Confessions of Ex-Metrosexual Mike Heath: “I Never Should Have Blow Dried My Hair”

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“A Pharisee will wear fine clothes and seek the honor of men…” Hmm.

Hat tip to Peter LaBarbera for the photo of his “manly man” friend, current co-NoSpecialRights PACman Mike Heath.

Heath has been especially vocal as of late, among other topics of discussion being complaints about the steps he took as head of the Christian Civic League in what he dubs CCL’s “shameful history” to appease years ago to the Focus of the Family out-of-staters:

“It is instructive to understand what is going on here. It is simple really. It is a womanish attempt to gain the respect of another”.

Um. Wow. Does he think this degrading tone will help sway Maine women voters to listen to his views on ANY topic, let alone marriage equality?

Just a small slip, I’m sure- certainly not anything more serious than that.

Well, maybe not:

“The old League was patriarchal. The new League — the one I led — is womanish. That’s why I had to do the blow dried hair and suit look.”

But apparently Heath is no Edith Piaf- the voices in his head are not singing “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” but rather screeching ‘Talking Heads’- “My God… what have I done??”

I never should have put on the suit and blow dried my hair. I never should have tried to use my image, and the image of those around me, to win the battle. I always should have trusted God more than I did.”

But clearly he views women as equal to men, right? Right?

Well, not so much:

“The truth about the vote this November is that it isn’t a battle between nice people who happen to disagree.

I’m sick of it.

The “pro family” movement is using it to raise millions of dollars. I’m sick of that also.

I want to end the debate. I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again. I want to see innocence and virtue put back in sex. I want men to protect women, and women to love men.

I hate this issue. I hate everything about it. There is nothing good that comes from talking about it.

And that is why I want to see men rise up all over Maine and discover the virtue, courage and goodness that God put in their hearts. Women must be loved by men enough to be protected from the sordid essence of what is being sought here.”

So, what exactly IS Mike Heath fighting against here? Marriage equality or women’s rights?

It should be an interesting year.

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