Is Governor LePage Maine’s “Trump-Schwarzenegger?”

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Substitute “LePage” for “Trump-Schwarzenegger” and see what you think. From last night’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” on MSNBC:

The critical portion is at the end, starting at the 8:55 mark. Here is a transcription:

But a Trump like candidate- a Schwarzenegger like candidate- will present himself or herself again and that is the only reason I am revisiting the Donald Trump campaign tonight.

It is simply to make this point:

  • That the “Trump-Schwazenegger” like candidate who comes along next will offer simple sounding solutions to very complex problems, that that candidate does not and cannot understand.
  • That candidate will brand himself or herself as confident, bold, tough and truthful.
  • That candidate will not have the experience to be able to tell the one simple truth we know about government: To govern is to choose and the choices are never easy.

    These men have taught American voters everything that they need to know:

    To never, ever, make the Schwarzenegger mistake again.

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