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Live Tweets from “Social Issues” Senate candidate forum in Bangor

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(The forum, scheduled to start at 7pm, didn’t begin until after 7:30 pm. To be updated until conclusion. ~AP)

(Gerald Weinand) ‏ @DirigoBlue: @GrowingUpJulia and I have a front row seat at the “values” forum #mesen #mepolitics Summers is a no-show

@MainesMajority: Tonight we are live tweeting at the Christian Civic League Senate Candidate Debate at the Bangor Baptist Church. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Patriotic songs playing on the PA Plowman Poliquin Bennett D’Amboise – Rep Doug Damon to speak for Summers #mepolitics#mesen

@MainesMajority: @DirigoBlue Time to get the popcorn! #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: #meleg represents Sens Farnham Thibodeau Mason Reps Curtis Crafts Garrand P Davis #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Bruce Poliquin, Sen. Debra Plowman, Rick Bennett, and Scott D’Amboise are all in attendance tonight. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Now on to opening statements from the candidates. Charlie Summers is having his statement read since he is unable to attend.#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers statement “The reason I’m running is America can do better” says times now like when Reagan ran #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: In his statement Summers highlights that he is against discrimination but believes that marriage is btwn a man & a woman. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Summers is pro-choice but against any healthcare mandates.#mepolitics

@MainesMajority: And on to D’Amboise! “I am social conservative and I’ve always worn my beliefs proudly on my sleeve” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise is excited to finally have a debate and not a forum. He is ready to debate the issues and looks forward to it. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Rep Damon reading Summers statement is local chair for Plowman #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Rick Bennett: “Before this election I was what I considered a recovering politician!” #mepolitics ‏

@MainesMajority: Poliquin: “I am having so much fun as your Treasurer” Oh really? #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: First time Bennett & Poliquin at forum together Both used opening remarks to focus on budgets deficits #mepolitics ‏

@MainesMajority: Brucey Poliquin pulls out a copy of the constitution & says “I firmly believe in the constitution.” Guess he hasn’t read it… #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman touted her record against abortion rights She voted against McKernan bill prohibiting restrictions Took heat from Snowe #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: 1st question is about school choice. Bennett is describing his own experience with his kids w/homeschooling & private school.#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Glad candidates sat down Was not able ro tweet during opening remarks #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin uses question about school choice to bash teacher union Plowman echoes #mepolitics ‏

@MainesMajority: Poliquin is for school choice and keeps blaming the unions for poor education. #mepolitics‏

@MainesMajority: Plowman is 4 vouchers. She is discussing her own experience at Catholic school. Compares lack of vouchers to “social cleansing”#mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise: “The Department of Education is unconstitutional.” Well alrighty then… #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin said that no one has right to take a life before natural end#mepolitics Need to ask him about death penalty

@DirigoBlue: D’Amboise says he’s pulling kids out of public school cuz teacher thinks communism okay #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise talking about why his kids will be home-schooled next year: “My son’s 2nd grade teacher thinks communism is ok.”#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin only candidate to wave a copy of Constitution #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: As Senator Plowman would vote to abolish DOE. Thinks education is a local issue and that the DOE has done nothing to help kids.#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A & Plowman would vote to abolish Dept of Education Bennett & Poliquin need more info #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin Plowman would vote to defund @PPFAQ Planned Parenthood #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Poliquin would vote to defund @PPFAQ Says he believes in the US constitution and religious freedom and that PP is against that.#mepolitics

@MainesMajority: @PPFAQ Maine State Senator Debra Plowman: “Planned Parenthood is against women” #mesen #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A: Planned Parenthood has infiltrated the Girl Scouts #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Scott D’Amboise: ” @PPFAQ has infiltrated the Girl Scouts and is teaching them how to get abortions.” my head hurts.. #mesen #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Bennett w/some exceptions I support woman’s right to choose Sees defunding as a budget issue Opposes tax money for abortions #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman Fault lies w/@BarackObama on #gaymarriage #DOMA appointing people who dont do their jobs #mepolitics

(Bonus tweet from Professor Amy Fried) @ASFried: D’Amboise doesn;t know Justice Ginsberg’s name. #mepolitics Ginzheimer?

@DirigoBlue: With Schneider & Summers missing no lawyers at forum Shows during query on DOMA #gaymarriage #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: 3rd time Poliquin tells us he is a Catholic tweeps at home now have a drinking game #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Poliquin keeps talking about US Constitution. Has he read the MAINE Constitution? His actions don’t reflect it… #mepolitics #mesen

@DirigoBlue: Did I hear Poliquin say that gay marriahe should be left to the states? #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: All 4 candidates support public display of 10 Commandments – Plowman blames atheists #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin drink #1 #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: At every debate D’A hates on the female Justices. Sexist? RT@ASFried: D’Amboise doesn’t know Justice Ginsberg’s name.#mepolitics #mesen

@DirigoBlue: Pro-choice Bennett does decent job answering direct question on abortion Poliquin says life begins at conception #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin might make exception for health/life of mother #mepoltlitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman is walking anecdote of “abortion industry” pressuring women to have one #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Q: Should civil rights always trump religious rights? #mepolitics Interesting question

@DirigoBlue: Plowman says in order to graduate from medical school student must perform an abortion #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: @ASFried Even legislators near us remarked that D’A didnt know Ginsberg’s name #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: And folks we are on to the war against Christmas! Scott D’Amboise is passionately talking about religious rights. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Bennett understands that religous rights are a civil right #mepoliticsNot clear if he understands limits of religion on civil rights

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin produces piece of trim from Gilman St low income project in Waterville Says it’s white oak $$! #mepolitics

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