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Confessions of Ex-Metrosexual Mike Heath: “I Never Should Have Blow Dried My Hair”

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“A Pharisee will wear fine clothes and seek the honor of men…” Hmm.

Hat tip to Peter LaBarbera for the photo of his “manly man” friend, current co-NoSpecialRights PACman Mike Heath.

Heath has been especially vocal as of late, among other topics of discussion being complaints about the steps he took as head of the Christian Civic League in what he dubs CCL’s “shameful history” to appease years ago to the Focus of the Family out-of-staters:

“It is instructive to understand what is going on here. It is simple really. It is a womanish attempt to gain the respect of another”.

Um. Wow. Does he think this degrading tone will help sway Maine women voters to listen to his views on ANY topic, let alone marriage equality?

Just a small slip, I’m sure- certainly not anything more serious than that.

Well, maybe not:

“The old League was patriarchal. The new League — the one I led — is womanish. That’s why I had to do the blow dried hair and suit look.”

But apparently Heath is no Edith Piaf- the voices in his head are not singing “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” but rather screeching ‘Talking Heads’- “My God… what have I done??”

I never should have put on the suit and blow dried my hair. I never should have tried to use my image, and the image of those around me, to win the battle. I always should have trusted God more than I did.”

But clearly he views women as equal to men, right? Right?

Well, not so much:

“The truth about the vote this November is that it isn’t a battle between nice people who happen to disagree.

I’m sick of it.

The “pro family” movement is using it to raise millions of dollars. I’m sick of that also.

I want to end the debate. I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again. I want to see innocence and virtue put back in sex. I want men to protect women, and women to love men.

I hate this issue. I hate everything about it. There is nothing good that comes from talking about it.

And that is why I want to see men rise up all over Maine and discover the virtue, courage and goodness that God put in their hearts. Women must be loved by men enough to be protected from the sordid essence of what is being sought here.”

So, what exactly IS Mike Heath fighting against here? Marriage equality or women’s rights?

It should be an interesting year.

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Live Tweets from GOP US Senate Candidate Forum in Camden

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(9:30 pm update- One of the nicer things I have noticed while putting this ongoing post together since 7 pm has been the many comments, thoughts and insightful contributions from a variety of folks on Twitter tonight. Tonight’s tweet-up has truly been a collaborative effort; many thanks to all participants! ~Andi)

Gerald is doing the honors for Dirigo Blue again tonight, as well as recording video to be shared later. He is being joined by Maine’s Majority Tweeter extraordinaire Matthea Daughtry and KippyRudy:

@Dirigo Blue: will be at tonight’s @mainegop #mesen forum at Camden Hills HS in Rockport begins at 7 PM #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: At Camden GOP forum #meleg here Sens Courtney Rector Rep McKane #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Sen Garrett Mason too #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Indication of power of Tea Party here? Koch funded AFP Maine Chair Carol Weston is the moderator Not Phil Harriman #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: All six candidates are here Bennett D’Amboise Plowman Poliquin Schneider and Summers #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: @DirigoBlue also former ALEC state co-chair as well. #mepolitics #mesen

@Dirigo Blue: Summers says Obama is leading country toward European socialism Touts foreign policy expierence from service on Jt Chiefs of Stf #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Schneider touting his Green Beret/Special Forces experience then as prosecutor and #meleg #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Poliquin says he’s determined Maine is so closely tied to Wash that it must be fixed to fix Maine #mepolitics Lot of his supporters here

@Dirigo Blue: Poliquin first candidate to wave copy of Constitution says Affordable Care Act unconstitutional #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Plowman says she wants to return to country of her grandparents ca 1966 #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Twice now reference to Angus King and “other Democrat” Plowman promises to hold King’s feet to the fire #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Plowman says Obama is spending US into socialism and “servitude” #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Bennett I went toe to toe with Angus on budgets etc I’m comfortable taking on King #mepolitics He’s more forceful than last forums

@MainesMajority: Wow!! Poliquin actually showed up to GOPforME forum at Camden Hills high school. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: 45 minutes for opening statements #mepolitics gadfly Lisa Hunt from Newcastle also here

