My Photos of Saturday’s Blaine House Rally- and Some Questions

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I have a few questions for the LePage administration myself: Why the need for so many Maine State Troopers, including 2 teams of police dogs?


The above album of pictures were taken between 9:30 and 10am on Saturday, about an hour before the rally. I am curious why Governor LePage felt it necessary to have such a large police presence- counted 7 marked state trooper vehicles, multiple Capitol police cruisers, and who knows how many “unmarked” were there.


Additionally, multiple state troopers were on the Blaine House grounds with an officer tasked with watching down over the hill at the Occupy Augusta campsite.


And there were multiple troopers driving back and forth between the Blaine House and Statehouse. Photo 1:


Photo 2:


My rough guess? There was a 3:1 ratio of unemployed Mainers and supporters to police officers.

Who authorized the overtime/ weekend costs involved? My guess would be LePage and John Morris.

How much did it cost? Well, that we will never know (unless that sort of info is available via FOIA, which I doubt).

I also doubt that this waste of taxpayer money will ever be investigated by Charlie Summers, Bruce Poliquin, or William Schneider…

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