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(VIDEOS) LD1816 Senate Democratic Floor Speeches

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After the House passed LD1816 by a margin, the bill went immediately to the Senate- where Senator Elizabeth Schneider attempted to get the bill sent back to the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee:

Senator Dawn Hill spoke eloquently regarding the AFA Committee’s work on the bill:

Here are links to more of the floor speeches from Thursday night.

1. Senator Troy Jackson (Allagash)

2. Senator Phil Bartlett (Cumberland)

3. Senator Justin Alfond (Cumberland)

4. Senator Stan Gerzofsky (Cumberland)

6. Senator Cynthia Dill (Cumberland)

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Sen. Jon Courtney (R-York) LD1816 Floor Speech Urged Bill Support- Before He Himself Voted Against It

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Watch for yourself.

Now this is where it gets into political posturing- because Governor LePage, Senate President Raye, and Speaker of the House Nutting all joined the Maine GOP in issuing statements regarding the Senate votes- but in every case, all failed to mention their own sole Senate member who voted with the 12 Democrats, as a parliamentary procedure means of reconsideration at a later time.

Here in part is the statement of Senate President Kevin Raye:

It is puzzling that Democratic Senators have chosen to be obstructionists standing in the way of a bipartisan compromise that passed the House 109-27, has the support of Senate Republicans, avoids a veto by the Governor, and eliminates the specter of the state running out of money in April.

It is disappointing that 12 Senate Democrats broke with Senate Republicans, House Democrats and House Republicans and that the prospect of the Department of Health and Human Services running out of money in April is now back on the table. The irresponsible action of Senate Democrats in playing Russian Roulette with the DHHS budget puts at risk the well-being of Maine’s most vulnerable citizens and the health care providers who serve them.

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Floor Speech of Senator Chris Johnson (Lincoln) on LD1816

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Senate floor speech of newly sworn in Senator Chris Johnson, delivered during Feb. 16 evening session regarding emergency bill LD1816, “An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Streamline and Prioritize Core Government Services Task Force for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013 and To Make Certain Other Allocations and Appropriations and Changes to the Law Necessary to the Operation of State Government”.

Watch here.

Despite the fact that 12 Democrats and 1 GOP Senator (Jon Courtney) voted against the bill, Maine GOP were quick to pounce specifically on Johnson:

New Senator Votes Against Local Hospitals
On his first day in office Senator Chris Johnson voted against local hospitals

Augusta, Maine – Today was an historic day for Maine’s newest state senator, Senator Chris Johnson. In his first day as a State Senator, Chris Johnson cast the deciding vote that will cut all MaineCare funding to local medical care providers and the vulnerable population they serve. Tonight, the Maine Legislature failed to pass a budget that would have provided funding for the MaineCare program for the remainder of State Fiscal Year ’12. Senator Johnson voted against this measure.

Prior to the Senate’s morning session Senator Johnson was sworn into office and by nightfall he had cast his first important vote as a Senator. The bill being considered by the Maine Senate was LD 1816, the supplemental budget to fund the Department of Health and Human Services. Without passing this important legislation the state will be forced to stop paying medical providers, including Miles Hospital in Damariscotta and Saint Andrews in Boothbay, and will put the most vulnerable of Maine’s citizens at risk.

A bipartisan amendment was agreed to by legislative leaders from the House Republicans, House Democrats, and Senate Republicans along with the Governor to improve the bill and ensure passage of LD 1816 and avoid catastrophic consequences. In the amendment was additional money to Maine’s hospitals to help ensure they can continue to provide services to the people of Maine. With this improved bill before him, Senator Johnson found himself with a choice; support the bill to guarantee services will continue to be provided to Maine citizens or oppose it, Senator Johnson chose to oppose the agreement on ideological reasons.

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