@GrowingUpJulia: Bruce Poliquin’s fake smile makes me nauseous. #mesen

@Dirigo Blue: D’A says he’s been member of Tea Party for 4 years Says he’s responsible for Snowe retiring #mepolitics

#KippyRudy: Scott D’Amboise: We wouldn’t be having a debate tonight if I hadn’t had the courage to challenge Olympia. Wow. #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Scott D’Amboise says that there wouldn’t be a six-way primary if he hadn’t stood up and challenged Snowe. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: D’A second to hold up copy of Constitution calls other candidates “Snowe Republicans” #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: Hey! Second candidate to wave his copy of the constitution is Scott D’Amboise. #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: D’Amboise: “folks we have a a roadmap on how to govern. It is our constitution.” followed by waving his copy. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Welcome @Kippyrudy and @GrowingUpJulia #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: If you close your eye Carol Weston sounds just like Susan Collins #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: Folks it’s official. Ive decided we need a Senate Primary drinking game. Sitting in my 5th candidate forum & coming up w/rules! #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Poliquin brandishes the piece of oak trim from Gilman St project Does not mention historic preservation #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Again I’ll ask why Poliquin is allowed to use a prop at a candidates forum #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Plowman wants to use “technological solution” in Afghanistan not “human solution” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Oh! Brucey brought props! He’s waving a piece of trim from Gilman Place as an example of overspending. LePage approved that 1. #mepolitics

@Dirigo Blue: Bennett says US has one of highest gun ownership rate but lowest crime rate #mepolitics Have at it fact checkers

@MainesMajority:D’Amboise: “We wouldn’t have to worry about those [Mexican] cartels if we all followed the 2nd amendment.” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: So D’Amboise thinks the way to handle Mexican gun smuggling is to arm ourselves to the teeth. Great….. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Debra Plowman says he isn’t familiar with the fishing industry and instead represents potato and diary farmers. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Plowman says Maine is so little and doesn’t get enough attention. No applause after that one. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Debra Plowman says she isn’t familiar with the fishing industry and instead represents potato and diary farmers. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Schneider opposes COLA raises Poliquin says that no biz to big to fail What bankruptcy is for #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Charlie Summers gives a shout out to thr #umaine forum on Wednesday. Talks about his experience talking to students. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act #wants to allow deduct health insurance cost like home mortgage interest

@MainesMajority: Summers thinks student loans shouldn’t be forgiven under any circumstances. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Summers: “we shouldn’t be apologizing for America.” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Good guy @BennettforMaine points out that Scott D’Amboise hasn’t been asked the same amount of questions. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A hits it waaaaaay out to right field w/answer about al Qeada/Sharia Law #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Scott D’Amboise saying that the government can take your car and you. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Debra Plowman says she has out forth tort reform every year she has been in the Maine legislature. Someone fact check! #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Plowman highlighting Canada as an example of an affordable health care system. Hell just froze over. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman says drugs in Canada cheaper cuz no class action lawsuits (?) no mention that their gov’t negotiates costs #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin says that Medicare & Social Security are insolvent #mepolitics

@GrowingUpJulia: I dare any republican 2 not mention repealing Obamacare when discussing lowering healthcare costs. Give solutions not rhetoric. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Charlie Summers highlights that every republican on stage has mentioned Obamacare. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise says that Florida is an example of how he would like to see health care done in Maine. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A explains why health care so expensive In Fla pharmacies were charging $180 for eyedrops that cost $3 to make Now just $20 #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Rick Bennett mentions once again that whomever wins the primary will have to beat @AngusKing2012 Now discussing King’s record. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Charlie Summers again says that the constitution is not a living document and is divinely inspired. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers Constitution NOT a living document Is divinely inspired #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Oh for tweeps at home we have our third waving of the constitution from Bruce Poliquin. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Oh! Fourth waving of the constituion by D’Amboise. Says every candidate must carry. @BennettforMaine says his is on his iPhone. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A didn’t name which SCOTUS justices he thinks should be impeached #mepolitics

(Question from Emily Shaw) @emilydshaw: @DirigoBlue always confusing…how does 18th Am fit into that interpretation?

