Live Tweets from GOP US Senate Candidate Forum in Camden

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(9:30 pm update- One of the nicer things I have noticed while putting this ongoing post together since 7 pm has been the many comments, thoughts and insightful contributions from a variety of folks on Twitter tonight. Tonight’s tweet-up has truly been a collaborative effort; many thanks to all participants! ~Andi)

Gerald is doing the honors for Dirigo Blue again tonight, as well as recording video to be shared later. He is being joined by Maine’s Majority Tweeter extraordinaire Matthea Daughtry and KippyRudy:

@Dirigo Blue: will be at tonight’s @mainegop #mesen forum at Camden Hills HS in Rockport begins at 7 PM #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: At Camden GOP forum #meleg here Sens Courtney Rector Rep McKane #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Sen Garrett Mason too #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Indication of power of Tea Party here? Koch funded AFP Maine Chair Carol Weston is the moderator Not Phil Harriman #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: All six candidates are here Bennett D’Amboise Plowman Poliquin Schneider and Summers #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: @DirigoBlue also former ALEC state co-chair as well. #mepolitics #mesen

@Dirigo Blue: Summers says Obama is leading country toward European socialism Touts foreign policy expierence from service on Jt Chiefs of Stf #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Schneider touting his Green Beret/Special Forces experience then as prosecutor and #meleg #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Poliquin says he’s determined Maine is so closely tied to Wash that it must be fixed to fix Maine #mepolitics Lot of his supporters here

@Dirigo Blue: Poliquin first candidate to wave copy of Constitution says Affordable Care Act unconstitutional #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Plowman says she wants to return to country of her grandparents ca 1966 #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Twice now reference to Angus King and “other Democrat” Plowman promises to hold King’s feet to the fire #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Plowman says Obama is spending US into socialism and “servitude” #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Bennett I went toe to toe with Angus on budgets etc I’m comfortable taking on King #mepolitics He’s more forceful than last forums

@MainesMajority: Wow!! Poliquin actually showed up to GOPforME forum at Camden Hills high school. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: 45 minutes for opening statements #mepolitics gadfly Lisa Hunt from Newcastle also here

@GrowingUpJulia: Bruce Poliquin’s fake smile makes me nauseous. #mesen

@Dirigo Blue: D’A says he’s been member of Tea Party for 4 years Says he’s responsible for Snowe retiring #mepolitics

#KippyRudy: Scott D’Amboise: We wouldn’t be having a debate tonight if I hadn’t had the courage to challenge Olympia. Wow. #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Scott D’Amboise says that there wouldn’t be a six-way primary if he hadn’t stood up and challenged Snowe. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: D’A second to hold up copy of Constitution calls other candidates “Snowe Republicans” #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: Hey! Second candidate to wave his copy of the constitution is Scott D’Amboise. #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: D’Amboise: “folks we have a a roadmap on how to govern. It is our constitution.” followed by waving his copy. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Welcome @Kippyrudy and @GrowingUpJulia #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: If you close your eye Carol Weston sounds just like Susan Collins #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: Folks it’s official. Ive decided we need a Senate Primary drinking game. Sitting in my 5th candidate forum & coming up w/rules! #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Poliquin brandishes the piece of oak trim from Gilman St project Does not mention historic preservation #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Again I’ll ask why Poliquin is allowed to use a prop at a candidates forum #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Plowman wants to use “technological solution” in Afghanistan not “human solution” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Oh! Brucey brought props! He’s waving a piece of trim from Gilman Place as an example of overspending. LePage approved that 1. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Bennett says US has one of highest gun ownership rate but lowest crime rate #mepolitics Have at it fact checkers

@MainesMajority:D’Amboise: “We wouldn’t have to worry about those [Mexican] cartels if we all followed the 2nd amendment.” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: So D’Amboise thinks the way to handle Mexican gun smuggling is to arm ourselves to the teeth. Great….. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Debra Plowman says he isn’t familiar with the fishing industry and instead represents potato and diary farmers. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Plowman says Maine is so little and doesn’t get enough attention. No applause after that one. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Debra Plowman says she isn’t familiar with the fishing industry and instead represents potato and diary farmers. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Schneider opposes COLA raises Poliquin says that no biz to big to fail What bankruptcy is for #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Charlie Summers gives a shout out to thr #umaine forum on Wednesday. Talks about his experience talking to students. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act #wants to allow deduct health insurance cost like home mortgage interest

