UPDATEDX2: (VIDEO) MDP/ SDCC Ad: “Paul LePage and the Rubber Stamps”

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The Maine Democratic Party and Senate Democratic Campaign Committees today released a new video, focusing on five 125th Legislative state senators who supported Governor LePage’s agendas with their votes 100% over the past 2 years.

The ad is an ambitious, early paid media campaign, targeting several Republican State Senators Garrett Mason, Senator Tom Martin, Senator Nichi Farnham, Senator Chris Rector, and Senator Lois-Snowe Mello. It includes television ads, a website, and direct mail, that question Governor LePage and the Republicans’ failed record on the economy and middle class Maine families. Check it out.

“Paul LePage came into office promising jobs, but one look at his agenda shows a different story. LePage has pushed through tax cuts for the rich, cut funding for healthcare and worked to increase profits for insurance companies.

But Senators Garrett Mason, Tom Martin, Nichi Farnham, Chris Rector and Lois Snowe-Mello have stood with Paul LePage every step of the way. They’ve given a rubber stamp of approval to the LePage agenda nearly 100% of the time.”

2pm UPDATE: Via MDP press release comes the following statements regarding the ad, which will debut on air in targeted districts tonight.

Maine Democrats mean business this election season and that means making sure Maine voters know what’s happened in the Statehouse since 2010. In the past two years we’ve seen the Republican majority rubber stamp the LePage agenda, leaving middle class and working people behind. It’s our job to make sure voters know that Republicans in the Legislature have supported LePage at every turn – even when the vote hurt their own district. It’s our job to make sure they are held accountable,” said Ben Grant, chairman of the Maine Democratic Party.

“We are coming out strong,” said Justin Alfond, Assistant Senate Democratic Leader. “It’s important for the people of Maine to see that their Republicans have chosen to carry the water for the governor’s anti-middle class agenda instead of standing up for them. Our Democratic candidates reflect Mainers’ values and it is time to set the record straight. We have a plan to move Maine forward and we want Mainers to know Democrats have their back.”

3:30pm UPDATE: The Maine GOP was quick to issue a press release about the ad. Some quotes from Charlie Webster:

“I’m a little confused because the Democrats voted for the bills that enacted the tax cuts and much of the medical welfare reform,” said Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster. “I know they weren’t too thrilled about cutting taxes for working Mainers and curbing welfare, but they did go along with it – does this make them ‘rubber stamps’ of the Republican legislators?”

“When you can’t run on your record, you resort to baseless attack ads,” said Webster. “Maine Democrats are following the Obama playbook of, ‘when your policies caused the problems, just go negative and hope people will forget.'”

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