@MainesMajority: Schneider asks Poliquin what kind of debate he thought it would be tonight since he brought an oak club! #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Schneider says wasted billions on stimulus Doesn’t mention wars in Iraq &Afghanistan #mepolitics

@andiparkinson2: Live Tweets from GOP US Senate Candidate Forum in Camden Great job, @DirigoBlue and @MainesMajority! #mesen #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: @andiparkinson2 @dirigoblue Thanks!

@MainesMajority: Summers election isn’t about parties instead about whether we want prevent America from being a European socialist country…#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers go to military jargon “consyrained horizons” Doesn’t want US to recede to European socialist state #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Schneider: leadership is not always banging heads. Sometimes it’s bringing people together. He should talk to his boss. #mesen #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise: “I am the three Cs. Conservative, Constitutional, Christian.” Doesn’t wave his copy of the constitution this time. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Bennett watches D’A wave Constitution again Is Bennett thinking waving Iphone perhaps not the same? #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise asks everyone to pray before deciding whom to vote for in the June primary. #mepolitics

(Prof. Amy Fried) @ASFried: @DirigoBlue I also attended one forum but thought Bennett was the most professional and senatorial there. #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Rick Bennett very charming and assertive tonight, his best performance yet. Engaging his fellow candidates. #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Good guy @BennettforMaine complementing all the other candidates. Patting lots of backs. Says he wants to work w/whomever wins #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Bill Schneider always comes across as an action hero at these events. I wish I agreed with his positions. #mepolitics #mesen

@Kippyrudy: Plowman talked about problem of big business influence in federal policy, esp dairy subsidies. But she is ALEC member? #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Plowman talks about special interests hurting Maine. How does she explain her #ALEC membership?? #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Plowman: reduce medical costs with fewer CEOs. How, since private institutions? Does she want to nationalize? #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: @Kippyrudy She did mention that Canada is a cheaper health care system. Guess she is leaning towards nationalized program… #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin has put 60,000 miles on rented car traveling around state Way over limit he said #mepolitics Would it have been better to buy one?

@MainesMajority: Poliquin: “Our Governor has a back bone of steel and a huge heart.” But apparently not for state workers. #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Poliquin praising LePage. Probably not interested in 61% of voters? #mepolitics #mesen

@Kippyrudy: @DirigoBlue but not if you are fiscally conservative, I mean, no wait… #mepolitics #mesen

@MainesMajority: Poliquin: “I come from a big French canadian family and we don’t lie.” No they just don’t follow rules or answer questions. #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: @MainesMajority and we occasionally run away when being asked questions. #mepolitics #mesen

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin says he’s running a grass roots campaign #mepolitics Like his gubernatorial race?

@GrowingUpJulia: Schneider keeps staring at Poliquin’s oak club. Wonder if he wants to use it on our Treasurer? #mepolitics

(Lyle) @Citizensnews: Better than that gas guzzling waste of time bus @DirigoBlue: Poliquin has put 60,000 miles on rented car traveling around state #mepolitics

@Kippyrudy: Just saw a Poliquin supporter refuse to shake hands with D’Amboise. Wow. We are not in the county anymore. #mepolitics #mesen

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DHHS Shortfall drops from $89M to $82.5M; Dems still want independent review of the numbers

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DHHS, after “an intensive review”, is now claiming that their budget shortfall is actually about $6.5 million less than first thought:

“It is a number that is based upon the data that we have available today,” said DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew. “I am optimistic, given what I have seen over the last several months, about this number. It’s a budget, but we have to be mindful that this is an entitlement program and demand for services change.”

At least one Democrat on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee appears to be skeptical:

“I will rely heavily on the Office of Fiscal and Program Review to do a thorough review of what we have received and report back to us. Then I will be willing to go forward using the numbers,” said Sen. Dawn Hill of Cape Neddick, the only Democratic senator on the Appropriations Committee.

AFA will start to work on the 2013 supplemental budget after the revenue forecasting committee does its work at a special meeting Monday. One wonders how these latest numbers will work into OPEGA’s investigation, called for a few weeks ago.

