Truth Behind Kennebec County GOP “Secret Meeting” One Issue Agenda Revealed

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(I knew all those weeks of drinking Ovaltine were sure to pay off…)

Apparently there is some serious higgledy-piggledyness going on over at Schwatrz’s, er, Kennebec County Republicans and they are holding a special meeting this week to clean some house.

But rather than be honest and straight forward to their members as to the real reason for the 1 item special meeting, KCGOP Chair Garfield Holmes decided to send a super-duper, double dog dare, secrety email message in code that fortunately, Dirigo Blue’s Lil Orphan Annie Decoder was able to decipher.

So set your pins; here is…

An official communique from Lil Orphan Annie herself! (emphasis mine)

Ladies and Gentlemen of Kennebec County Republican Committee,

There has been much speculation about the special meeting I called for August 8. Here are the details of what will be discussed. It is one issue only but Cyndi Redmond is requesting all to stay and watch a video she is adamant must be seen by all concerned citizens of this Country. The video has nothing to do with the cause of the meeting.

Since even before the Convention there have been some of our Committee that have had hard feelings and may think they have been slighted in some way or another. I have fielded many problems I felt were dividing our Committee, some of those attempts more well known than others. Most recently one of our members has run amok of Election Campaign Laws and served 7 days in County Jail for the part he admittedly played in that scheme. I have attached the results of the Ethics Committee investigation so we all know without doubt what happened.

The name of the individual involved is Mike Hein.

At our last Executive Committee meeting I called a closed session so that this issue could be discussed. It was the unanimous decision of the Executive Committee to bring before you, our Full Committee, this issue and to ask you to vote on whether or not you feel Mr. Hein should be removed from our Kennebec County Republican Committee.

That is the purpose of our Special meeting on August 8th this week in Augusta at 6:30 P.M. I am very concerned and intend for this process to be fair to all, especially Mr. Hein. I hope that Mr. Hein will be in attendance and willing to present his arguments as to why he should not be removed. I should point out that Mr. Hein was a Republican candidate at the time he committed the fraud in violation of election laws.

Another very serious problem has been discovered when it was brought to my attention that someone in attendance at our Executive Committee meetings was making notes and then sending them to a Liberal Blog site that was printing them for all Democrats and Liberals of all persuasions to read unrestricted. It need not be voiced here how destructive those blog comments can become, especially the closer we get to election time.

Our meetings, both Full Committee and Executive Committee, must be guarded and protected for their content or we are undermined as an effective committee. Some of the discussions we must have involve Candidates and individuals as well as campaign strategies which, of course, must be kept secret.

After careful consideration it seems the common denominator to each of the compromised meetings may have been Mr. Hein. It has been told me, though I have not determined the voracity of this information, that Mr. Hein is a close friend of the owner of the liberal blog involved in reproducing discussions of our Committee.

This is unthinkable subterfuge to the efforts of our committee and continued even after a distinct directive went out from me at the involved meetings for anyone in attendance not to reproduce or distribute any conversations or conclusions of our committees.

I don’t know if there has been another time when a member of KCRC has been removed but I am prepared to do just that if the Full Committee votes in favor of this course of action. I hope to see every member of KCRC turn out on Wednesday night, 8/8, to address this vital issue.

Very truly yours,

Garfield H. Holmes Jr.

So, kids, “BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE” on August 8th! Annie is counting on YOU!

The mentioned PDF of Hein’s ethics report can be seen below.

Micheal Hein – Criminal Complaint and Summons

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