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Tweets from Governor LePage’s Androscoggin County “Capitol for a Day”

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Androscoggin County 'Capitol for a Day' (photo by Nicola Wells)

Gerald Weinand/ Dirigo Blue

A lot of media awaits the arrival of #LePage & commissioners at Lewiston Town Hall – do they know something? #mepolitics

Commissioners at #LePage Town Hall Bowen (Ed) Bernhard (DOT) Poliwuin of course #mepolitics

Venue is the Vo Tech restaurant with w/about 20 ten-top tables Flat surfaces will be noisy #mepolitics

Other Commish Winglass (Labor) Mayhew (DHHS) Whitmore (Ag) Millet (Budget) #mepolitics

Sens. Snowe-Mellow, Mason Reps Wood, Timberlake, Crafts, MacMillan – no Dems made it here? #mepolitics

Rep Mike Carey (D) is here and I’m told he was inadvertantly overlooked #mepolitics

Channel 13 reporter taping loudly enough to turn heads while Poliquin making his intro Sorry Bruce! #mepolitics

Lots of TV here to get footage for their 3-minute story at 11

Over 20 minutes spent on introductions That’s one way to avoid questions #mepolitics

TV is way out of control running from questioner to questioner with camera in their face Much nicer in rural areas #mepolitics

Media asked to stay to the side so those that came to see #LePage et al can actually see them #mepolitics

Good question on use of tobacco settlement money Why not being used to build public health system like other states have #mepolitics

Q Expand ZOOM bus to L/A? #LePage all about funding Bernhard says new passenger rail plan out soon (!?!) #mepolitics

Poliquin follows with “The State is broke” passes on opportunity to bash MaineHousing #mepolitics

#LePage says Green Energy coalition going around #megov & #meleg for referendum Is he bashing referendum process?

#LePage said Japanese Counsel came here but said energy costs too high to build car plant here #mepolitics

#LePage said he asked Efficiency Maine if they wanted to join in “They said ‘No thanks’ ” #mepolitics

#LePage confuses actual earnings with adjusted income on tax returns #mepolitics

#LePage said that man he met last Friday told him he moved here last year, bought a house, then State gave him new boiler & oil

Millet says the tax cut is NOT slanted to wealthy #mepolitics Except they don’t

Man tees up MaineHousing question for Poliquin #mepolitics

Poliquin mentions Sen Courtney’s bill to allow #LePage to fire #MSHA head McCormick #LD1778 #mepolitics

Will #LePage admit that he and Mayhew made a mistake in their budget projection last spring for DHHS? No, he’ll start in 2002

#LePage says that the reason budget is mess is because @mainegop had been out of power so long & didn’t know how to govern #mepolitics

#LePage favors #meschool vouchers Unlikely to submit bill this year #mepolitics

Will your Medicaid cuts that will send more to emergency room also prevent hospitals to shift cost to insured people? #mepolitics

#LePage increase of those on MaineCare are people who realize they can drop their private insurance for “free” #mepolitics

#LePage first time visit to emergency room w/o paying covered Next visits they pay bill #mepolitics #squeezingbloodfromturnip

#LePage says qualification for Medicaid does not look at assets Suck it up little old lady in that house you’ve owned for years

It’s another Maintenance of Effort requiring a waiver which just ain’t gonna happen #mepolitics

Lady asks about #LD882 which prohibits an insurer from offering more coverage than what the ACA mandates #mepolitics

CEO of St Mary’s Hospital says #DHHS cuts will cost that hospital $6M while their bottom line is just $2M #mepolitics

#LePage threatens to not pay hospitals so as to not close nursing homes #mepolitics

#LePage my proposal last year to cut non-cats was ignored #mepolitics admits that his admin had no Plan B in hand if #meleg didn’t go along

#LePage threatens to close schools May 1 (applause) #mepolitics Last month he made same threat for 1 April #foundapotofgold

Ed Commish Bowen has yet to respond to a question Odd since he usually likes to talk #mepolitics

#LePage Dem legislators are either misleading the Maine people or can’t count #mepolitics

#LePage “There’s more to education than public schools”

Chris Korzen/ Maine’s Majority

At LePage’s town hall meeting in Lewiston. The room is packed. Stay tuned! #mepolitics

The commissioners are introducing themselves and describing their departments. #mepolitics

Adrienne Bennett introduced Mary Mayhew of DHHS as the head of a department that could be contentious tonight… #mepolitics

Poliquin describing overhaul of state pension and describing the cuts as a success.Forgot to mention gov pension stayed intact.