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Lori Fowle Announces Candidacy for HD 58 (parts of Augusta, Vassalboro and Windsor

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From her press release:

Lori Fowle for House District 58

Lori Fowle, announces that she is a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives, District 58, which covers Vassalboro, Windsor and Northeast Augusta. Lori Fowle lives in Vassalboro with her husband Evert and their children Evert, Hayden and Morgan. Fowle is running to offer residents a strong, independent voice in Augusta, and promises to be accessible and listen to their concerns. She seeks to foster a strong business climate so that our young people will not have to look for opportunities out of Maine. She is deeply committed to an educational system which is second to none, and a clean environment, reasoning that both compliment her goals toward fostering strong economic growth.

Lori Fowle owned and operated a business for many years in Waterville. Fowle served on the board of Project Peds, an organization dedicated to serving children with special needs in the Kennebec Valley, and today serves as a board member of the Children’s Center in Augusta. She served as Chair of the Vassalboro School Board for many years. She presented responsible school budgets to the voters, without sacrificing the quality of education which our children receive. She is a current member of the Vassalboro Budget Committee and received the Spirit of America Award in 2009 for her contributions to the town of Vassalboro. Lori Fowle looks forward to meeting residents of District 58 between now and November, and to hearing their concerns and input.

Lori can be reached at or 649-4863.

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Over $95M in bond proposals get initial support from AFA Committee

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From the press release:

The Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee tonight gave near unanimous support to five separate bond proposals totaling $95.6 million in needed investments to help create jobs.

“These public investments will create jobs now and grow good-paying jobs for the future,” said Rep. Peggy Rotundo, D-Lewiston, the lead House Democrat on the committee. “The state could afford to do even more to create jobs but there was little political will from our Republican colleagues to do so.”

Among the bond proposals:

– $51 million for transportation improvements
– $7.9 million for water and wastewater treatment
– $20 million for research and development grants
– $5 million for land conservation
– $11.3 million for higher education

More via BDN:

The bonds were crafted from 26 individual bills, some that were submitted last year and carried over and some that were introduced earlier this year. The original bills ranged in size from a few hundred thousands to tens of millions. Many of them overlapped.

The Appropriations Committee voted on each bond proposal individually rather than as a package and it appears as though that strategy is deliberate. If bonds are separated out rather than passed as a package, the governor would have the opportunity to veto them individually. If it’s put forward as a package, it’s all or nothing.

“We are concerned that the separate vote will set up one or more of the proposals to fail,”
said Senator Dawn Hill, D-York. “If all five bonds pass the Legislature, the Republicans have given the governor a menu of options to reject rather than a single bipartisan package that was negotiated in good faith that we could all stand behind.”

Governor LePage earlier this week said again that he would not support a borrowing proposal until lawmakers addressed settling the DHHS budget.

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Live Tweets from “Social Issues” Senate candidate forum in Bangor

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(The forum, scheduled to start at 7pm, didn’t begin until after 7:30 pm. To be updated until conclusion. ~AP)

(Gerald Weinand) ‏ @DirigoBlue: @GrowingUpJulia and I have a front row seat at the “values” forum #mesen #mepolitics Summers is a no-show

@MainesMajority: Tonight we are live tweeting at the Christian Civic League Senate Candidate Debate at the Bangor Baptist Church. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Patriotic songs playing on the PA Plowman Poliquin Bennett D’Amboise – Rep Doug Damon to speak for Summers #mepolitics#mesen

@MainesMajority: @DirigoBlue Time to get the popcorn! #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: #meleg represents Sens Farnham Thibodeau Mason Reps Curtis Crafts Garrand P Davis #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Bruce Poliquin, Sen. Debra Plowman, Rick Bennett, and Scott D’Amboise are all in attendance tonight. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Now on to opening statements from the candidates. Charlie Summers is having his statement read since he is unable to attend.#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Summers statement “The reason I’m running is America can do better” says times now like when Reagan ran #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: In his statement Summers highlights that he is against discrimination but believes that marriage is btwn a man & a woman. #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Summers is pro-choice but against any healthcare mandates.#mepolitics