@MainesMajority: Summers thinks student loans shouldn’t be forgiven under any circumstances. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Summers: “we shouldn’t be apologizing for America.” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Good guy @BennettforMaine points out that Scott D’Amboise hasn’t been asked the same amount of questions. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A hits it waaaaaay out to right field w/answer about al Qeada/Sharia Law #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Scott D’Amboise saying that the government can take your car and you. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Debra Plowman says she has out forth tort reform every year she has been in the Maine legislature. Someone fact check! #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Plowman highlighting Canada as an example of an affordable health care system. Hell just froze over. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman says drugs in Canada cheaper cuz no class action lawsuits (?) no mention that their gov’t negotiates costs #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin says that Medicare & Social Security are insolvent #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: I dare any republican 2 not mention repealing Obamacare when discussing lowering healthcare costs. Give solutions not rhetoric. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Charlie Summers highlights that every republican on stage has mentioned Obamacare. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise says that Florida is an example of how he would like to see health care done in Maine. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A explains why health care so expensive In Fla pharmacies were charging $180 for eyedrops that cost $3 to make Now just $20 #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Rick Bennett mentions once again that whomever wins the primary will have to beat @AngusKing2012 Now discussing King’s record. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Charlie Summers again says that the constitution is not a living document and is divinely inspired. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers Constitution NOT a living document Is divinely inspired #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Oh for tweeps at home we have our third waving of the constitution from Bruce Poliquin. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Oh! Fourth waving of the constituion by D’Amboise. Says every candidate must carry. @BennettforMaine says his is on his iPhone. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A didn’t name which SCOTUS justices he thinks should be impeached #mepolitics

(Question from Emily Shaw) @emilydshaw: @DirigoBlue always confusing…how does 18th Am fit into that interpretation?

@MainesMajority: Schneider asks Poliquin what kind of debate he thought it would be tonight since he brought an oak club! #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Schneider says wasted billions on stimulus Doesn’t mention wars in Iraq &Afghanistan #mepolitics

@andiparkinson2: Live Tweets from GOP US Senate Candidate Forum in Camden Great job, @DirigoBlue and @MainesMajority! #mesen #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: @andiparkinson2 @dirigoblue Thanks!

@MainesMajority: Summers election isn’t about parties instead about whether we want prevent America from being a European socialist country…#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers go to military jargon “consyrained horizons” Doesn’t want US to recede to European socialist state #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Schneider: leadership is not always banging heads. Sometimes it’s bringing people together. He should talk to his boss. #mesen #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise: “I am the three Cs. Conservative, Constitutional, Christian.” Doesn’t wave his copy of the constitution this time. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Bennett watches D’A wave Constitution again Is Bennett thinking waving Iphone perhaps not the same? #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise asks everyone to pray before deciding whom to vote for in the June primary. #mepolitics

(Prof. Amy Fried) @ASFried: @DirigoBlue I also attended one forum but thought Bennett was the most professional and senatorial there. #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Rick Bennett very charming and assertive tonight, his best performance yet. Engaging his fellow candidates. #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Good guy @BennettforMaine complementing all the other candidates. Patting lots of backs. Says he wants to work w/whomever wins #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Bill Schneider always comes across as an action hero at these events. I wish I agreed with his positions. #mepolitics #mesen

@Kippyrudy: Plowman talked about problem of big business influence in federal policy, esp dairy subsidies. But she is ALEC member? #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Plowman talks about special interests hurting Maine. How does she explain her #ALEC membership?? #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Plowman: reduce medical costs with fewer CEOs. How, since private institutions? Does she want to nationalize? #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: @Kippyrudy She did mention that Canada is a cheaper health care system. Guess she is leaning towards nationalized program… #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin has put 60,000 miles on rented car traveling around state Way over limit he said #mepolitics Would it have been better to buy one?

@MainesMajority: Poliquin: “Our Governor has a back bone of steel and a huge heart.” But apparently not for state workers. #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Poliquin praising LePage. Probably not interested in 61% of voters? #mepolitics #mesen

@Kippyrudy: @DirigoBlue but not if you are fiscally conservative, I mean, no wait… #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Poliquin: “I come from a big French canadian family and we don’t lie.” No they just don’t follow rules or answer questions. #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: @MainesMajority and we occasionally run away when being asked questions. #mepolitics #mesen

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin says he’s running a grass roots campaign #mepolitics Like his gubernatorial race?

@GrowingUpJulia: Schneider keeps staring at Poliquin’s oak club. Wonder if he wants to use it on our Treasurer? #mepolitics

(Lyle) @Citizensnews: Better than that gas guzzling waste of time bus @DirigoBlue: Poliquin has put 60,000 miles on rented car traveling around state #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Just saw a Poliquin supporter refuse to shake hands with D’Amboise. Wow. We are not in the county anymore. #mepolitics #mesen

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