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MEA Fires Back: “LePage’s (LD 1781) veto is a nonsensical attack on MEA”

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From a press release issued this afternoon:

Over the last month Governor Paul LePage verbally attacked the Maine Education Association (MEA) three times. Each time he berated the Association for not paying for teachers’ professional development-a nonsensical idea that has no basis in history or pedagogical practice.

He even used it as a spurious justification of his veto of LD 1781, a bill that would provide financial support for teachers seeking certification by the prestigious National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

What is really going on?

It is clear from his public record is that LePage attempts to intimidate those who do not agree with him; he dislikes both public and private unions; he is not a big supporter of public education; and, he berates the MEA on a regular basis.

The governor demands agreement and obedience and he is not getting it from the MEA.

He is still mad at our opposition to his raid on the teacher retirement plans, our opposition to charter schools, our opposition to his wide-open school choice bills, our opposition to LD 309 his anti-labor bill, our opposition to his proposed budget cuts in higher education and MPBN, and our opposition to the legislative attack on educator-managed health insurance plans.

The bottom line is that this is a campaign designed to weaken and discredit the Association or bully us into submission.

The governor claims he has a guiding principle of doing “what is best for the student.” Yet, his budget made harmful cuts in the highly effective Head Start program that provides underprivileged children with an important foundation for learning and he vetoed a bill promoting best teaching practices through certification by the NBPTS.

He further claims an interest in enhancing the prestige of Maine teachers by raising their status to that enjoyed in Finland and Singapore. Yet, teachers in those countries are well-paid, well-respected professionals who are empowered to be educational leaders-something the governor does not support.

Both Finland and Singapore have long traditions of strong teacher unions that give educators a voice. Yet, the governor has repeatedly attacked the MEA for being the voice of educators and sharing our views on what matters most to our members-meeting the needs of the students in their classrooms.

For public education to succeed and fulfill all of society’s expectations, we need parents, school boards, administrators, educators, and political leaders, like the governor, to work together and do their part.

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(New DNC Video) Mitt Romney: Little to Like

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From the accompanying letter:

In honor of Mitt Romney securing the delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination for President – after six years of trying and millions of dollars spent – we’re releasing a new video of our version of Mitt Romney’s Facebook time line for the last year. In that time we’ve learned that Mitt Romney and his brand of Romney Economics is wrong for the middle class.

From declaring “corporations are people” and we should let the foreclosure process hit bottom to saying he isn’t concerned about the poor and likes firing people Mitt Romney’s time line shows he would return to the same failed policies of the past and is out of touch with the needs of the middle class. And Mitt’s time line, in the words of his fellow Republicans, shows that Romney Economics – whether his time as a corporate raider dismantling companies and jobs for profit or his abysmal record as Governor of Massachusetts where he finished 47th out of 50 in jobs – would be a disaster for the American people.

And of course, there’s Donald Trump – liking an article on Mitt’s time line… about himself, naturally.

Yep, when it comes to Mitt Romney’s time line and what we’ve learned over the past year, there is little to like.:

Bonus: Find the following within the clip.

–Romney speaking to an empty Ford Field in Detroit
–A car elevator
–Romney telling CNN that Russia is “without question our number one geopolitical foe”
–Rick Santorum wielding an Etch a Sketch
–Romney telling the AP “I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners”
–Romney squirming with Bret Baier
–Reuters analysis: Romney Is Clear Favorite of Washington Lobbyists

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Wednesday Tidbits/ Open Thread

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Good morning.

Head of UN observer mission to Syria: ‘Deeply disturbed’ by discovery of 13 more executed bodies.

Senate Republicans are now echoing the House GOP’s shift towards favoring some “Obamacare”/ Affordable Healthcare act provisions, a sign that the party is uniting behind the strategy ahead of November’s presidential election. In a related note, Mitt Romney’s win in Texas last night gave him the GOP’s nomination.

It is now being reported that Mitt Romney’s “certificate of live birth” shows that while he was indeed born in the United States, his father and former presidential hopeful George was not:

One wonders when/if Donald Trump will demand to see Mitt’s long form birth certificate…

Governor LePage has now said that even if Maine voters do approve the bond packages in November, he won’t issue said bonds until “we get our spending problem fully under control.” Even with the voters’ authorization to borrow this money, my administration will not spend it until we’ve lowered our debt significantly. That could be several years,” he said in the statement.

David Farmer has this column out today: “The Treasurer, the Secretary of State and the AG Walk into an Election”.

Mike Tipping shared his recent experiences as part of Mainers United’s statewide Day of Action: “Volunteering for equal marriage has been a rewarding experience”.

An open thread.

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