Occupy Maine Issues First Press Release

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8:10pm Update: WLBZ-2 sent out a tweet to news story and this video from earlier today.


Hundreds Turn Out In Rain to Protest Corporate Personhood

Portland, Maine: Leading Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York traveled to Portland, Maine to rally Mainers to gather in solidarity with the Wall Street Occupation.

The event mirrors several similar demonstrations taking place in various other cities across the country and all over the world. The event was organized over the preceding week using social media and attracted over one thousand members to its Facebook page.

After convening for a General Assembly, the group in Monument Square has released the following list of national and local demands:

National Demands

1. End corporate personhood.

2. Get private investors out of public policy: we demand publically funded elections.

3. Progressive tax should apply to the wealthy: eliminate tax loopholes.

4. Support public workers’ rights and workers’ voices.

5. Re-regulate financial institutions and prosecute financial criminals.

6. Banks/ investment firms should return the bailout money to the People.

7. End capital punishment.

8. Restore “sound” money and restore competition in currency.

Local Demands

1. Affordable oil for Mainers.

2. Bring the Maine National Guard home.

3. Amend corporate personhood.

4. Better public transport.


You can also keep up to date with the following links: The OccupyMaine BlogTwitter and their live streaming video.

A First-hand Account of 10/1/11 Occupy Maine at Monument Square, Portland ME (Deborrah Jabar)I was there today for about and hour and half from 12:45 on, crowd not huge but a good size, saw no evidence of mainstream media outlets. A couple of photographers in the sq. A videocam across the street in front of people’s united bank, couldn’t tell if it was from local TV getting some B roll footage.

I took a bunch of photos on my cell. Don’t know how many folks are encamped to stay, people going back tomorrow off and on to maintain a presence for as long as possible with the hope of building momentum especially students. Will be interesting to see how the scene changes when people return to the work week on Monday.

The Spartan Grill provided free coffee, one of the workers got permission from her boss and purchased the coffee herself. Table set up outside, cups and coffee to go. “The revolution will not be televised” and free coffee for all.

Link to livestream feed: http://www.livestream.com/occu…

Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media…

First local coverage: http://www.theportlandmainegaz…

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