20 minutes on intros. That should cut down on the numbers of actual questions they have to answer. #mepolitics

LePage asked if corporations are people. States they are a legal entity. Nice dodge #mepolitics

TV has handhelds in the audience. Have never seen this before.

LePage says he wants to get rid of all quasi-governmental agencies when asked about MTA toll hikes. No surprise there.

LePage: “We ran out of money.” We ran out of money because we gave tax cuts to those who didn’t need them. #mepolitics

Question from Maine League of Young Voters chief Nicola Wells (a Lewiston resident) on sustainable transportation. #mepolitics

Why is Poliquin answering a transportation question? #mepolitics

Poliquin telling audience that we need to realize the state is broke. Why did we lower the tax rate for the wealthy? #mepolitics

Poliquin: “the state is broke.” This is the administration’s answer for just about everything, and it’s rubbish. #mepolitics

@thisdog I hope #mepress is going to push back on this. We’re broke only insofar as we decided to be that way.

LePage blaming electricity prices as the reason businesses do not come to Maine. Our rates are cheaper than rest of New England #mepolitics

Proof that Maine pays less for energy than rest of New England from US Energy info #mepolitics

@thisdog Cute. He’s redefined “wealthy.”

Did #LePage just say that “wealthy” in Maine means anyone making more than 19,000? #mepolitics

RT @nicolalyv: Heidi brooks just read my mind- she asked lepage why he is cutting taxes on the wealthy- his response? #mepolitics

LePage blaming out-of-staters for draining our healthcare system. Stop blaming outsiders we are all Americans. #mepolitics

Question about “bringing to light abuses” at MSHA. What abuses??? #mepolitics

Poliquin is on his housing warpath. #mepolitics

Poliquin is continuing his attack on Maine State Housing. He doesn’t understand the cost of new public construction. #mepolitics

Blatant attack on Democrats from the floor. Let’s see how LePage handles this. Partisanship or olive branch? #mepolitics

LePage repeating this fabrication about “welfare” in Maine: #mepolitics

Vouchers for private schools just came up. Curious to see how this goes. #mepolitics

@thisdog Pretty sure he includes things like unemployment as “welfare.”

LePage says he favors vouchers for students. Supports semi-private schools but not quasi-government departments #mepolitics

In case you’re wondering, corporate tax breaks are not “welfare” under LePage tax plan. #mepolitics

@andiparkinson2 Oh very good. Thanks! We’ll be ready to pull tape tonight if you need it.

RT @jaravak: Did lePage just say that hospitals are going to turn people away the emergency rooms? #mepolitics

Hmmm #LePage says he is in favor of vouchers for schools. Sounds like an ALEC model bill. #mepolitics

LePage: we are developing low-cost insurance products for younger people and families. #mepolitics

LePage: “welfare” does not look at assets. Really? #mepolitics

@stevemistler @smcover How quickly do you think Treasurer Poliquin is going to try to run out the door, lest he get stuck talking to you?

LePage says he is trying to improve Medicaid services for the mentally ill. Oh really? Than why cut out 65,000 mainers

@lizzy_reinholt The insurance commission. Is this news to you?

Question from Lee Myles, CEO of St. Mary’s Health System: health care “is a moral issue.” #mepolitics

Myles: “do we know what impact of health care cuts will be on local economy?” #mepolitics

Myles: “you didn’t create DHHS crisis, nor did Democrats or Republicans.” Well done. #mepolitics

Myles’ question gets at the heart of the economic choices facing Maine and our country. #mepolitics

RT @dirigoblue: CEO of St Mary’s Hospital says #DHHS cuts will cost that hospital $6M while their bottom line is just $2M

If #LePage is trying to improve services for mentally ill than why is he cutting funding for PNMI? #mepolitics

LePage just took a swipe at Democrats in response to a very non-partisan question. #mepolitics

#LePage is threatening to close schools if he can’t fix the budge shortfall #mepolitics

RT @nicolalyv: Lepage- I am not cutting budget.