@MainesMajority: And on to D’Amboise! “I am social conservative and I’ve always worn my beliefs proudly on my sleeve” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise is excited to finally have a debate and not a forum. He is ready to debate the issues and looks forward to it. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Rep Damon reading Summers statement is local chair for Plowman #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Rick Bennett: “Before this election I was what I considered a recovering politician!” #mepolitics ‏

@MainesMajority: Poliquin: “I am having so much fun as your Treasurer” Oh really? #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: First time Bennett & Poliquin at forum together Both used opening remarks to focus on budgets deficits #mepolitics ‏

@MainesMajority: Brucey Poliquin pulls out a copy of the constitution & says “I firmly believe in the constitution.” Guess he hasn’t read it… #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman touted her record against abortion rights She voted against McKernan bill prohibiting restrictions Took heat from Snowe #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: 1st question is about school choice. Bennett is describing his own experience with his kids w/homeschooling & private school.#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Glad candidates sat down Was not able ro tweet during opening remarks #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin uses question about school choice to bash teacher union Plowman echoes #mepolitics ‏

@MainesMajority: Poliquin is for school choice and keeps blaming the unions for poor education. #mepolitics‏

@MainesMajority: Plowman is 4 vouchers. She is discussing her own experience at Catholic school. Compares lack of vouchers to “social cleansing”#mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise: “The Department of Education is unconstitutional.” Well alrighty then… #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin said that no one has right to take a life before natural end#mepolitics Need to ask him about death penalty

@DirigoBlue: D’Amboise says he’s pulling kids out of public school cuz teacher thinks communism okay #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: D’Amboise talking about why his kids will be home-schooled next year: “My son’s 2nd grade teacher thinks communism is ok.”#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin only candidate to wave a copy of Constitution #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: As Senator Plowman would vote to abolish DOE. Thinks education is a local issue and that the DOE has done nothing to help kids.#mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A & Plowman would vote to abolish Dept of Education Bennett & Poliquin need more info #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin Plowman would vote to defund @PPFAQ Planned Parenthood #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Poliquin would vote to defund @PPFAQ Says he believes in the US constitution and religious freedom and that PP is against that.#mepolitics

@MainesMajority: @PPFAQ Maine State Senator Debra Plowman: “Planned Parenthood is against women” #mesen #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: D’A: Planned Parenthood has infiltrated the Girl Scouts #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Scott D’Amboise: ” @PPFAQ has infiltrated the Girl Scouts and is teaching them how to get abortions.” my head hurts.. #mesen #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Bennett w/some exceptions I support woman’s right to choose Sees defunding as a budget issue Opposes tax money for abortions #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman Fault lies w/@BarackObama on #gaymarriage #DOMA appointing people who dont do their jobs #mepolitics

(Bonus tweet from Professor Amy Fried) @ASFried: D’Amboise doesn;t know Justice Ginsberg’s name. #mepolitics Ginzheimer?

@DirigoBlue: With Schneider & Summers missing no lawyers at forum Shows during query on DOMA #gaymarriage #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: 3rd time Poliquin tells us he is a Catholic tweeps at home now have a drinking game #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: Poliquin keeps talking about US Constitution. Has he read the MAINE Constitution? His actions don’t reflect it… #mepolitics #mesen

@DirigoBlue: Did I hear Poliquin say that gay marriahe should be left to the states? #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: All 4 candidates support public display of 10 Commandments – Plowman blames atheists #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin drink #1 #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: At every debate D’A hates on the female Justices. Sexist? RT@ASFried: D’Amboise doesn’t know Justice Ginsberg’s name.#mepolitics #mesen

@DirigoBlue: Pro-choice Bennett does decent job answering direct question on abortion Poliquin says life begins at conception #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin might make exception for health/life of mother #mepoltlitics

@DirigoBlue: Plowman is walking anecdote of “abortion industry” pressuring women to have one #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Q: Should civil rights always trump religious rights? #mepolitics Interesting question

@DirigoBlue: Plowman says in order to graduate from medical school student must perform an abortion #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: @ASFried Even legislators near us remarked that D’A didnt know Ginsberg’s name #mepolitics

@MainesMajority: And folks we are on to the war against Christmas! Scott D’Amboise is passionately talking about religious rights. #mepolitics

@DirigoBlue: Bennett understands that religous rights are a civil right #mepoliticsNot clear if he understands limits of religion on civil rights

@DirigoBlue: Poliquin produces piece of trim from Gilman St low income project in Waterville Says it’s white oak $$! #mepolitics

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CCL, NOM combine efforts opposing same sex marriage referendum

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Via PPH:

The Christian Civic League of Maine and the National Organization for Marriage say they’ve combined forces to defeat the same-sex marriage referendum proposal on next November’s ballot.

