Tweets from Governor LePage’s Somerset County “Capital For A Day” Town Hall

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Here they are!

1. #LePage announced he signed #DHHS budget bill passed earlier today #mepolitics

2. Joining #LePage at Town Hall Winglass (Labor) Aho (DEP) Beardsley Bernhardt (DOT) #mepolitics

3. Also Mayhew (DHHS) Whitcomb (Ag) Bowen (Ed) Treasurer Poliquin #mepolitics

4. Poliquin doesn’t even wait for a question but bashes #MSHA MaineHousing during his intro #mepolitics

5. Just wrapping up intros 25 minutes into Town Hall – so much for questions #mepolitics

6. 1st Q to Poliquin Will you release your Tree Management Plan? He does not answer #LePage steps to defend him #mepolitics

7. 2nd Q about public funding of religious education #LePage choice should be left to parents Not everybody learns same way #mepolitics

8. Q on innovative schools to Bowen says recreated fund eliminated during Baldacci – funding for it in next supplemental budget #mepolitics

9. Q on E/W highway Bernhardt says will bring jobs #LePage we’ve talked to Canadian ptemiers who favor & Fed now interested #mepolitics

10. Bernhardt adds that E/W highway would cross freight rail lines possible intermodal sites #mepolitics

11. @GriffinClubMerv Ack – I meant USFed interest in E/W highway which current scheme has private financed #mepolitics

12. Q on energy costs #LePage industrial & coomercial elect rates will drop 2¢ kWh Rez drop 1¢ kWh #mepolitics

13. #LePage claims that Maine can buy cheap hydroelect from Quebec then tells audience to not sign Alt Energy petition #mepolitics

14. #LePage says Wyoming has cheap elect cuz they use coal but then complains about polluted air coming from western states to Maine #mepolitics

15. Poliquin says state gov’t doesn’t pick winner or losers How does that fit w/attacks on #MSHA to favor for-profit developers #mepolitics

16. #LePage says NH has avg income $60K compared to Maine $45K #mepolitics If only Maine was next to Boston

17. #LePage says we need to figure out how to tax snowbirds more Says US has 2nd highest corp tax rate in world #mepolitics

18. If you missed it #LePage signed #DHHS compromise budget bill passed earlier today by #meleg #mepolitics

19. #LePage “A forest is nothing but a garden that takes longer to grow.” #mepolitics

20. On school choice Bowen said he had choice of 3 different high schools then mentions that his town didn’t have one #mepolitics

21. #LePage There’s a good reason we don’t pay our teachers enuf We have too many of them oer number of students #mepolitics

1. Ran into Treasurer Poliquin ahead of Madison town meeting. Tried to ask him about my FOA request. He ignored me. #mepolitics

2. Skimpy crowd tonight, especially being this close to Waterville. #mepolitics

3. Also very little press in attendance. #mepolitics

4. Bowen says he wants less of a regulatory department & instead assist great work of schools.Yet he wants to rip system apart. #mepolitics

5. Poliquin worried about taxes going up. His neighbors should be too. #mepolitics

6. Poliquin is once again talking about cutting wasteful spending at MSHA. #mepolitics

7. Labor Commissioner Winglass: plenty of jobs available in social service. #mepolitics #notforlong #didntgethememo

8. First question is about tree growth! Poliquin dodges. #mepolitics

9. Poliquin is dodging the question about his tree growth. #mepolitics

10. LePage communications team in complete disarray. #mepolitics

11. Now LePage is trying to cover for Poliquin… #mepolitics

12. LePage says he wants what is best for students and that they should go where is best for them. Including religious schools. #mepolitics

13. Bowen during question about education says that they are no longer a carrot and stick system. Now all about incentives. Huh?? #mepolitics

14. LePage says we need more cordial people in state government. Governor please listen to your own suggestion… #mepolitics

15. LePage is once again talking about energy costs and how Maine is in trouble. Yet we are cheapest in New England. #mepolitics

16. LePage talking about economic mobility as those who flee to Florida and don’t pay taxes. Doesn’t he own a house in Florida?? #mepolitics

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