RT @dirigoblue: #LePage threatens to close schools May 1 (applause) #mepolitics Last month he made same threat for 1 April #foundapotofgold

RT @mtkstevens: Funny that Poloquin is quoting the Maine Constitution. #mepolitics

Last question from a LePage classmate: how do we pay for 5-year high school? Are you going to take away $ from public schools? #mepolitics

.@bangordailynews ALEC hopes so! #mepolitics

Bowen says that #LePage is his favorite boss. #mepolitics

LePage just said that local superintendents are preventing kids from going to ME School of Sci & Math – can he show us one?

Poliquin just ran when we (and an @MPBNnews reporter) asked about him violating the Maine Constitution. Way to run away.

Town hall is over. Dear #LePage can’t you say anything nice about our state? #mepolitics

The League of Young Voters’ Nicola Wells

@MainesMajority nice to be with you at lepage’s townhall in lewiston

asked a question about lepage’s stance on sustainable transportation – bringing buses to connect Portland, l/a and Augusta- the response?

1) lewiston/auburn doesnt have enough people (oh really) 2) the state is broke (oh yeah? Then why is lepage cutting taxes for the rich)?

Heidi brooks just read my mind- she asked lepage why he is cutting taxes on the wealthy- his response?

Babbling numbers- cant make sense of it. #ohwell

Lepage- people on welfare because they are wrong. Us- people on welfare because #therentistoodamnhigh and #wedonthaveanyjobs

Newsflash- lepage attacking immigrants and making up “facts” about assistance refugees receive.

Things that make me sad 1) lies abt our state budget 2) ppl applauding lies 3) ppl applauding lies abt vulnerable neighbors in our community

@DirigoBlue oh good, I thought I was the only one hearing this nonsense

Wow-crazy feeling sitting w/my neighbors seeing them cheer people getting kickd off mainecare, losing their housing, + losing jobs #chilling

When conservatives don’t like someone (like the housing authority director in Maine) they want oversight, but when it comes to banks

That pay for lepage’s campaign- then let them go wild! Come on guys!

Lepage wants us to believe there is no money- no money? In the richest country in the world? In a state with some of the most beautiful….

…. Mansions in the world! There is money- it’s our money and it’s being taken from us.

Oh shoot-wanted to ask question about student loan bonding that lepage has blocked- #thatsourmoney (see bill by sen. Raye aimed at fixing it

Watch out- lepage is trying 2 explain Medicaid- the ? was a simple one- are u Goin to keep hurting mariners by cutting consumer protections?

The answer? Yup- you are screwed. I love letting insurance companies #stealyourmoney

Lepage’s cabinet: 6 men+Mary “cut and slash” Mahew-where’s our strong female leadership that get importance of community, Ed and #goodjobs?

Wonderful woman fr new Gloucste speaking out on behalf of those in need of mental health coverage-will lepage secure mental health services?

Yeah- no big applause. Come on guys! Compassion!!!!!!!

What I have learned – You can tell your story til u are blue in the face, and if your neighbors lack compassion they will not be moved.

St Mary’s CEO: the budget cuts aren’t just a financial issue. It’s a Moral issue – period.

Lepage- I am not cutting budget.

Oh really? People clapping 4 lepage’s proposal to close schools may 1. Cheering the end of education? Looking lepage’s supporters in the eye

Ronnie paradis- you and I graduated from public school together and we are good. Are you going to undercut the system we benefitted from?

Lepage- we have bad schools. So let’s cut their budget

Head of Ed dept- cutting money for public schools is good for kids

@raylab I just discovered twit pic- uh oh

Lepage- “the bullseye is our kids”

Lewiston Sun Journal regional editor Scott Thistle

LePage event in Lewiston tonight. Also Cover-it-Live conversation with editors and reporters #mepolitics

what no Peggy Rotundo? #mepolitics #lepage

“We may be in an urban setting tonight but not too far away are some of the most productive farms . . . ” Ag Commish Whitcomb.

Poliquin speaking now. #mepolitics “State government spends more money than it takes in.”

Good question to LePage do you believe corporations are people? #mepolitics. LePage: “I believe they are a legal entity.”