The chairman of Protect Marriage Maine, Rev. Bob Emrich, says it will organize groups of different faiths as well as people with no faith traditions at all in opposition to the ballot initiative. Christian Civic League Executive Director Carroll Conley says his group was not a major player in the 2009 campaign, but he believes it can play a major role in the campaign this year.

Paperwork creating Protect Marriage Maine was filed Friday.

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Rep. Bob Duchesne (D-Hudson) Speech: On & On Anon

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Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Men & Women of the House.

If this is the short session, why does it seem so long? For once, it is not the fault of Meredith Strang Burgess. She had laryngitis midsession. No, the fault lies within the rest of this body, and it is time to name names: this year’s inductees into On & On Anon.

I may offend some people. I didn’t get into politics to be popular. So far that’s working. As I offered to do a week ago, I did exclude three members of this body who wished to be omitted from award consideration. I won’t reveal who they were. But if there are any glaring omissions, I can’t prevent the body from speculating.

I’m not as prepared this year. I may stumble around incoherently, forgetting my point…sorta like a Gary Knight speech.

Well, in the context of people who talk On & On, you know sooner or later Brad Moulton’s name will come up, so let’s get that out of the way right now.

I am saddened that this duty falls to me, but I am not embarrassed. Embarrassed is when you don’t realize your wife is talking to her entire family on Skype…and you walk into the room naked. The holidays are going to be really different this year.

I can’t promise this will be pretty. I have stopped fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now.
Mr. Speaker, I don’t write jokes. I just observe what I see and report the facts.

For instance, today was the LAST day I follow Stacy Fitts’ light.

You can see a lot from the back row. On the gaming bill, you could tell that Beth O’Connor wanted to speak in the worst way. And she did.

I would like to say how much I enjoyed Seth Berry singing the National Anthem because, for once, you knew ahead of time when he was going to finish. Although there are four verses; if there was ever anyone who might sing them all…

Some of you know the secret on how to craft a short, effective speech. For the love of God, please give that secret to Mike Carey.

What is so hard about writing a short speech? If 140 characters is good enough for Twitter it should be good enough for Anna Blodgett.

The House worked on a very tight budget this session. Some of the cuts were so deep, we no longer record and transcribe our history. We just have Lance Harvell remember it.

This was funny: when Lance started to speak on the Judicial Deference bill and then sat down, he proved that the only person who can shut up Lance Harvell…is Lance Harvell.

Lance did manage to leave Diane Russell speechless once this session. Teach me that power, Obi-Wan.

I’ m against the influence of money in politics. On the other hand, I think we would all join…in paying David Webster to sit down.

Ladies & Gentlemen of the House, there are so many things we agree on:

Les Fossel isn’t as funny as he thinks he is.

Wayne Parry’s tax speech was as loud as a Jeff McCabe shirt.

A speech by Andrea Boland lasts longer…than a Kim Kardashian marriage.

We agree that term limits are a good thing if they get rid of both Bob Duchesne and Jonathan McKane. That’s a win-win. But the House will lose some good people, too. Democrats will lose George Hogan. Republicans will lose Steve Hanley.

I’m sorry to see Jim Hamper termed out. It’s been great to serve with him on Natural Resources and I only regret that he never got a chance to chair the committee.

I regret that Paul Waterhouse is leaving the body this year. I would have preferred last year.

I’ve learned a lot from my fellow legislators:

From Louis Lucchini, I’ve learned that facing your fears makes you stronger…but running from them makes you faster.

From Ralph Sarty, I’ve learned that if you want the chamber to be full when you make your floor speech, speak before he does.

