Obama for GM’s closing of auto dealerships in Ohio has other problems as well. The outdoor footage at the four second mark? It’s a clip of downtown Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is notable for, among other things, not being in Ohio.”

More from HuffPo:

In the 30-second spot, Al Zarzour, a 61-year-old car dealership owner from Lyndhurst, Ohio, says that in the wake of the auto bailout General Motors shut down his credit line, forcing him to lay off his 30-person workforce.

“In 2009, under the Obama administration’s bailout of General Motors, Ohio dealerships were forced to close,” a narrator says in the commercial.

But just as the narrator says that at the 5-second mark, the ad shows a streetscape that appears to be in Oklahoma City, as noted by Sarah Burris, managing editor of the progressive blog Google street view confirms that the scene is indeed outside the Advanced Academics building on E. Sheridan Avenue in Oklahoma City.

Whoops… unforced error for Team Romneyhood!

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ME Dept of Labor Commissioner Robert Winglass Resigns

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From a press release:

Governor Paul LePage accepted the resignation of Commissioner of Labor Robert J. Winglass today, noting his deep regard for the commissioner’s years of service to Maine and our nation. Winglass has served as commissioner since June 2011 and will step down upon the confirmation of his replacement by the State Legislature.

“I want to thank the General for his service to the people of Maine,” said Governor LePage. “The Department of Labor has made significant progress during the past year under his leadership, becoming more efficient and responsive to the needs of our people and businesses. I wish him well in his retirement.”

Upon his nomination, Commissioner Winglass made a commitment to the governor to serve between one and two years in the post. Having met that commitment and having recently sold his home in Bath and relocated with his wife to their retirement home in Surry, Maine, Commissioner Winglass determined that now would be an appropriate time to step down.

“I have been most fortunate to serve as Governor LePage’s Labor Commissioner,”
Commissioner Winglass said at his announcement. He added, “His strong, no nonsense and determined leadership has charted a course that will restore fiscal balance, create substantial gains in the efficiencies of the public education system and create a workforce second to none.”

The Bangor Daily News is reporting that the governor plans on filling the vacancy by nominating Jeanne Paquette, who has been serving MDOL as deputy commissioner since 2011.

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Edukashun Problims in Amerukuh

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Who knew that a silly 1980s video would inspire a generation?

One of the more outrageous education stories of the summer has come from Louisiana, where it was recently revealed that female students at Delhi Charter School who are suspected of being pregnant are told that they must take a pregnancy test. Under school policy, those who are pregnant or refuse to take the test are kicked out and forced to undergo home schooling.

But of course, there is no War on Women and certainly not one of a woman’s rights to contraception

Here in Maine, we have so many problems facing our educational system that it is difficult to nail them all down. First and foremost would be the difficulties with RSU systems that many communities are now trying to disband (RSUs 2 and 12, among others), are having troubles with huge budget shortfalls (RSU 19) or simply can’t get a budget agreed upon by voters (RSU 18).

Out of frustration with the status quo, some were able to successfully introduce the false argument in the past legislative session that charter schools could come in and save the day- but even those are now facing challenges of their own, as it was announced overnight that 2 virtual charter schools are having to pull their applications and start over next year.

As for school vouchers, we need look no further than again to Louisiana to see why this is a potentially dreadful idea:

1. Dinosaurs and humans probably hung out.

2. Dragons were totally real.

3. God used the Trail of Tears to bring many Indians to Christ.

4. Africa needs religion.

5. Slave masters were nice guys.

6. The KKK was A-OK.

7. The Great Depression wasn’t as bad as the liberals made it sound.
8. SCOTUS enslaved fetuses.

9. The Red Scare isn’t over yet.

10. Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson were a couple of hacks.

11. Abstract algebra is too dang complicated.

12. Gay people “have no more claims to special rights than child molesters or rapists.”

13. Global environmentalists have said and written enough to leave no doubt that their goal is to destroy the prosperous economies of the world’s richest nations.

14. Globalization is a precursor to rapture.

Remember, Governor LePage in his recent presser with Commissioner Bowen said:

“We’re looking at several models like Jeb Bush did in Florida and what other states are doing. I just recently had a discussion with Governor Jindal of Louisiana and some of the things that are working down there. And so we’re gathering the information so we can put together a program so we can assist school districts.”

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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New Video Released By Obama Campaign: “Dubious”

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Give it a look.

Via the accompanying press release:

“Obama for America released a new web video today that highlights Mitt Romney’s flexibility when it comes to both welfare and the truth. The Obama administration, working with Republican-led states like Nevada and Utah, is giving states additional flexibility only if they move more people from welfare to work – not fewer. As Governor, Romney asked for even greater flexibility to waive the central part of the law by letting people receive benefits for an indefinite period. As HHS has said, his waiver request wouldn’t be approved today because it weakened the law too much. By falsely attacking a policy that both he and his Republican allies have supported for years, Romney is demonstrating that he lacks the core strength and principles the nation needs in a President.”

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Nemitz Declares Today ‘Adrienne Bennett Appreciation Day’

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(We at Dirigo Blue, who are in constant communications with the Governor’s office, could not agree more. Ms. Bennett, like her predecessor Dan Demeritt, is a hard working professional and maintains a polite, pleasant demeanor in all communiques. I admire her ability to do well with what must be a challenging job on good days- and a damned near impossible one on others. ~Andi)

In this morning’s PPH, Bill Nemitz looked at the latest outrageous lies tall tales made-up bullsh*t anecdotes from Governor LePage and the difficult tasks such statements present for his staff, specifically his current communications director, Adrienne Bennett:

Bennett’s latest travails stem from LePage’s claim on July 25 that Maine students are “looked down upon” by colleges and universities throughout the United States. And that the College of William & Mary in Virginia will not look at an application from Maine without first requiring “a placement exam to see if you qualify.”

(Photo: Gov. LePage describes the large stack of additional placement exams facing Maine students before admittance into William & Mary.)

Lest we digress, our focus today is not on the Big Guy. It’s on the poor woman we pay to stand between us and LePage and, like a loyal soldier in a losing battle, stand her ground even while the general beats a hasty retreat.

In an email Tuesday, Bennett politely declined comment on just how tough a summer this has been. She didn’t need to — her attempts to contain the damage from LePage’s latest gaffes demonstrate the futility of speaking for a guy who sees facts as a luxury that his administration simply can’t afford.

Late last week, after officials at William & Mary stated not once but twice that they treat Maine students just like everyone else, Bennett bravely stepped up and told Kennebec Journal reporter Susan McMillan that “someone at the school” told LePage about the nonexistent exam way back in 2005 … or maybe it was 2006.

Then, on Monday, Bennett told the Bangor Daily News that the “looked down upon” quote came not from any single experience or empirical evidence after all. Rather, it sprang from Guv’s own “life experience.”

“He’s a businessman. It’s from his life experience of talking to people,” Bennett told the newspaper. “While it’s anecdotal, he believes it.”

(Photo: Gov. LePage describes the fish he almost caught at Grand Lake Stream this past weekend.)

Note that Bennett no longer claimed it was true — because it isn’t. All she could do was draw a line between reality and LePage Land and infer, with the poker face that’s now familiar to all of Maine, that her boss prefers the latter.

I cannot imagine a more challenging job in the entire state than hers.

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