LePage did say he did not believe corps were people. #mepolitics

Kind of dodged the Turnpike question too. #mepolitics @stevemistler

“The fact of the matter is — the money that was given to us, I am stretching it as far as I can.” LePage. #mepolitics

Poliquin: “State government has no new money – we’re broke.” #mepolitics

Poliquin is using the cut taxes until everybody moves here with there jobs philosophy. Does that work? #mepolitics

Noticed my electric bill has gone steadily down over the last few months. Still using same amount of kws. So how’s that figure? #mepolitics

@MainesMajority there’s your push back on tax cuts for wealthy. #mepolitics

LePage, “majority of tax cuts don’t take effect until next year and the year after.” #mepolitics

Now for the question? “Do you have the authority or is there any legislative process to remove Dale McCormick?” #mepolitics MSHA

LePage “Get this thing done. I don’t like to make cuts. We ran out of money. Nobody wants to cut effective programs.”

Has welfare really grown by 78 percent? That sounds like off the cocktail napkin?

A rhyme. “What has happened in Maine is we’re a run away train.” #mepolitics LePage

@thisdog Pretty sure he includes things like unemployment as “welfare.”

Good question on ER use by those without insurance, if MaineCare singles get cut. #mepolitics

LePage answering now about Medicaid reimbursement rates . . . #mepolitics Emotional arguments about welfare are inappropriate?

LePage folks intentionally dropped health insurance to get on MaineCare, because it’s free, after eligibility caps were raised.

LePage pitches new plan to require some payment like on second visits so folks will be more responsible with MaineCare use.

Gov. LePage also pitches private insurance products that are more affordable, crafted for young singles and young families.

Bates student asking question now? #mepolitics Would law allow Anthem to raise rates by up to 10 percent?

LePage, said no, they would have to go to insurance super to get increase. #mepolitics

@Kriskxx not sure I follow?

“It’s going to be a tough couple of years for the shrimp industry.” LePage on latest catch limits for Gulf of Maine Shrimp. #mepolitics

Lee Myles, CEO St. Mary’s Health System: urges “thoughtful incremental approach” to budget cuts for health care other issues.

Myles also notes, not fault of one party or the other. “We have an economy issue.” #mepolitics

@MainesMajority there’s an olive branch. I agree. #mepolitics #myles

LePage says it’s not him. Ask Legislature to do something. “If you do nothing, on April 1, I’m out of money.” #mepolitics

“It’s a matter of not having money, it’s not a matter of policy.” LePage. #mepolitics cont.

It’s a matter of when you have $100 in your checkbook and you spend $200 you’re in trouble . . . #mepolitics

LePage now pointing out Federal government has exacerbated the state’s budget woes by cutting Medicaid reimbursement rates.

OK Sen. Rotundo, D-Lewiston, did show for the governor’s visit to her city. #mepolitics just recognized

“There’s more to education than simply public schools.” LePage #mepolitics @MainesMajority @bangordailynews is that choice?

Bowen says they r increasing funds for public ed. Admits he’s a “policy wonk” — this is simple “What’s in the best interest of the kids?”

LePage says school supers won’t send bright students to magnet school because they worry about losing money — #mepolitics

Interesting night, good questions. #mepolitics

@ASFried good point. @andiparkinson2 I thought the same thing, that was quite a loaded statement. #mepolitics

(My tweet to Scott: @thisdog #LePage implying that school supers holding bright kids back? Wow- any proof of this or usual “make it up as he goes”?)

@andiparkinson2 I’m sure we will have some follow ups and @stevemistler will be writing a report too. #mepolitics

And, that’s a wrap. (We all really owe it to ourselves to fact check these statements by the Governor and his administration officials…)

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Obama’s First 2012 TV Ad Released: “The Facts About President Obama’s Energy Record”

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Interesting strategy.

The clip’s description:

President Obama has taken steps to make us energy independent and create an economy that’s built to last. He’s been a strong supporter of domestic energy production, has made historic investments in clean energy technology, and has nearly doubled fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks. Because of the progress we’ve made, our dependence on foreign oil is the lowest it’s been in 16 years. Yet, conservative groups funded by big oil are spending millions trying to distort the President’s record.

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