From Pat Flood, I’ve learned that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed.

From Annie Graham I’ve learned that silence is golden, but duct tape is silver and maybe that would work.

I’ve learned that 63.4% of the time, Kerri Prescott is misusing statistics.

From Dana Dow, I learned how to get the last word in any debate. You just use up all the words so there are none left for anybody else.

From Andre Cushing, I’ve learned that there is an upper limit on what we humans can understand, but no lower limit.

I do have to say in his defense, the average IQ of the debate does NOT go down 20 points every time Chuck Kruger rises. It just seems that way.

I don’t have a joke for Alan Casavant this year. But he can’t hear me back here. Could his seatmates just lean in and tell him that I insulted him so that he won’t feel left out?

Dean Cray got a smart phone. It hasn’t helped.

Now, Paul Davis said something interesting the other day. Boy, was I surprised.

I don’t know if Jim Parker’s last argument was circular but I couldn’t find a point.

Irony is Kim Rosen as speaker pro temp – a Speaker who has never spoken.

My thanks to Windoll Weaver, Ryan Harmon, and Don Pilon for finally straightening out the Wood Pellet bill… after multiple reports, multiple amendments, multiple committees of conference. I would have just sent it to appellate court.

Mr. Speaker, we could speed this up. I have a suggestion. The next time you look down and see that Walter Kumiega, Doug Damon, Rob Hunt, and Justin Timberlake have pushed their buttons to speak, recognize them all together. Let them speak simultaneously. We’re not listening anyway. Look at the time we’ll save.

Sometimes it’s just painful. Listening to Melissa Walsh Innes is like hearing the Speaker pronounce foreign names.

Maybe we should be like the Academy Awards. If Maeghan Maloney speaks too long, music starts playing.
Or basketball. If Sharon Treat is still talking at the end of 24 seconds, a horn goes off and the other side gets the ball.

I can explain Jon Hinck. He’s a lawyer. Lawyers think a 17 page document is a brief. Calling a lawyer brief is like calling Fox News… news.

Jane Eberle is so slim, where does she store all those words when they aren’t being used?

Brian Bolduc’s record is intact. He got a unanimous Ought-Not-To-Pass… on a sentiment.

Beth Turner put in a sentiment for a winning basketball team that didn’t win.

Helen Rankin is 80 years old. She was only 77 when Tim Driscoll started his last speech. We won’t know if Helen is the oldest member in the House until we have Dick Wagner carbon-dated.

Howard McFadden proves that old politicians never die. They’re just indefinitely postponed.

I am a registered organ donor. Someday I will give up a vital organ to save a life. And every time Cheryl Briggs rises to speak on a sentiment, I think, “Why wait?”

We waste so much time waiting for the other body to stop talking. Imagine how much worse it is going to be if Gary Plummer gets down there.

The race I’m looking forward to is Emily Cain for Senate. Who can go negative against her? It’s like whacking a cheerleader.

Men & women of the House, I hope you enjoy these waning moments of the 125th Legislature. So many of us won’t be returning… because we are termed out, because we’ve decided not to run again… because we are Ben Chipman.

Mr. Speaker, I’m nearly finished my remarks, but I doubt it’s the end. John Martin is working on an amendment.

I am about to get a standing ovation. Frankly, I won’t know if it’s because you enjoyed my last speech…or because it IS my last speech.

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Governor LePage Uses Veto Line Item “Power”; Throws 125th Adjournment into Questionable Status

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Well, so much for the hard-fought compromises achieved in the Legislature moving towards adjournment this week, as the Governor this morning stomped his foot over not getting his way yet again.

Just like in February, Governor LePage earlier this week blustered about and threatened not to sign the DHHS supplemental budget about to be presented to him, despite the fact that it had overwhelming support in both chambers. Via BDN:

“In quick action Friday, the Maine House and Senate voted to finally enact a supplemental budget package for the current biennium which Gov. Paul LePage has said he will not sign.

The House vote of 105-30 was above the two-thirds majority needed so that the budget goes into effect immediately. The Senate vote was 35-0. Such votes would also be enough to override a veto from the governor.”

But apparently that wasn’t good enough for Governor LePage, who saw it as a challenge to his authority and decided to take an extraordinary action, never before taken by any of his predecessors: a line item veto.

It appears Gov. Paul LePage is not giving up on a battle with the Legislature over his supplemental budget package.

LePage on Saturday issued what are known as line-item vetoes on two parts of the budget that passed overwhelmingly through the House and Senate on Friday. It’s the first time a Maine governor has ever used line-item veto power.

BDN goes on to note 2 other interesting points: Line-item vetoes require only a simple majority to overturn. Additionally, with a simple veto, LePage had 10 days to veto. With line items, he had to act quickly, as only 24 hours after final passage by the Legislature is the rule.

Who’s the “spoiled little brat”, now?

Via press release:

Early Saturday morning, Governor Paul LePage chose to line item veto two items in the General Fund Second Supplemental Budget proposal. This is the first time a Maine Governor has used the line item veto privilege. The two measures the Governor vetoed were related to General Assistance welfare funding and Disproportionate Share Hospital funding.

“General Assistance is a welfare program that, like most others, has gotten out of control,” said Governor LePage. “The amounts vetoed will put this issue back on the table and the Legislature must summon the political courage to fix the program structurally. Hiding from our problems will not make them go away. The Maine people expect leadership and those in Augusta must deliver,” added the Governor.

The second item Governor LePage vetoed relates the Legislature’s revisions to the Supplemental Budget involving Disproportionate Share Hospital funding. The federal government has clarified that Disproportionate Share Hospital funding provided in the Medicaid program cannot be used for those involuntarily in secure public institutions, like Riverview Psychiatric Center (RPC), as a result of criminal charges. About half of the patients at RPC fall into this category.’

Well, that certainly makes us all safer- nice going there, Governor! Now please explain how cutting $3.17 million in funding to Riverview is in keeping with your statement regarding domestic violence homicides this morning? How does one square claiming to want to help victims on one hand, when on the other one refuses funds to the sole facility in Maine capable of evaluating those already in custody who pose a danger, a problem that has only gotten worse in the past 5 years?

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee member Rep. Anne Haskell has it right when she recently warned of how these proposed cuts by the Governor would place Mainers at risk. But apparently her wise words carried no weight with LePage and it’s now back to the drawing board for the 125th Legislature.

Here is the letter sent out awhile ago by the Governor’s office:

PLP Line Item Veto Letter

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Bettyann Sheats Announces HD 68 (Auburn) Run

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From her campaign handout:

Dear friends and neighbors, thank you for taking an interest in my campaign. Here are the answers to questions I am often asked:

Why are you running for office?

For my children. I hope they will both be able to graduate from college and find work they find rewarding (both personally and financially) here in Maine. I believe we can create more opportunities for our youth here in Maine.

One of Maine’s great qualities is that legislators are so close to residents. People can get involved and have a positive effect. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” I want to be one of those people.

What is your vision for Maine?

“Maine –The Way Life Should Be” will only be a reality with the right leadership. We need reform in many areas. But cuts are not reform. Cuts cause unintended consequences. I would like to be a part of a shift to co-operation to find real solutions to real problems in Maine.

What is your education and training background?

I graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point in 1984. I trained and served as a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot and Platoon Leader in Germany and New York until 1991. I gave it all up to put down roots and raise a family in Maine, and I’ve never regretted it.

What is your business experience?

I have owned and operated Finishing Touches Shower Doors for seven years. I install glass shower doors and shower surrounds in new homes and bathroom remodels. It allows me to use my engineering training and organizational skills, while having the flexibility to volunteer in several community organizations.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is meeting other small business owners and homeowners and hearing their perspectives on Maine life.

Are you from Maine?

I have visited all 50 states and 22 countries with my family and with the military. When my husband and I left active duty, we could have lived anywhere. We chose Maine, USA.

For seventeen years Auburn, Maine has been our home. We have raised our children in Maine. I have built a successful business in Maine. My husband has turned down promotions when they would have required our family to leave Maine. Our dream is to retire here, surrounded by our children and someday their families.

Contact Information:

Home: (207) 777-4537
Mobile: (207) 740-2613
Web site:

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